The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora�

Episode 15

That same night, after setting the room where Cassandra is to sleep, Dominick decided to retire to his room.

He decided to paint for a while before sleeping, since it�s not that late. He took a paint brush and other tools, trying to imagine the picture of what he will paint. Painting has been his number one hobby right from his childhood.

He paints anytime he felt bored or lonely. Staring at the board in his hand, the thought of Cassie flashed through his mind. He smiled, remembering her expression after tasting the tea he gave her.

The door opened; bringing him back from his thought, as Cassie popped her head inside

�Ermmm, can I come in� she asked nervously

�Yea, sure� he muttered dropping his tools and faced her. She blushed, sighting him in this state. He was shirtless, looking hot. �Damn you Cassie, stop drooling� she muttered to herself

�Sorry for barging in this way, I knocked but there was no response�
�Oh,,,,,I was just,,,,lost in thought�

�Actually I saw this night dress in the wardrobe, can I put it on. I�m not comfortable sleeping with my dress� she stated

�Oh sure, it actually belongs to my sister, I believe she forgot it the other time she came visiting� he replied, she nodded

�Aren�t you sleeping yet� she asked
�I don�t feel like sleeping now, just wanna paint for a while� he muttered
�Wow, you paint� she asked going further into the room, staring at the numerous painting he made. His room, filled with different painting made it looks like a museum.

�Yea, I love painting� he said moving closer to her

Staring at a picture on the wall, Cassandra noticed a painting of a lady, putting on a transparent gown, and the lady is no other person but her.
�Hunnhh� she scoffed, remembering the day he saw her that way

�F**k, I should have taken that off� he muttered inwardly

�You drew me, but how� she wondered, as she sighted other painting of herself, which seem to have been painted a year ago or more
�I�m sorry about that. I just love painting you. Whenever I tried to painting something, you will just come to my mind. I just can�t help it Cassie, you replaced something in my life� he muttered. She turned to face him
�And that is,,,,�

�It�s a long story� he smiled faintly
�We have the whole night� she said taking a seat

�Hmmm, only Tony and Eric knows about this, but�I�m gonna tell you anyway� he said. She waits patiently to hear him out

�I,,,,erm,,,,used to be gay� he dropped the bombshell while she gasp

�Yea, I couldn�t like any girl, I grew up to have these feelings for guys, right from my high school days. I once had a boyfriend in school then, but we lost contact after we left high school.

My mum even took me to a priest for deliverance, thinking I was possessed with the spirit of homosexuality.� He chuckled

�That�s bad� Cassie grimace
�Yea�when I got to this school, I fell in love with Tony. But he hated me for that. He beats the hell outta me the day I tried kissing him. He almost killed me if not for Eric intervention� He chuckled while she giggled

�Oh, but where did I come in. My pictures, I meant to say� she asked
�Well after the beating, I came back to my senses and prayed heartedly to God, to take that spirit away.

I did not like being gay, but the spirit was so strong that I couldn�t resist. The next day, you came with Elizabeth to Eric�s apartment. She introduced you as her friend and roommate.

I fell in love with you at first sight; it was like magic, because I couldn�t get you out of my mind for once. I stopped being gay all of a sudden, steal glances at you in class, paint your pics and think about you all day.

I couldn�t bring myself to tell you for the past two years. Now, I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders, now that you have known my feelings about you� he breathed out, staring intently at her.

The room was already getting too intense for the both of them Cassie couldn�t believe that someone has been crushing on her for the past two years, whereas she thought no guy will ever like her.

She gave a heavy sigh as different thought filled her mind

�I�I�don�t know what to say�..� she stammered � I will like to sleep now� she mumbled, while he nodded
Dominick did not leave his position until he heard her slam the door
�Hummmm� he sighed

�Did I do wrong by telling her my feelings� he thought
�Oh God, please help me��

Eric woke up with a throbbing head ache; he fluttered his eyes open and met two annoying eyes staring at him. He noticed a change in his environment; the room filled with bright light different that of his room
�Am I alive� he grunt, trying to figure out his environment

�Oh no, you are long dead. Welcome to the underworld� Tony smirk
�Stop that, I�m serious, where am I�
�Sorry bro, you are in the hospital�
�Hospital, how did I get here, what happened?�

�Wait, don�t tell me you lost your memory, cause I still need to figure out what happened to the house, I mean, I should be asking you how the whole house got ruined� Tony snarled

�Hey bro, he is just waking up remember, don�t add to his headache, he will remember everything soon� Dominick said calmly. That was when Eric noticed his presence in the ward. He suddenly remember the event that made him pass out

�How long have I been here� he asked paranoid
�Two days. Tony found you on the floor, in the living room. The whole house was damaged, what happened?� Dominick asked perplexed

Eric remembered the damages that figure caused, but will it be right for him to bring it to his friend knowledge. Must they know about it, they might not even believe him if he tells them that he was attacked by a demon, he thought

�I.. can�t remember�perhaps I was attacked by robbers� he muttered
�Robbers? But how� Dominick muttered

�Look Eric, I know that Eliza is sick, but that doesn�t mean you should go about destroying valuable things.
That can�t be the work of a robber; you did that yourself and tried taking your life. Jeez guy, what do you think I would have done, if you weren�t still breathing when I found you� Tony snapped

�Hey Tony, calm down� Dom said, while he fumed with anger. Eric knows Tony so well; perhaps some of his items were also damage, that�s while he is annoyed

�I will inform the doctor that you are awake, we will take our leave now. But remember this Eric; your life is important to you and also to us. Don�t try to misbehave that way again

�Okay..fine, we will take our leave now, see you later� Dominick muttered, dragging Tony�s hand away.
Eric broke into tears immediately they left. He remembered clearly what the wizard said before vanishing. Why does he want Elizabeth? Does he have something to do with her past or what, he thought as the head ache increased. He was warned to stay away from his own girlfriend; that is like staying away from life source.

�I will get to the root of this� he muttered silently
Staring at the police officers that passed by, doing one thing or the other in the station; Mr. Patrick waited patiently for the officer in charge of his case. He was already running out of patience when he heard his name

�Mr. Patrick? Good day sir� The officer said, shaking hands with him before taking his seat

�What took you so long, I have been waiting here for hours now� He exaggerated

�Sorry about that sir, I actually had to attend to some things� he muttered opening some files

�So how is my boy�s case, has he be found, any clue about where he might have gone to� Mr. Patrick asked impatiently

�About your son mister, he has not been found yet. But we tracked his car and found it along the way, close to the woods at Bell Street. His phone was also located, few miles into the wood.� He said

�Really, but what will he be doing at Bell street, that street is dangerous� Mr. Patrick stated

�I should be the one asking that question, perhaps he was heading to the next street, and decided to take that route since it was a shortcut. But Mr. Patrick� The officer called

�You mentioned something about a certain girl who came to visit him�
�Yes, he left with her in a hurry; he didn�t even wait to tell me where he was heading to. He was even a bit down when he came back home that day, I couldn�t figure out what was wrong with him. But please officer, try your possible best to find him, he is the only child I have now�

�Do you have a clue about who the girl is, or perhaps know her family members?�
�Not at all�

�Hmm�.Something is wrong somewhere, we will put our best in this case. But just leave the case to us to do our job; don�t go about telling people about it, you might have enemies around, being a man of affluence�

�Ok, I will try to keep calm�



Weird confession from Dominick.

Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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  1. This episode is somehow touching. Dominick should give Cassie some time to clear her mind, she's coming back to him
    I believe if Eric and Elizabeth join forces together, they will overcome all these evil demons disturbing the both of them
    But Vickie,we are yet to hear anything about Maria and Josh
    Next please

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