The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora

Episode 2



The girls could be seen, eating and chatting.

�Hey eat gently, stop eating like a bulldog� Cassandra said, hitting the fork of Eliza�s hand.

�And how does a bulldog eats� asked Eliza, rolling her eyes

�Whatever, just eat like a normal person, the food is not running away� Cassandra scoffed

�Can you at least let me eat in peace, I didn�t eat have breakfast this morning� Eliza mumbled,

taking a spoonful of spaghetti into her mouth.

�Well that�s because you woke up late, you should have prepared something. Anyway, I took the cereal you kept in the cupboard, I couldn�t resist its inviting sight� Cassandra said

�What!!!� Eliza yelled, as the whole cafeteria becomes silent and everyone diverted their attention to their table

�Oh its nothing anyway, go back to what you are all doing� Cassandra said, smiling sheepishly.

�Mtcheww, she is such a b***h, so lousy� A voice said, it�s no one else but Kamina.

Kamina is a year three student, the best in her department and she also claims to be the Prettiest.

Being a white girl with influential parents, she taunts and bully any junior student that crosses her territory and makes their life miserable. She is known to be K-b***h as a nickname given to her by other students, who hates her, but they dare not say it in front of her or they would become a dead meat. She also has two crazy, bitchy friends who are ready to serve at her feet.

Only one person is able to put her in her place, and that�s Eric.

�Whatever, a b***h calling someone else a b***h, huhn� Cassandra scoffed angrily, earning a surprise glare form Eliza

�Cassie, why do you say that, you will get yourself implicated� Eliza muttered, as other students stared at Cassandra, surprised that she will talk back at the almighty Kamina.

�And who is that goat that dare call me a b***h� Kamina roared, storming towards their table and wasted no time but sends a hot slap across her face.

�You are not ashamed of yourself, how dare you talk back at me. Look girl, I wasn�t referring to you, let the b***h speak for herself.� She snapped, glaring at Eliza who doesn�t seem touched by her words but continued with her food

�And why do you call her a b***h, for Christ sake Kamina, when will you stop with these bully attitudes of yours. She only screamed, surprised at what I told her and that does not affect you in anyway, b***h�.� Cassandra yelled with rage as Kamina tried slapping her again but stopped immediately a voice asked her to.

�Stop that Kamina, you are in the school, not a wrestling center� Eric yelled, stepping into the cafeteria alongside his friends, Dominick and Tony.

�Oh my God it�s Eric� a girl among the students whispered

�Really, wow, let�s see who he will side� another girl said

�Oh my God, Tony my crush�..� a white girl said earning a wink from Tony as she blushed hard

�Gosh girls� Tony smirked

�What�s going on here, oh miss K is at work� Tony said grinning, while Kamina gave him a hard glare

�Stop it Tony, it�s not funny� Eric muttered

�Ok� Tony mumbled keeping a straight face, as other students gather to watch the scene, whispering among themselves.

�So can someone tell me what�s going on, why the fight� Eric asked

�Well she slapped me� Cassandra said

�And this idiot called me a b***h, how dare she Eric, does she know who I am� Kamina snapped

�Cassandra� Eric called calmly �Why did you call her a b***h�

�Wait a minute Eric, are you siding her now, she slapped me� Cassandra yelled

�That�s because you called her a b***h, you shouldn�t have done that� Eric yelled but later clam his voice

�Hmmm, Cassie just apologize okay� Eric said, while Kamina smiled proudly like someone who won a medal

�Seriously Eric, I won�t do that, at least if no one is ready to rebuke Kamina, I will do just that. I don�t mind undergoing any punishment, good day� She snapped, storming angrily out of the cafeteria

Eric sighed and stared at Eliza who gave him a warning look, picked up her bag and went after Cassandra

�Cassie, wait up� she yelled and left


�What is it, didn�t you see�..� she said, but was interrupted

�What do you mean, she is a junior student and you shouldn�t have��

�I shouldn�t have done what? Look here Eric just because you are the school president doesn�t give you the right to intrude in anything that concerns me. Get it stick to your brain that I am a legal citizen of this country which you are not and���

�Kamina, that�s enough� Eric snapped, already getting irritated by her attitude

�Whatever, anyway, I will see you later� Kamina said, and pecked him on his cheek

�Come on girls, let�s leave this place� she beckoned on her friends who followed immediately

�Geez girl, you really put Cassie in her place, I hate that girl� Louis, her friend said, while she


�Yea, she doesn�t know who she is dealing with� she said, laughing as they cat walked out

�Gosh, she pecked him� a student whispered

�Do you think they are dating� another asked

�Why will Eric date this b***h� someone mouthed



�Is it just me, or did you notice that K-b***h kissed Eric in the cafeteria� Tony said to Dominick who seem to be focused on his phone, not replying him

�Hunh, you are such a snub, no wonder you can�t get a girlfriend� Tony scoffed while Dominick rolled his eyes

They are actually in Eric�s apartment

�How many times will I tell you that it was a peck and not a kiss, you are so annoying Tony� Eric groans

�A peck is a peck and a kiss a kiss, there is no difference at all. But when did it start anyway, don�t tell me that there is a chemistry going on between the both of you, like seriously� Tony asked

�Hmmmm� Dominick signed �Can you just stop all this talk about Eric and Kamina, stop it� Dominick whined

�Hey, I wasn�t talking to you, since you are not interested in knowing about them anyway� Tony snapped, staring at Eric who couldn�t reply his question

�No no no, don�t tell me you are dati��

�Hmm.. look guys I�m going to see Elizabeth, you can leave anytime you want to�

�You can�t just leave us here� Tony said

�Let me go with you� Dominick said immediately, while Tony wondered at his sudden interest to go with Eric

�No guy, I wanna go alone, ok, see you guys later. Tony don�t go into my room, I know what you can do there� he said while Tony grinned

After he left, Tony moved closer to Dominick and glared at him

�What, why are you staring at me that way� Dominick muttered

�Don�t tell me you also like Eliza, why do you suddenly wanna go see her� he asked while Dominick scoff

�Don�t tell me you like her too, just shut up and mind your business�

�Gosh, how did I manage to become your friend, you are so annoying�..�




New characters, New Wahala….

What’s the colour of Kamina’s problem


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora


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