The Reality of Life Harshness



(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 13
The funny remark the comedian performing on stage made, cause Eliza to laughed heartedly same as other students who were watching. The party was already getting more interesting, even a blind man can testify.

�This guy is damn funny� Cassandra said laughing weirdly but later comport herself when she notices Dominick staring at her

�Your laughter is weird Cassie� Eliza muttered as she takes a chip into her mouth. She spit it out immediately, as this weird feeling develop in her system.

�Why did you spit it out, gosh what�s wrong with you, stop being a kid and take it out properly� Cassie muttered annoyed at the awful sight

�I�m sorry I just,,,don�t,,know,,,,I feel weird, it tasted somehow, but I have being eating it for a while now, don�t know what happened� she said
�Babe, are you okay� Eric asked as he noticed the sudden changes in her face

�I�don�t know..I feel weird right now, I�m feeling feverish, headache..I think I need to use the restroom� she said trying to get up but ended up falling back to the chair, groaning

�Elizabeth, what�s wrong, speak up!!� Cassie yelled already panicking, as she noticed a foamy content coming out of her mouth

�Oh my God, babe what�s wrong� Eric shouted, as he lifted her body which was already getting cold. The scene called the attention of other student as some watch in awe, while some tried to find out the cause of the scene

?What�s wrong with her*** someone from the crowd asked
?Don�t� know, she seem fine a while ago***

?Perhaps she is sick***
?Come on is that not Eric�s girlfriend, weird***

At the other end of the hall, four annoying eyes watched the whole scene with glee, with an evil smirk plastered on their faces.

Elizabeth was taken immediately to the school clinic but was later referred to another hospital for better treatment. The sudden occurrence almost disrupts the party, but some student who weren�t ready to end it made it continue.

�Doc, how is she, I mean, what�s wrong with her� Eric asked immediately the doctor stepped out of his office

�It�s a bit critical, according to my test record her, she took a poisonous venom, but she doesn�t seem bitten by a snake. It�s surprising how the venom got into her system, perhaps she took the content� the doctor said

�Venom,,,,that�s,,,,impossible, Eliza will never try to ki*ll herself, and she was fine when we left home� Cassie snapped, as tears rolled down her cheek. She was already regretting the fact that she forced Eliza to come to the party

�Are you sure she took a poison� Dominick asked

�Yes, that�s what we found out� the doctor said while Eric tried to rack his brain on how she got poisoned. Who is trying to ki*ll her, or did she try to ki*ll herself. No, she can�t, he thought

�Eric, are you alright� Dominick asked, bring Eric back to reality
�What�.where is the doctor� he asked

�He left already; he said we can check on her tomorrow. He will extract the poison from her system. You were lost in thought to have noticed when he left� Dominick said, and gazed at Cassie who was sobbing

�Hmmm, Nick, take Cassie home, I can�t think straight now�this is so strange� Eric said trying to put himself together. He can�t afford to lose Eliza now that their relationship is working perfectly fine. I will make sure I get whoever is behind this, he thought

�Ok, come on Cassie let me take you home� Dominick said, stretching forth his hand to help her up. She hesitated for a while but later agreed

�I�m sorry Eric, I forced her to come to the party, I should have let her be when she told she had a bad feeling coming to the party� Cassie said, as another round of tears welled up in her eyes, Eric nodded

�It�s ok Cassie, it�s not your fault, just go home and rest okay� He said as she nodded. The both of them set out to leave while Eric decided to wait for a while before leaving
Getting into his car, Dominick ignited the engine, as he set out to drop Cassie.

�Take me to your house please� Cassie said amidst tears

�Why� Dominick asked puzzled
�Just take me to your house� she said not staring at him

�Ok� he shrugged, taking the other route
Eric got home weak and exhausted; the only strength he had left was to walk to his room and sleep.

Unlocking the door to his apartment, he leaned on the wall as he recollects his encounter with a doctor at the hospital.


After Dominick and Cassie left, Eric decided to take his leave also since he wasn�t allowed to see Eliza until the next day. He was already taking his leave when someone called his name.
�Eric??� the voice called, he turned to see the owner

�Mr. Ken??Mr. Ken�what?�
�I said it, how are you Eric� Doc Ken asked as he hugs him but stiffened when he noticed Eric�s sad expression
�I�m fine sir, but what are you doing here� Eric asked, surprised
�I work here as a doctor� Doc Ken replied

�I thought you are a business partner with my Dad�

�Naa, that was a long time ago, I decided to follow my dream of becoming a doctor, that�s why I�m here. So about you now, you don�t look good to me, what�s wrong with daddy�s boy� he asked, concerned while Eric signed

�My girlfriend was poisoned; I brought her here for treatment. It�s critical Doc.. I..just don�t get it� Eric muttered sadly

�Wait, was it the girl that was brought in a moment ago� Doc Ken asked

�Oh, she took black mamba venom, and it kills within few hours. It�s a good thing that you brought her in early. Her cell walls would her been totally damage. But why will she wanna ki*ll herself� he asked

�She can�t do that, I guess someone is after her life� Eric spat
�Really, that�s bad, what has she done wrong �

�Don�t know� Eric shrug �While we were at a party, she told me that someone sent her a drink, saying it was from me. Whereas I didn�t send it; I thought it was a prank from one of my friends but it wasn�t. I believe the content was poisoned. She took just a sip of it I think� Eric explained

�Hmmm, since we don�t know who the culprit is, why don�t you bring in the police into this? Get a good Detective to spy the venue, check for any CCTV camera or so, they might get a clue. Your Dad is an influential person, he might know a good detective� Doc Ken advised
�Yea, you are right�..I will see to it��






Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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