(The Reality of Life Harshness)


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora

Episode 3



�Cassie, you have to calm down, come on just forget about Kamina, remember she was referring to me not you, just let go� Eliza said, trying to calm Cassie who is still boiling with rage

�That�s not the point Eliza, it�s Eric. Didn�t you see what he did, he sided with her� she yelled

�No he didn�t�well, maybe he just doesn�t want the fight to excavate� Eliza mumbled taking a sip of the cup of wine in her hand

�You still did not get my point, Kamina and Eric are together�

�What do you mean by �together�

�I think they are dat��� they heard a knock on the door

�Fine, I will go get it� Cassie said going to open the door only to meet Eric standing outside

�Can I come in� he asked politely while she scoffed

�Speaking of the devil� she mumbled inaudibly and left him to come in

�Its Eric, I will be in my room� she said to Eliza, strolling towards the direction of her room

�Please Cassie wait up,,,,,I came to see you anyway� Eric said

�I don�t wanna see you, at least not now, I�m still angry at you. If you want to see me, then you will have to come back later� She snapped, and banged the door to her room

�Hummm� he signed and stared at Eliza who said nothing but continued with her drink. He sat beside her on the couch

�Please help me talk to her, I did nothing wro��

�I have been speaking with her, but we all know how angry Cassie can be when she is offended, so just leave her for now, she will come around� she said

�Fine�so how are you, it�s been a while we chat together�can I..erm..take you out, I mean can we just stroll out, and have a little fun� he said gulping down nothing

�I have no problem with that” she said

“Okay, so can we go now, or you still need to change”

“Not really, but let me inform Cassie first, she will ki*ll me if she finds out that I left without telling her” she laughed, while Eric chuckled

“Cassie is just a character on her own, I will try to speak with her later” He said as he watched her go into her room

“Gosh, I hope this plan works out” he thought….



We both arrived at the place he was taking me too, and it was a park.

“Wow” I exclaimed, staring at the gigantic merry-go-rounds and children riding on it.

“Do you like this place or we should go somewhere else” he asked turning off the car engine.

“No no, this place is ok, let’s have fun anyway” I grinned stepping out of the car while he chuckled

“Ok wait up” he said and also alighted

“Come on let’s go ride on that merry go round, it’s been a while I did that” I said dragging him

“No, I actually brought you here to….” He said

“To have fun right, come on, let’s go” I said dragging his hand, while he signed

“Okay, let’s go” he mumbled

Well I can say I know his reason for bringing me here, but I’m not ready for any talk now, I just wanna have fun with him.

I’m tired of seeing him sad because of me not accepting his proposal but how can I make him happy as just my friend, well that discussion will be later, let me deal with this fun first.

After riding on the merry-go-round, we went for the spring riders, sea saw, slide, spinners and lastly swing.

Gosh I was so exhausted, and I felt he was more exhausted than I am, he didn’t expect all that happened anyway, I kind of feel guilty for stressing him but nevertheless it was fun…

“Hope you are not going for another” he asked as we sat on the swing, swinging gently

“Nope” I mouthed starring at the ice cream shop not far away, longing to have a taste. He seem to notice it

“Do you want some ice cream” he asked while I nodded

“Ok, I will get some, which is your favorite”

“I go with anyone” I smiled

He shrugged “Well I will just get strawberry, girls love that”

“Really, well not all girls loves strawberry though, but I will take it” I shrugged

“Ok, wait here” he said and hurried off to the shop while I stared at his exiting figure, admiring his well built body structure.

Eric is now even more handsome than the first time we met. Why didn’t I notice it all this while, I asked no one in particular

“Well that’s because you are to focus on your book not to have noticed” my subconscious mind replied

“Yea you are right, no you are wrong!!” I exclaimed

“Well you are right though, because I promise mother that I will focus on my book and will not be distracted by anyone” I said aloud

“Hmm, you are just deceiving yourself Eliza, you love that guy and you know it” my subconscious replied

“Shut up you idiot, I mean…..what am I even saying, I have been talking to myself. Hmmm, God help me” I sighed.

All of a sudden I heard some voices of people, seems like they are arguing something or so.

“Wait a minute is that not Kamina, and that guy looks familiar” I thought staring at them as they argue while she angrily storm out of the park.

The guy stood watching her for a while before attempting to leave.

He turned to my direction and our eyes came into contact, he stared at me for a while having this surprise look on his face, while I find it had to remember where I have seen him.

He stated walking closer and in no time, he was already in front of me.

“Hi, oh my God I can’t believe my sight, it’s been a while, how are you” he said showing his full set of teeth

“I’m fine, but who are you anyway, have we met before?� I asked perplexed at his behavior while he furrowed his brow

“Don’t tell me you can’t recognize me” he said sadly

” I�.wait a minute�.are you Dave” I asked a bit surprised

“Yea” he said as his face brighten up

“Where have you out been all this while, I tried calling your line but it wasn’t going, I went back to the village to look for you but I found out that you left a long time ago, you only came for the burial.

I tried looking for you Eliza, but all to no avail, you don’t know how happy I am now seeing you” he said while I smiled

“It’s a long story, but to cut it short; I left the country the next day.

I didn’t plan for it anyway but it just happened and when I got to the states I had to use another line, but how have you been anyway” I asked as he sits on the swing

“Well I haven’t been good without you” he said while I arched my brow

“Meaning what” I asked while he laughed out

“I was just joking anyway, things has been going well but it will be more ok when I’m around you” he grinned while I chuckled

“When did you arrive the state?”

“I have been living in the state for about three years now, it’s such a surprise that I haven’t meet you since you arrive” he said

“Wow really”


“Are you a student, which school?”

“Bell View University”

“Wow my friend attends that school”

“Really, that’s cool, I might know him or her” he shrugged

“It’s actually her”

“Ok” He replied as we swing in silence.

Why is Eric taking so long; I thought as I decided to bring up a conversation

“I saw you with someone earlier, hope no problem, why were you both arguing” I asked

“Oh that girl. She is actually my cousin, I don’t know what her problem is anyway, she is just getting on my nerves day by day” she said

“So Kamina is your cousin but how?” I asked surprised

“Wait, you know her?” He asked

�Oh yeah, we attend the same school, but she is actually a class higher” I mumbled

“Gosh, I don’t know, perhaps because I haven’t been coming to your school for a while now.

�Hope she is not giving you troubles because Kamina is a real b***h” he asked



Who still remembers Dave?


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora

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