(The Reality of Life Harshness)


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora

Episode 4


“No not really, or perhaps I haven’t stepped on her toes” she laughed while I checked, but her smiles doesn’t seem like a genuine one.

Perhaps she is lying or just trying not to open up about Kamina.

“So what are you doing in the park anyway?”

“I came with a friend, he actually went to get ice-cream, he supposed to be back by now” she said

“Oh really, wait is it the guy of the other time” I asked to be sure

“Yea, but how can you be a cousin with Kamina, she is white and you are black” she asked

“Well I’m a distant cousin, and I’m also an half cast” he mumbled

“Wow, I did not notice anyway”

“So can I have your con…..”

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, I ran into a long time friend�. Oh “Eric said panting heavily but stop abruptly after seeing Dave, having this questioning look

�Oh Eric you are back,,,,,,well this is Dave, emm, do you remember the guy you saw the other time, well he is the one� she said while the guy just stared at me

�Nice to meet you bro� I said stretching my hand for a shake, which he reluctantly accepted

�You are welcome� he said

�Oh ok, I will take my leave now, see you next time Eliza� why she smiled and waved

�That guy doesn�t seem to like me, but I don�t care anyway, I hope Eliza is not his girl though� I thought and went my way



�What took you so long� Eliza groaned, taking the ice-cream from the plastic bag, opening it immediately

�What, why are you staring at me that way� she asked after I ignored her question

�You look more beautiful today� I smiled

�Huhhn� she groaned � I have been hearing that since forever, and I know that I�m beautiful�.so thank you, but you still haven�t replied my question�

I shrugged �I said I met an old friend at the shop and I can�t just leave her without having a little talk with her, sorry about that anyway� I said scooping my ice-cream

�What!! You mean you were with another girl and you kept me waiting here for almost 30mins� she exclaimed

�Jeez, it wasn�t up to that time, but I have apologize already, and someone also kept you company, remember� I said

�Yea thanks to him anyway� she said scooping her ice-cream in haste

�Gently Eliza, you are gonna freeze your brain� I said and it happened almost immediately

�You see I warned you� I laughed while she froze and stare angrily at me

�Ok, I�m sorry for laughing, but you look weird now, in fact you are having a stain beside your lips

�Really, where� she asked licking her lips, but it didn�t remove that way

�It�s still there, come closer let me help you� I beckoned while she did exactly.

The contact of our face was so close, and I started having the urge to kiss her. I tried my best to control myself but she made it worse by licking her lips. Gosh I couldn�t take it any longer, I slammed my lips on hers, taking full control, but surprisingly she reciprocated.

Her lips were so soft and inviting as it moves with rhyme, as the taste of strawberry filled my mouth. It went on for a while but she broke it immediately it started getting intense.

�Gosh I shouldn�t have done this�.I just� she mumbled, while I sighed

�I�m sorry, I shouldn�t have taken you unaware but Elizabeth, I can�t wait any longer. I love you so much� I pleaded holding her hands

�Mm�.I�don�t think�I�m ready yet�

�Not again Eliza, it�s been two years. I had to wait so that you could recover from those traumatized memories, please don�t do this to me� I pleaded, but she said nothing, instead she face the other side

�Hmm, it�s ok, you can take your time, let me take you home. Cassandra will be worried, it�s getting late I think� I said while she nodded


The ride home was a bit gloomy; none of us spoke to each other. To be sincere I enjoyed the kiss, I couldn�t resist it. I notice that he looks sad and doesn�t seem to concentrate on his driving, he held the starring tightly, and the speed was high

�Eric!!!!! Why the fast speed, do you wanna get us killed� I yelled while he reduced it a little

�Sorry about that� he mumbled as I notice a tear coming down his cheek. Is he crying, I asked no one in particular

�Eric, let me drive, please stop�

�I�m ok, don�t worry� he said

�No!! You are not ok, stop the car let me drive it� I yelled

�I said no!!!!� he yelled back. Shocked at his outburst, I stared at him and saw the pain in his eyes, while he stared back

�Eric, I just�.Watch out!!!� I yelled after sighting an upcoming lorry which wasted no time but collide with our car, as it tumbled upward.

I went unconscious immediately I banged my head on the side window. The only thing I could hear were voices of people, shouting and yelling before going into darkness�Black out�..



�I kept on running to nowhere, not knowing what is chasing me, but I believe I was being chased by something, perhaps a demon. I ran with all my strength, panting like a bulldog as I stumbled into a valley filled with dry grasses and rotten dead bodies.

�Oh my God� I yelped � What are all this� I asked no one in particular as I tried dodging the toilet flies that tried pecking my legs, avoiding contact with the rotted corpse on the floor.

I struggled to come out of that place but still have this feeling of the demon coming behind, I picked up my race again but mistakenly hit the back of a figure standing at a bent corner which I was supposed to pass. The supposed figure was wearing the same clothe Eric wore when we went for a walk.

I suddenly became happy, seeing someone who will rescue me from this unknown forest

�Eric? Is that you� I called trying to see his face which was backing me

�Oh God thank you for bringing someone to save me� I prayed, but he still did not move from that position

�Eric, why are you just standing there, a demon has been chasing me for a while now, I�m very sure it will be close now. We need to get out of this forest before it�s too late, gosh I don�t wanna die here, this place is scary� I said nervously, still no response

�Eric, I know that I hurt you by not accepting your proposal, but this is not the time to give me this silent treatment, please let�s get out of here� I yelled and turned him to face me with force, but behold, the supposed Eric, is a man with no eyes, nose, mouth, in fact it�s just a round face with no features at all.

My eyes almost popped out of its sockets and my ears stunned when he mouthed a sentence without a mouth

�What were you saying� he said laughing loudly

�Haaa!!!!!!� I screamed at the top of my voice, trying to get out of his grip, but he drew me backward and placed his face on my neck.




The ghost is back…


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora

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