(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora 


Episode 9

I went for a little walk after the hectic morning lecture. Eliza has been busy with other things and I haven’t been able to see her after lecture was over. I walked down towards the path that leads to the library, and saw Kamina and her friends discussing.

“Only God knows what they are talking about, gosh those girls are so annoying” I thought inwardly. After some minutes I noticed them walking up towards my direction, I decided to pretend to be walking off but stopped immediately I heard my name

“Cassandra, wait up” Kamina called
“What do you want from me” I asked a bit harshly

“Hey…. I mean no harm dear just wanna have a chit chat with you” she said while her friends nodded

“And that is,,,,, please just be snappy with whatsoever you wanna say, because I don’t have anything that I wanna discuss with you” I snapped while she forced a smile to cover her already angry expression

“Stop being lousy Cassie, we just wanna help you on something. It is clearly written on your face that you like Eric and what if we help you in making your dream come through” Louis exclaimed

“And what do you mean by that, Eric is my friend and I like him because he is a nice guy, so what other like are you talking about” she snarled

“Stop pretending Cassie, we are all girls and we can’t hide the fact that Eric is every girl’s choice. You seem scared of making the first move or perhaps because he is your friend’s best friend” Dorothy said
“Hmmm, so how do you plan on helping me” Cassie asked with hands akimbo

“Well I can’t tell you now, but let’s meet at this address, we can sort things out in our own way” Kamina said handling her, a card containing the address

“We will be waiting, 8pm tomorrow” she said and winked at her before leaving wither friends
“I pray your plan works out” Kamina said to Louis

“Sure it will; didn’t you see her face, she was shocked as to how we found out. She will surely accept” Louis smirked

Cassandra stared at the address given to her as different thought flooded her mind. It’s true that she has a thing for Eric, but how is she gonna make him love her back. Eric doesn’t look her side and even being friends with him he still didn’t notice her sighs.

“I can’t make the first move by telling him my feelings, what if he turns me down” she thought

“Gosh, he will be discharged today, that is the reason why I decided to look more beautiful, perhaps he will notice me, hmmmm” she sighed

“It’s hopeless, I think he has eyes for Eliza, but she doesn’t seem to like him. She always calling him a friend, I don’t know what to do, Kamina might be cooking something bad, she thinks I will fall for her trick, she is a big fool” she thought, throwing the card away

“Hey Cassie hurry up, Eric is getting discharge today and you are…what the f**k, you are not dressed” Eliza asked, seeing Cassie still on her bed

“Cassie what’s wrong, aint you going with me” she asked softly
“No” Cassie mumbled inaudibly
“Hey are you ok, you don’t sound well” Eliza asked with concern as she goes closer to the bed, and raise her face up

“Oh my God, Cassie what’s wrong, why is your face this way, have you been crying” she asked panicking
“No, I’m fine, just stressed out” Cassie replied

“Stressed out you say? Your eyes is red from crying and you face looks worn out, what is wrong, come on speak to me” Eliza beckoned as Cassie sits up to face her

“Elizabeth, can I ask you something” she said
“Go on, as long as you will stop acting this way” Eliza replied

“Hmm…are you dating Eric” she asked while Eliza’s mouth dropped
“You what?”
“Ok yes, but…how did you find out, because”

“You never wanted to tell me right, Elizabeth what are we friends for, why did you decide to hide it from me” Cassie asked

“I actually wanted it to be a secret for now, I just, I’m sorry Cassie, I know we are friends and I should have told you though, but is that why you are crying, I mean, did I do anything wrong by dating him” Eliza asked perplexed

“Hmmm,,,, I’m sorry but I stumbled on your chat with him when I was about charging your phone for you, I caught a glimpse of some content which made me believe that both of you are together. But do you love him” Cassie asked

“This is the exact opposite of what you told me 2 years ago, when I asked if your guys are dating being that both of you were very close, your said no, that you can’t date him, because you like him as a friend and nothing more” She snapped

“Where are you going to with all this Cassie, yea I know I said that, but things has change and I’m ready to move on now” Eliza yelled

“You moving on with him is hurting me now” Cassie resorted
“I don’t get you Cassie, are you against the both of us being together”
“No I’m not….I’m just…just …sad” Cassie said as more tears roll down her eyes

“Because I love him too” She said as Eliza stare at her with mouth widely open

“Yes, it’s true. I started having these weird feelings since the year I resumed this school, I thought he would notice it, but Eric doesn’t seem to. I thought he will someday, but now he is with you, and you hid it from me making me still long for him” She said tearing up again

“Hmm, weird…you have really gotten it wrong dear; we haven’t been dating until some days ago. I was planning to tell you though, but I was waiting for the perfect time. I never knew that you also…gosh…Cassie….I know how you feel, to be dejected, betrayed and sad. But it just happen this way, it’s not my fault neither Eric’s” Eliza cooed

“Hmm, I’m sorry I misunderstood everything, I just feel jealous of you. I know I shouldn’t be saying this but you are indeed lucky to have a guy like Eric. I will just have to bury my feelings and focus on my new life” Cassie muttered softly as Eliza embraced her

“I’m sorry for keeping it from you too, but I believe that one day you will find your heart desire” Eliza said while Cassie smiled out tears as they break the hug.

“So we are cool now. Do you still wanna come with me or,,,,”
“No, I don’t think I can face Eric yet and whereas ‘I’m having a severe headache, I wanna rest” Cassie said and Eliza nodded

“Ok, rest well. I will take my leave now” she said
“Yea, my regards to Eric” Cassie mumbled
“Ok byeee” Eliza said and walks out of the room

“Huuhn” Cassie signed sadly, slumping on her bed.
Few minutes later she heard the door bell rings and a knock on the door followed immediately

“Gosh, who could that be” She groaned and went for the door. The figure standing before her is a handsome guy, with a well built body, flawless dark skin, pink lips,,,,,,
“Gosh, this guy is hot” she thought inwardly

“Who are you” She asked after drooling enough. He stared at her wearing a huge grin plastered on his face as he licks his lips
“I should be asking you that, if am not mistaking” he said

“What?? You can’t just come bang on my door without a definite reason, who are you and what do you want” She yelled already getting annoyed by his flirtatious attitude.

“Fine, I think I made a mistake coming here, maybe she gave me a wrong address though” he said turning to leave

“Wait, which girl” she asked why he gave her this questioning look
“Just asking, I might know her and drop your message” she rolled her eyes

“Fine, her name is Elizabeth, does she live here” he asked
“Yea, I’m her roommate, she left some minutes ago. What message do you have for her?”
“Just tell her that I stopped by to say Hi”

“Just Hi? Whatever what name should I give her, because I can’t start describing you to her” she snarled
“Tell her it’s Dave” he winked and left
“Huhhn such an as***ole, idiots” she mumbled


Dave get his wahala…



Love y’all 💞

Vickie Dora 🌻

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