The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora ?


Episode 10
A week after Eric was discharged; everything went back to normal, just the way it used to be.

The news about Eric and Elizabeth’s current relationship has gone wide, like a wild fire, which was against Eliza’s wish.

She actually wanted it low-key, but it didn’t bother the former.
Eric, being a young handsome lad, seems to be every girls’ dream man on campus, despite his race.

The news about his relationship made some girls jealously and hatred for Eliza grow more.

“At first, see was very close to him, which prevented us from sending out green light, now his girlfriend? Gosh that girl is a b***h, she doesn’t wanna share” they would say.

But the couple’s doesn’t seem bothered by their expressions, it actually strengthen their love for each other

Cassandra on the other hand, has been trying her best to avoid coming in contact with Dominick.

After the ugly experience; she felt so stupid and ashamed to face him. She might be a bit crazy, but her body is so important to her. She makes sure she covers herself up, avoiding intruding eyes.

But Dominick, seeing her half nude threw her off balance. She actually lied to Eliza, so as not to go with her to the hospital, stating that she doesn’t know how to face Eric but it was actually Dominick.

“He might also come to see his friend off the hospital” she thought
Kamina couldn’t believe her ears when she heard of the latest development

“Noo, Eric can’t just do this to me, he can’t neglect me for that b***h.
Not after all that we had and the promises he made” she thought, almost going wide. Dorothy, who fed her with the news doesn’t seem concerned by her reaction.

�Kamina is just always like this, fighting for what isn’t hers” she thought inwardly as she stare at Kamina, who seem to destroy anything that she lays her hands on in the room.

�No” she screamed as she breaks a wine glass into pieces, with its remains scattered abroad, across the room.

“Harhg” Dorothy gasp “Mina, you need to calm down” She cooed
“F**k you” Kamina yelled at her, throwing her pillow at her. Dorothy managed to dodge it, but it landed on Louis who was about entering the room.

“What the f**k, who threw…..oh my Gosh, what happening here” she asked seeing the whole room in disorder, with Kamina panting and sobbing silently.

“She is getting high with the fact that Eric left her for Elizabeth” Dorothy said rolling her eyes

” Oh no Kami, I’m….gosh I don’t know what to say not but you just need to calm down ” Louis said, going close to her, as uncontrollable tears rolled down Kamina’s cheek

” He…we..or.. promise me.. that…” She shuttered

“Hey, no need to tell me that okay. Eric is such a doll, but the real b***h needs to go down” Louis assured as Kamina cleanse the tears off her face, wearing this mischievous devilish grin.

Dorothy kept staring at them nonchalantly, as Louis whispers to Kamina’s ear.

“What can I do anyway, Mina won’t listen to me. She only flies and flocks with Louis, I’m nothing but an errand girl to them. Hmm, I wish I can have true friends for once” she thought sadly

“So what do you plan doing, because you need to get your guy back, that b***h won’t go scout free, you know” Louis snarled

“Hmmm, don’t worry dear, I will make sure she kiss mother Earth goodbye tonight” Kamina smirk as different evil plot starts drafting out in her mind.

“What does she plan doing to Elizabeth, hmm, I don’t think I wanna be a part of this any longer” Dorothy thoughts as she stares at Kamina, who seem determine to fulfill the unknown plan.

“Please Elizabeth; just give me a chance to proof my love to you. I know my approach is kinda sudden but I don’t think I wanna lose you any longer.

For the past two years that I couldn’t find you, I felt empty” Dave pleaded
They are actually at the park, having a date which Dave proposed.
She accepted to go on a friendly date with him but didn’t expect what is coming out of his mouth now
“Does he really love me, huhh” she scoffed

“Weird” she thought
“Mmmm, Dave, I’m sorry, but the truth is that I have a boyfriend already, we should just be friends” she dropped the bombshell while he stared at her in shock
“B….u..t but I thought…you said” he shuttered

“Yea, I was single before. We started dating about a week ago” she said while he nodded

“Who is the guy, is it the one…..”
“Yes he is. Eric” she mumbled while he nods again
“Dave I’m sorry……”
“It’s ok, my loss anyway” he smiled sadly

�But can we be very close friends” he asked

“Yes, sure”
“Wake up!!!!!!” Cassie yelled as she pulls off the blanket from Eliza’s body, while the latter groan

“Gosh can’t I have enough rest” Eliza mumbled struggling to get up

” You have been sleeping since you came back from that date of yours and the party will start in a jiffi, I can’t believe you are not yet dressed” Cassie yelped, taking out clothes from her wardrobe

“Cassie, I don’t feel like going to this party, let me stay back home, whereas it’s mainly for the year-four student” she whined

“But everyone is invited and your boyfriend will be there.
Remember that he is the acting school president, it�s a must that he attends any party organized in the school, school management order, you know” she said picking up a red dress

“I hate all these night parties” she grumbled

“You will like this one” Cassie teased
“I have already called Eric, I told him I won’t be coming and he accepted

“Surprise surprise, la la la, he would see you there” Cassie giggled
“You are so annoying” Eliza said getting off the bed

“Thanks, but wait a minute, how was your friendly date anyway” she asked sarcastically

“Hmm, he asked me out” she muttered

“What�. and�. what was your reply”
“No of course, I told him I have a boyfriend”

“That’s just the perfect reply, even though you didn’t have one, Dave is not a right guy for you”

“He flirts a lot, he is a player” Cassie said while Eliza scoffed
” You are talking like you have known him for years but you met him just once, anyway I don’t know how you see him from your own perspective, but he seems cool to me” she shrugged

“Fine, get your ugly a$$ into the bathroom, we are late already”

“We are not the ones celebrating, it’s better to be late than to be late” she replied from the bathroom

“F**k your as***ole” Cassie seethed while she laughs




I love Cassie’s vibes

Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. Yeah I love Cassie's vibe too
    I pray whatever kamina is planning backfires
    Next please

    Your update is taking too long, please adjust

  2. Huuuun hope the evil plotter fail woefully. Cassie is a very good friend indeed and hope she meet her best of the best guy to date and last longer.

  3. I pray anything Kamina and her so called friendz plan should return back 2 dem millon fold becos d girl has done nothing bad by dating her lover

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