The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora�

Episode 19

“There is something I will like to show you” Ralph, Elizabeth’s guardian angel said, as they walk along the feeble street.

“What is it about” Eliza asked, sadly. She is already tired of being where she is. I wanna go home, she thought as she follows Ralph to an unknown direction

“It’s about the events going on, on Earth. Take a look at this” he said waving his hand in the air as a projector appeared showing Eric as he was almost killed by Oruka.

“Oh no, that demon tried to ki*ll my boy friend, what are we gonna do, we need to save him” she said, panicking, seeing him sprawled on the floor.
“Do not panic, he is save, just continue to watch” he said. She saw Tony coming to rescue him, and took him to the hospital

“Hmmmfff, that’s a relief” she signed
“Keep on watching” he muttered
She looked back at the projector and saw how Cassie was injured and threatened by Oruka. Gritting her teeth, she boils with rage

“How dare he hurt my friends, what does he want with my body” she snapped angrily

“If Oruka gets your body, a spell will be casted on it and an evil spirit will reside in it. He is gonna marry your spirit and make more descendant” Ralph explained

“That’s not possible, but why did he bring my friends into this, they are innocent”

“They are the only ones who could either present or restrict your body from getting to him. He can’t get into the hospital and take your body by force, no he can’ should be presented willing at the shrine. Now it is left for your friends to decide, if they really love you, they will fight your battle”

“No, no no, I won’t take it. They don’t know anything about that demon, they might get hurt. Please help me to get back into my body, let me fight the battle myself” she pleaded

“That’s not possible, you are save here. If you go back, it will only make things worse. They just have seven days to complete their mission. Have faith and pray that they escape the wrath of the Oracle

Eric could be seen running hastily out of a forest, his hair was ruffled and his cloth torn. He seems to be gasping for breathed as he pants heavily. He cited a church ahead of him with its doors open.

“Oh God, thank you” he muttered and ran into the church, falling on his knees as he crawls to the altar. The priest of the church stood in front of the cross of Christ, backing him as he makes inaudible words making the fire on the candle stand to flicker.

“Father, I need your help, please help me. I’m being chased by a demon, save me father” he pleaded, crying hard. But the priest didn’t move an inch

“Father!!!” Eric shouted, griping the priest cloak with force. The priest turned abruptly and faced him, grips his neck and raised him up from the ground, laughing huskily. It was no other but the demon who was chasing him from the forest. Eric stared at him in fright, regretting his action of entering the church, which was only an illusion..

“Hahahaha, you think you are smart, no you are nothing but a fool” the demon snapped, showing his sharp fangs as he pounce on Eric, breaking into his neck..
�Haaaaaaaa��Maria jumped out from her bed, shaking in fright. It was only a dream. Anna, her housemate ran out from her room, and barged into Maria�s, surprised at the way she screamed.

�Hey, what is it, why did you scream� Anna asked. Maria ignored her and went for her bible. Holding it firmly she started to pray fervently, binding and casting. Anna had no choice but to join her in prayer. They held their hands together and prayed in tongues. After some minutes, they decided to retire to bed.

�So, can you tell me what the dream is about, because I believe that it is a nightmare� Anna asked
�It�s about Eric; he was killed by a demon�
�Your twin brother?�

�This is the third time you will be having this bad dreams about him. I think it�s time for you to go see him, for Christ sake, when last did you speak with each other� Anna asked

�Hmmm, it�s been a while, perhaps over a month. I have been too busy with school work to have even call him or my friend. I fell like a bad sister now. I need to go to the Northern part, that�s where they reside and school� She muttered

�Yea, I believe something is wrong, your dreams are always real, and you need to act fast before the devil claim your brother��

�We have just seven days, seven days and this is the second day. We are having just six days left, starting from today. What are we gonna do� Cassie yelled furiously. Eric and the others are presently in her ward. They are all trying to figure out how to sort things out.

�Hmmm, I called her mum yesterday and explained everything, she told me not to accept the deal, stating that her daughter will never serve as a priestess� Eric muttered

�What priestess� Tony asked
�I don�t know,, Eliza did not mention anything about it to me� Eric said
�Things are getting really complicated� Dominick muttered

�But the fact is that I don�t wanna get killed by that wizard� Tony snapped
�That won�t happen� Eric mumbled while Cassie scoffs

�He appeared to me again� Cassie whispered as everyone faced her
�Yes, last night in my dream, he promised to deal with everyone of us including the person who poisoned Elizabeth�

�Did he mention the person� Tony asked

�No, he didn�t� Cassie replied
�About that, did you make any investigation� Dominick asked Eric

�Nope, I have been in the hospital ever since, I can�t get a detective from here, in fact I�m confuse right now, I can�t think straight� Eric ruffled his hair

�Bro, try to think straight, so that we can get out of this mess� Tony said. Immediately, Eric phone buzz as he picked up the call without checking the caller

�Hello, Eric,,,,,I�m actually at your apartment right now and I can�t find anyone, where are you� Maria asked at the other end of the line
�Mari??Maria�wait�where do you say you are�

�Your apartment�
�Oh my God�really�I mean gosh ..w�
�Eric, what is it, are you there�
�Oh nothing, this is a surprise visit, you know� He mumbled

�Yea,,,,its been a while we see,,,come on tell me where you are� She said
�Oh, ok, I will send you the address� He muttered and ended the call
�Who was that� Dominick asked
�Maria, my twin sister�
�Oh,,,is she coming here,,,,,�

Oh my God, I missed you� Maria stated as she hugs Eric. Eric sent her the address of the hospital and she wasted no time but headed there with Anna, who pleaded to come along with her.

Anna Is Maria�s new found friend who is from a Christian background. A well trained, beautiful white lady, who is devoted to her service to God, just like Maria.

�I missed you too� Eric replied, pecking her cheek. Cassie rolled her eyes while Dominick chuckled

�His girlfriend is on the sick bed, while he is here playing lovey dovey with his sister, wait until she hears the bad news� she whispered to Tony who sat close to her. He didn�t spare her a glance, his mind is occupied with the thought if getting killed by what he did not offend. Eric looked behind Maria and saw Anna standing by, he gave Maria a questioning look.

�Oh� bad..this is Anna, my very good friend, and these are�� she pointed to Dominick and Cassie

�These are also my friends, but you know Tony right� Eric asked
�Yea I do� she waved at them, Anna also waved and vice versa

�Ouch, what happened to your foot� Maria asked staring at Cassie�s bandaged ankle. Cassie only stared at her not knowing what to reply

�Oh you don�t wanna talk about it�..�
�I twisted my ankle,,,,,,erm,,just a minor accident� Cassie said faking a smile

�Oh sorry about that�Eric head also seem plastered too, did you injure yourself,,,,,wait a minute,,, where is Elizabeth, why is she not here. I thought you all came to visit your friend who was injured� she asked, staring at their faces for a reply but got none. Instead they stare at one another waiting for who will give the first reply….
�What!!! How can all these be happening and I know nothing of it� Maria snapped. Eric just finished explaining to her, all that have happened

�How long has she been in coma� she asked

�Today makes it one week� tony replied

�That�s bad� Anna muttered
�Do you know anything about that wizard� Cassie asked

�Yes, his name is Oruka, the oracle. The village was named after him, and that�s where Eliza�s Dad hails from� Maria explained

�Can I ask something, sorry for intruding� Anna said
�Go on�� Tony muttered

�Have you taken this case to God, I mean does your priest know about this strange event� she asked. None of them replied

�Eric,,,,,uhh,,are you saying that you haven�t been attending church or you don�t know that such situation should be handled spiritually, come on guys lets wake up� Maria said

�Hmmm,,,,yea,, I will admit the fact that I haven�t really been serious with God�s work, Eliza has even been the one forcing me to do so� Eric said
�Me too� Cassie pouted

�We promise to go back to God, he is the only one that can save us� Eric muttered, as the others nodded in agreement.

�That�s the spirit; we will start a prayer vigil. We need to get rid of that demon, once and for all� Maria stated




Now the real battle will begin…at last..?


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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