The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora�

Episode 20
�My son has been missing for about a week and all you could do is telling me this rubbish. If you can�t do your job then let me get another, I can�t take this news� Mr. Patrick barked at the officer

�I�m sorry Mr. Patrick, but the wood has been searched, my men have checked the whole forest but there is still no clue of them. Here is his phone and car key, these were found not too far into the woods� the officer said, dropping it on a side stool.
�Hummnn, I can�t believe this�are you saying that�.�

�Dad? Dad!!!!� Dave called running into the house and hugged his father, while Dorothy followed far behind
�Oh Jesus�is this you, am I dreaming� Mr. Patrick said, sobbing, as the officer watched in amazement

�Awwn, come on dad, don�t cry, you are embarrassing me� Dave said and patted his back. His dad broke the hug and gave him a hard knock
�Ouch, what was that for� Dave whined

�That�s for almost giving me a high blood pressure, why did you leave that way, I have been searching for you� he pouted

�I�m sorry Dad, it�s a long story, we both missed our way into the woods, and we were chased by a wild jaguar�..�

�Jaguar, that�s weird, we found nothing like that in the forest� the police officer said

�Perhaps they only come out at night, that place is filled with wild animals� Dorothy muttered, coming closer to Dave, who held her hand.
�You??� Mr. Patrick pointed to Dorothy, who shivers in fright

�You came to call him that night right�
�I�m sorry sir�I�m sorry for costing you so much trouble sir, I shouldn�t have come to call him that night�please�.forgive me� she muttered with her head bow

�It�s ok dear, thanks to God that you both are safe, and ermm officer?� He called

�I think my work is done here� the officer muttered
�Yes, thanks so much, now I can rest� they exchange handshake
�I will take my leave now� the officer muttered and left

�Now that you are back, you will tell me the full details of what really happen, but first you both need to freshen up, come on, go freshen up, shu shu� He muttered as they both laughs

Dominick went to Eliza�s apartment on a mission to get Cassie�s phone which he didn�t bring along with him while heading to the hospital, two days ago. He tried to put fear behind his mind and go for it, clearly remembering the incident that happened right there in the house and how Cassie spent her time to narrate the horrid event. �I can�t let fear take the bold part of me� he thought

�I will get the phone for you, don�t worry� he told her while she hugs him to show appreciation despite having a twisted ankle

�Gosh, Dominick, don�t be scared, you went into that same house to pick up Cassie right�.sh*t�you are a man,, be confident� his subconscious said to him as he stare at the house in front of him. Getting into the house, he went directly into her room, and picked up the phone from where she kept it.
�Gotchaaa� he muttered and walked briskly out of the room. He headed for the door with his heart beating rapidly, and different stupid thoughts running through his mind. Opening the entrance door, he collides with someone who was about entering the house too.

�Jesus!!!!� he screamed in fright, with his whole body system vibrating to the sound of his heart beat. The fellow stared at him in shock, wondering why he screamed that way

�Who the hell are you, and what do you want� Dominick yelled, after getting his voice back. His entire world has almost crumbled thinking it was the hunting demon

�Erm, sorry to barge into you that way, I actually knocked but know one opened, so I decided to see for myself if someone is around� the fellow said while he scoffed

�Huuffn, you decide to see for yourself? Guy, you almost gave me a heart attack, why will you just barge into someone�s house. By the way, who are you looking for� he snapped
�Elizabeth,,,,erm,, is she around�
�No, no one is here, so please just go back to,,,gosh� Dominick muttered holding his chest

�Bro, are you ok,,,,anyway I just wanna know if she is save,, is she alright,,,,please I will like to see her, its important� the fellow explained
�Who are you and why do you wanna see Elizabeth�
�I�m her friend�

�I have never seen her with a male friend before�
�Well she has one, even Cassandra, her friend knows me, just tell her it�s Dave and she will let me in� Dave smile

�Dave?? Ehmm, even Cassie knows you� Dom asked, while he nodded
�Well, look here Dave or so, as you can see, no one is here, I�m leaving� Dominick said

�Hey wait, please I need to see her, tell me where she is� he pleaded, while Dominick stared suspiciously at him
�Why do you wanna know anyway, wait how am I even sure that you are not that demon in human form� he spat

�What demon, I told you I�m Dav�.
�Dave, yea I know,,, look here, Eliza and Cassie are both in the hospital, they are sick. Can I go now� he muttered, while Dave stared at him with mouth open
�So she succeeded in her plans� he muttered inwardly

�What plans, who are you talking about� Dominick inquired
�Hmmm never mind, there is something I will need to attend to, I will come check up on her in the hospital� Dave whispered in haste as he ran toward where he parked his car and zoomed off

�Hunhh, weird guy, he doesn�t even know the hospital she was admitted in��

Dave zoomed into Kamina�s compound, getting down from the car and bangs its door with rage. He sighted her coming out of the house, perhaps heading for a club party due to the way she was dressed.

Her parent spent their whole life spoiling her with luxury and never care about what she does, making her become a b!tch right under their nose. They could be distant cousin because his father married her mother�s sister and she became pregnant with him, but that doesn�t make him like her for once, they have been enemies right from birth. She smirked really hard after sighting him

�Surprise, surprise!! So you were later found or should I say you came back from your lost journey? I thought you were missing� she said

�Cut the crab Kamina, what did you do to Eliza, because I know you are behind whatsoever is wrong with her� he snapped in anger. This caught her unaware but she maintained her stand still smirking


�What do you mean by that, I did nothing to her� she muttered
�Shut up and tell me the truth, b***h�
�How dare you call me that?�
�Because that�s what you are, fighting for what isn�t yours�
�Eric is mine, she stole him from me� she spat

�Ohhhh, so you did all this because of a guy, you will go to jail Mina, you are a murderer� he snapped angrily while she laughs mockingly

�Says who,,,,huh do you know who I am, look here, whatever I do is none of your business, yea I did poisoned her, is that what you wanna hear,,, sure go ahead and report me, Idiot� she seethed angrily. He tried to slap her but couldn�t

�You wanna slap me, hunh, you wouldn�t dare, I will just call my dogs on you, I won�t care if you are my cousin� she threatens. Louis, who was in the car waiting for here was already losing patience watching the drama, she got out of the car and called her

�Hey babe, what�s going on, ain�t you coming� she shouted
�Coming sis, hold up� Kamina replied and glared hard at Dave before taking her leave

�When you are done staying her, just take your filthy legs out of my compound� she muttered and entered the car

�Why the bad mood, what�s up with you and Dave, thought he was missing� Louis muttered and ignited the engine

�Hmmm, he found out about the plan, but he won�t dare talk about it, trust me� she said
�Gosh�that�s bad�

�So where do you wanna stop�.�
�Just park in front of that mall, I wanna get something before we continue the journey� Kamina said
�oh ok�

She drove steadily and parked the car in front of the mall; while Kamina gets down to buy the things she wants.
After about fifteen minutes, Kamina was not yet back, Louis was getting worried

�What the hell is that b***h still doing in there, gosh we are gonna be late for the party� she groan, picking up her phone to call Kamina. After ringing for some seconds, she picked up

�Hey girl, where the f**k are you, have been waiting� she snapped
�Stop using the F-word on me Barbie, anyway I�m on my way� Kamina yelled at the other end of the line, rolling her eyes

�Whatever, just be fast and get your a$$ here, we will be late for the party�� she said and hung up the call. Sighing heavily, she noticed a shadow of someone standing, close to the car. Turning her head to have a look, she saw no one, but the shadow remains there. She scoffs

�I can�t be hallucinating, there can�t be a shadow without the figure� she thought, getting down from the car to confirm her curiosity; still no one.




Louis is in trouble


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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