(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 25

�Patrick, leave this place this moment, haven�t you done enough, leave me and my children alone� Juliet yelled on top of her voice as Mr. Patrick knelt in front of her, shedding tears and pleading with her. This baffles Dave because he couldn�t fathom what is going on

�Dad, you need to stop all this and explain to us what the matter is, I�m confused here� he muttered.

They are all in Eliza�s apartment trying to settle the rift between the two adult. Eliza was discharged from the hospital after much pleas and test carried out on her. The doctor confirmed her to be ok and let her go.

She decided to go home while the others followed. Juliet tried ignoring her long lost husband; Mr. Patrick who she believes left her alone and followed the wish of his mother, Nena. He disgusts her so much that she wishes to skin him alive if not for Maria who stopped her from getting into a fight with him.

The Holy spirit spoke to Maria to allow the man to say his mind, this made her suggest Eliza�s apartment where they will settle down and solve out their difference.

�Mr. Patrick might have a reason for leaving, let�s hear what he has to say� she said to Juliet to calm her down.

� Son, Oh my lovely daughter, my pretty wife, I�m sorry, I�m sorry, I was deceived by my mother, I didn�t mean to leave you all, I did not mean to forsake you and left to face the harshness of life. It was not my fault, I was enchanted my Nena, she made me believe that you, Juliet, are a prostitute.

She turned my heart away from you, and charmed my mind with her magic. It took me a year, before coming back to my senses. I rushed back to Oruka where you were, to ask for your forgiveness, but the villagers there told me that you left. I tried to find you but I couldn�t. No one told me where you and my children were� he muttered, sobbing profusely

�Oh,,,,really,,,,,how do you expect me to believe you, all you said are lies� Juliet snapped, while Maria tried to calm her down. Eliza couldn�t help but cry along with her dad. She knew what Nena was capable of doing; she might have tricked her dad into doing what he did. She slowly remembers what her guardian angel told her before she came back to life��.


�When do you think is right for me to leave this place� she pouted
�Are you tired of staying here, am I not keeping you company enough� Ralph asked

�You are, but I missed my friends, I hope they are save..� She mumbled as they walk along the feeble street
�Hmmmmm� Ralph sighed

�Your time is up, you will soon be back to your body� he muttered
�Really, wow, when will that be, I really need to leave� she cooed

�Yes, you will leave now� he muttered and waved his hand into the air. A picture of what happened in her absence revealed. Showing her dad and how he was compelled by her grandmother into to leave her mother.
�No no, this is not happening, what is all this about� she asked shocked at what she saw

�Your dad did not leave you all on his own freewill, your grandmother made it to happen. She caused all the suffering you passed through, you and your mother. She is to be blame and not your father.

Your father is in pain and needs you back; he has searched for you all but to no avail. When he comes to you, forgive him and beg your mum to reconcile with him. Your once lovely family will come back to the way it was before Nena destroyed it. You are a conqueror Eliza, you need to forgive and forget the past� he muttered while she nodded

�Hmmmm, I will keep that in mind�
�That is the exit door, pass through it and you will be back to earth� he said while she smiled and wave him goodbye. Getting to the door, he called her

�Yes� she replied turning to look at him

�My work has end here, but I want you to know something, no matter the trials of life, try not to give up on yourself, your friends and God. And lastly, forgive Eric�..he is not to be blame�.� He said and vanished into thin air��.


�Elizabeth�Eliza� Cassie called as she jerk back to reality
�Yes�what�.ermmh, what were you saying� she asked

�You zoned out, your dad was speaking to you� Maria said. Cleaning the tears on her face, she muttered

�Yes, I forgive you dad, you are the best father one will ever have� she said, going to hug him, this surprised everyone including Juliet who wasn�t expecting it.

�Eliza, how dare you�remember what your dad did to me, are you just,,,,� Juliet seethed angrily

�Mum, I understand how you feel but dad was not in his right senses when he did that, please lets forgive him and start a new life� she pleaded kneeling beside her dad in front of her mother. Maria also went on her knees.

�You alone have the final say, please ma, let�s forget about the past and move on� she stated. Everyone one of them went on their knees one after the other including Dave, having the apologetic look.

�Please ma..i..i..don�t just know what to say, but I believe my Dad is sincere with whatever he said, he can�t lie, please forgive him� Dave muttered
Juliet busted into tears, she couldn�t believe that a day like this will come, but she has no choice but to forgive him, he was once her loving husband and she still love him so much despite leaving her to struggle alone in the world.

�Hmmm�ehn�okay�okay� Juliet nodded, wiping her tears
“I forgive you…..”

After everything, the both parents reconcile with each other and everyone was happy. Dave was bore to Mr. Patrick by a young white American lady, who died few years after he was born.

He engaged in a one night stand with her, the first time he visited the city and that led to her pregnancy which he was unaware of until he got married to Juliet.

After about twelve years he left Juliet and went back to the city where he met Dave’s mum and later reconcile with her after finding out that she had a son for him.

They relocated to the state and that was when the charm placed on him by his mother faded off. Dave mum later died and that gave him the courage to go back and seek Juliet his real wife, but couldn’t find her.

They set the day to go to Africa, and Elizabeth’s father promise to lead them to the shrine of Oruka since he knows there very well. This will reduce the stress of finding the shrine, they thought…..

On getting to Africa, they headed directly to Dorma first where Maria decided to speak with some missionaries and explain her mission. They welcomed her delightfully, and promised to tag along. She also visited mama Nkechi’s house and met them in a drastic state.

Nneka was already heavily pregnant while Nkechi was paralyzed. She promised to come back and meet to their needs which they accepted with shame and guilt. Their god’s couldn’t save them and the Maria they chased is the one who wanna be their saviour, they thought and asked for her forgiveness.

“Please my daughter, forgive us for all we have done to you, it was the devil’s work” Mama Nkechi pleaded sobbing, as her daughters came closer with Nkechi wheeled on the wheel chair

“I hold no grudge against you mama, just asks God for forgiveness and he will forgive you” she stated and preached the gospel to them.



one word for Mama nkechi family…


Phew….ten more episodes to go…and an epilogue…


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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  1. Thank God Eliza is awake and her family are now back together.
    Now that they are all back in Oruka village,I pray they come out successfully
    Law of karma hit Mama Nkechi really hit her and her children real hard, but thank God they seek forgiveness
    Next please

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