(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 11

“Kamina is really cooking up something deadly for Elizabeth, and she doesn’t want me to know her plans. Gosh, I don’t wanna be a part of this, even if I’m not Elizabeth’s friend, I still don�t wish her bad.

Kamina is just being selfish and her greed will take her nowhere. But wait a minute; did she have anything with Eric in the past? Weird�I do think so. Or is there something I don’t know about?

Hmmm I suspect her keeping a lot from me, she only tells Louis everything. Elizabeth’s life might be in danger. Kamina is really deadly, and I will have to find a way to stop her. She planned on carrying out her plan this night.

Elizabeth mustn’t come to the party. But how am I gonna stop her, she won’t listen to me though, she might think I’m trying to deceive her, since I’m Kamina’s friend.

I guess only one person can help me, and that’s Dave, I thought
Today seems to be that worst day for Dave as he staggered into his house. Ever since his secondary school days, he hasn’t been turned down by any girl.

Despite being a player, he will still be every girl�s desire, but Eliza turning him down left him shattered. Never in his life has he been like this, sad and depressed just because of a girl.

Eliza is the first girl he has truly loved, and is ready to lay down his player ship, just to be with her alone.
But she is taken already and he is left to face the pain of heartbreak.

Getting home in the late hours of the day, after spending the whole day in the park, he met his dad eating dinner

“Hi Dad” he muttered sluggishly heading for his room

“Son, you look down, what is the problem” he asked in a husky voice
�Nothing dad,,,just,,,,just tired, I wanna rest now” he said heading for the stairs
“Ain’t you coming for dinner” he asked

“No, I’m fine�..I ate at the park” he mumbled heading for the stairs
“Hmm, hope all is well with him, he seem happy when he left this morning” His dad thought
Getting into his room, he slum on his bed as a tear rolled down his eyes. Few minutes later, he heard a knock on the door

“Dad� .I wanna rest” he whined

“Someone wanna see you, says it’s important” his dad yelled behind the door

“Hunhn” he groan, let him in, he said
“It’s actually a she, are you expecting anyone” he asked

“She??? Would it be Elizabeth, no she can’t be the one, but who again” he thought getting up to open the door

“She is in the living room, get your a$$ down there, don’t keep the pretty lass waiting” he said and left
Immediately strength generated from nowhere into his body as he heads down the stairs to the living room.
He met a young girl sitting done on the couch, she seem uneasy, he recognized her to be Dorothy, Kamina’s friend.

All his strength went off again, she wasn’t who he expected
She looked up immediately she noticed his presence

“Hey, I’m sorry for disturbing, but I really need your help now, please” she pleaded while he scoffed

“My help? For what?”
“Kamina is about hurting someone again, we need to stop her, she might really hurt the fellow” she said hurriedly

“If it’s anything about Kamina then don’t count me in, I have nothing actually to do with that b***h” he said turning to leave

“It’s Elizabeth, she is about hurting her” she yelled at him while he turned in full force to face her
“What do you mean by that, hurt who…why”

“It’s a long story, but I don’t wanna be part of her plan. She is planning to carry out her plan this night at the party organized in the school premises, I don’t know her plan and….and…”

“Wait for me, I’m coming” he said and dashed into his room to pick his car key
“Come on, let’s go” he said as they dashed out of the house

“Dave�where are you going,��” his dad called out, but they are gone already
“Hmmmm, weird” he muttered

The girls were welcomed with blazing music and delicious delicacies which filled their nostrils. Some students were on the dance floor, dancing and twirling to the beat of the music, while some seem to be filling their stomach with drinks and snacks. Other students who don�t seem interested in dancing were just on their own, perhaps chatting or just watching the dancers.

�Now this is what I don�t want� Eliza said rolling her eyes as they head into the building, dressed in sparkling clothes that could call attention

�What do you mean, this is the vibe babe, let�s have fun, whereas your boyfriend is also there� Cassie said, dragging her in

�Hey wait, do you think I�m cool in this dress, I feel so uncomfortable wearing attractive clothes like this� She said referring to the red, short, flair, sparkling dress which Cassie picked for her. It did a good job, showing her curves, making her look cute

�Girl, you are not cool, you are hot in that dress. I�m sure that Eric won�t take his eyes off you, come on, who wanna lose such a hot chick like you to another guy� Cassie said
�Fine, ok let�s go in�

�I�m tired already, we can�t find Eric and I�m feeling uncomfortable already, with the way this guys are staring at me, let�s just find somewhere to sit� Eliza whined as she tried to drag Cassie away from the crowd

�Wait here lazy bird; it�s not even up to five minutes that we started looking for him. The party is yet to start in full, perhaps he is somewhere with the president� she shouted, due to the noise

�President??? I thought you said he was sick�

�Yea�wait�did I say that� Cassie asked trying to frame a confused state, while Eliza gave her a hard glare

�Fine yea I said that,,,,but,,,that was only to make you come with me. I know that if you finds out that the president has recovered, Eric might no longer take his place in the party and might not come, so you will not also wanna follow me if he is not here� Cassie said, having a puppy face

�Wait a minute�you used my boyfriend to blackmail me or what�are you now telling me that Eric is not here?� She asked

�I don�t know, but come on..let�s have a little fun. I�m going to the dance floor now, catch you up later. But don�t leave the party without me� Cassie yelled, leaving Eliza before she could utter a word

�Hmmm, weird, I shouldn�t have come with her if I know that Eric won�t be present. But he should have told me when I called him earlier, well he might be here somewhere� she thought, going to the end of the hall to take a seat, away from the crowd as she watch Cassie who doesn�t seem to care about her environment but dance like her world depends on it

�Jezzz�Cassie can be so annoying, imagine bringing me down here and leaving me all alone� she muttered and signed.

�Hello dear� a voice said to her bring her out of her thought. Turning to look at whom own the voice, she saw a young girl about her age, her dressing made it known to her that she is perhaps a waitress

�Hi, how can I help you� she asked the young girl who was smiling sheepishly




Who is now this girl oo…


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. That lady may be part of kamina's plot,be careful Eliza. Pray Dave gets there on time before anything goes wrong
    Next please

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