(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 18
Steeping out of the ward, he headed for Eric�s but ran into Tony on his way.

�Hey bro; heard that Cassie was admitted� Tony said
�Yea, just coming from her ward, I really need to see Eric, something is not right here. Cassie is really scared� Dominick spat
�What do you mean�Cassie?�what happened�

�Long story bro, I found her almost lifeless in her apartment, strange thing are happening and Eric might have a clue, I have a feeling he is hiding something from us� Dominick explained

Getting into Eric�s ward, he was nowhere to be found. They headed for Eliza�s. They found him sitting beside her with her hand in his, staring directly into her face. Doctor Ken was adjusting the drip connected to her hand; he left immediately he was done.

�Eric,,,,,we need to talk� Dominick said going further into the ward. Eric didn�t move an inch; he kept on staring at his girlfriend�s face wishing her to wake up

�Cassie has been admitted� Dominick continued. Eric turned swiftly to face him

�Why�what happened to her� he asked having this concern look
�She claimed to be attacked by some man or so, I found her dying yesterday noon�
�Hmm� Eric signed
�She said the man wants Elizabeth�.as in�I don�t get this� Dominick mumbled frustratingly, while tony scoff

�Attack�.why�who attacked her. I mean, are you sure she is her right mind� Tony asked, earning a glare from Dominick

�Hmmm, I believe she was attacked by the demon that attacked me� Eric mumbled

�Huufff, really, but that�s the exact opposite of what you told us�.you said you were attacked by robbers� Tony muttered

�Well, that was a lie, it was a demon in human form, he demanded Elizabeth, called her his bride. He was the cause of the damages� Eric spat, giving them the full details

�But why did you keep such thing from us, ain�t we your friends� Dominick snapped ruffling his hair

�You heard what Tony said about Cassie, he believe she has lost her mind, what if I did tell you guys the truth, what will you think of me, that�s the fact men, anyway I�m sorry� Eric spat

�Hmm, we are also sorry bro�.but.. what are we gonna do now�.I don�t wanna be the next victim. First it was Elizabeth,, then you and Cassie. He seem to know all of us� Tony whispered

�I believe Eliza will know about him, it�s such a pity that she is in coma. I will make my findings from her mother, she might have a clue.

�So are you gonna handover your girlfriend to that demon� Tony asked as they both wait for Eric�s response

�Only Elizabeth has the right to leave me, I will not leave her, not now, not ever�� He said softly. I will be discharged soon, we will start our investigation� he breathed out

Beside the cottage is a big ocean which end cannot be seen. Dave and Dorothy decided to take a walk towards it, exploring the whole place. As they walk along, Dave decided to start the conversation.
�Hey,,, watch out� he yelled as she almost step on a crab

�Jeez, that was close� she muttered holding her chest

�What� She asked
�Just take a look at your face, you look funny with the way you twisted it� Dave replied

�Whatever, I was scared; I thought it was something scarier�
�Oh, like the jaguar that chased us down here�� he asked, smiling while staring at her

�Yea, I almost peed on my panties, I don�t even know how we managed to escape it� she muttered
�It was attacked by a bigger animal, didn�t you notice�

�No, I didn�t. Perhaps I was too scared to look back� she said
�Yea you were. Hmmmm, Dorothy� Dave called
�Yea� she replied

�Can I ask you something, let�s sit here� he pointed to a bench close by, are they sits on it
�Okay�. you can ask anything� she giggled, while he chuckled at her expression

�Fine,,,,,well,,,for the past few days that we have spent together, I noticed that you are not a bad girl, but why did you decide to become friends with Kamina? Well she might be my cousin, but she is a b***h� he smirked

�Hmm, well,,,erm,, I don�t really have friends since my childhood days. Everyone sees me as a nerd, always with a book and big eye glasses, but no, that�s not who I really am. Kamina decided to become friends with me because of a reason which I don�t know of but I couldn�t decline because I also needed a true friend.
I accepted because she was one of the big girls on campus, and I believe I will make more friends being close to her, but it didn�t work that way. Sometimes I feel like breaking the friendship, but I just find myself not doing so, I believe that I will become lonely once again.�

�Do you always support everything she does� he asked

�No, but whenever Louis agrees, she will take her advice, and not mine. She always listen to Louis, I�m nothing but an Errand girl to them. I�m not as pretty as them, and my parents are not as wealthy as theirs� she breathed out, bending her face downward. Dave lifted her face up to face him

�What If I tell you that you are prettier than them� he whispered as her eyes lit up

�I�m not trying to flatter you, but that�s the truth. I will also like it if you stop the glasses, you are prettier this way, why are you hiding you beauty behind those things�
�Erm,,,,thanks,,,,� she muttered turning her face from him, trying hard not to blush. He chuckled at her expression

�We are leaving for the city tomorrow, Pappy Paul promised to take us back in his car� He said
�What!!!!!!! That old man is not gonna drive me, that is another danger coming� she shouted while he laughed heartedly

�Why don�t you want him to?�
�No no no,,,he is too old to drive, his hands shakes while eating, that same hand can�t hold the starring wheels� She mumbled

�What, but I heard he is very good in playing match, even up till now. Granny Mary can testify� He smiled
�Match, what match� she asked, puzzled

�Come on, don�t you know the type of match I�m talking about,,, you know him and his wife� he wiggled his brows
�Huffff, you are so naughty, dirty mind� she giggled as they but busted into laughter

�He is such a funny old man, but a servant is gonna drive us anyway, so be prepared� he said touching her cheek
�About Elizabeth, do you think she is ok� she asked

�Hmm, I don�t know, I lost my phone in the woods; let�s not have any bad thoughts. Kamina can�t do the worst I believe. I�m actually worried about my dad, my case might have gotten to the police by now, and they might be looking for me�

�Ohhh� she mumbled

�What about your parents, won�t they be worried about you� he asked
�I have no parent� She muttered
�Really, but I thought you have one or so, what about your dad, he works with Kamina�s dad right� He asked perplexed

�Haahaha, yea, but he is not my real dad, I was adopted. So, after they adopted me, they began to have children. Now most of their love and attention is focused on their children. Sometime they do forget that they have someone like me with them, I have been neglected for a long time. They only provide for my material needs, but the love for me as their adopted child is no more there.
Even if I get missing for a month, none of them will worry. They believe that I am grown and can take good care of myself, that�s why I also spend much time in Kamina�s house. Since my foster dad and her dad are business partners. My parents are dead� she explained

�Ohh, I�m sorry about that,, I believe there are a lot of things I need to know about you. But just have it at the back of your mind that you are an amazing fellow. No one will risk her life to save someone who isn�t her friend, or let�s say the enemy of her friend. But you decided to save Elizabeth off Kamina�s wrath. It shows that you have a good heart and deserves a good friend. Don�t worry, I will be your friend from today� he smiled

�I want you to be more than a friend� she said in her mind, unable to voice it out
�Ermm,,,thanks� she returned the smile

They stared at each other for a long time. None of them know what they are about doing but they believe that they want the same thing. Staring at her yummy lips, Dave tried having a taste of it, but an annoying voice puked him back to reality
�Stop that!!!!!!!!� Pappy Paul yelled, as they both jerked

�I thought you said she is not your girlfriend, ahnaha� he snapped, walking towards them
�I wasn�t doing anything Pappy� Dave said, throwing his hand in the air, while Dorothy hides her face in total embarrassment

�Cut that crab lad�.I saw you almost kissing her� Pappy Paul snapped
�Fine�whatever� Dave groaned.
�Dorothy is right, you are seriously not gonna drive us, you are annoying� he mumbled inwardly��.




Granny Pappy really needs spanking for spoiling their moment?


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?

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