Christmas Cruise – Finale Episode 5

Christmas Cruise

By: Vickie Dora

Chapter 5
I was feeling uneasy as I sleep; there was something strange about the environment, which we are oblivious of. I opened my eyes, unable to move. It became dawn on me that I was sharing the same jacket with Enkel. The fire had already been put out, but there was a light coming from somewhere giving us a little light in the dark. I tried looking for where the light is coming from, and saw something that looks like a ball of fire, or should I say it has fire mixed with fluorescent light. It was hovering not far from where we lay.

I don�t know what to feel, should I be afraid or what?
I gently tapped Enkel as she struggled to wake up
�hey�Enkel..wake up� I muttered softly. She opened her eyes, zipping down the jacket. We were now free to move our bodies

�Is it morning already� She asked, rubbing her eyes
�I don�t know�I think I misplaced my watch..but take a look at that� I pointed to the ball of light
She gasps
�What�s that� I asked
She shook her head

�I don�t know�but perhaps it was sent to give us light�
�Or save us out of here?� I stated. She stared at me, and immediately, we jumped to our feet, walking closer to it. And just as if it noticed out presence, it began to lead the way. We kept following the light through the path, trying hard not to stumble.

Whenever we stop to catch our breath, it will also stop, like it was waiting for us. And that gave me the thought that it was s being sent to save us. We followed the light for almost an hour, until the sky began to clear up. It was morning already, but the sun wasn�t up yet.

�Where is it leading us to� Enkel asked
�I don�t know..let�s just keep following it�
It didn�t stop and we also didn�t stop until we came out from the bush, meeting ourselves in front of the road. Immediately, we lost track of it.

�Did it disappear, where did it go?� I asked, and instead of a reply, Enkel started laughing. I was confused at first, not until she pointed her finger ahead. I could see Aunt Maggie�s house, few meters from where we stood. I didn�t know when I joined in the laughter; it became hard that we had tears in our eyes. She was so excited and gave me a hug, I hugged her back

�God is really good to us, he sent his angel to lead us out of the forest� Enkel stated, smiling brightly. I nodded. Even if my faith isn�t strong enough yet, I will still believe that it was an angel, because this is a miracle.

�Do do you believe in Christ now, he saved us� Enkel yelled in glee
�Yes..I do� I nodded, happily
�So..I think now is time to say goodbye�� I muttered as she nodded

She gave me a hug
�Happy birthday Joe� She whispered, and I couldn�t help but feel honored. I could feel tears in my eyes already. This is the first time in many years that I will be feeling so emotional on my birthday. This day held so many memories.

�Thanks you Enkel..� I stated, releasing the hug. She smiled, cleaning off my tears.
She was about leaving when I called her

�You still haven�t told me your real name� I stated. She smiled
�It�s Mary�but grandpa calls me Enkel, because it means daughter. I�m replacing mum, which is his only child, in his life. And your full name?� She asked. I smiled brightly, remembering something
�It�s Joseph�
She also smiled

�Bye Joseph�
�Bye Mary� I replied, and with that, we went our separate ways.
�Oh my God..thank you Jesus..thank you for bringing my son back� Mum cried, hugging me into her arms as I entered the house. Looking at how tensed everyone was, I know that they might have been worried. They all came closer to hug me, thanking God for bringing me back safely.
I wasn�t expecting this warm welcome, I was expecting my uncles to scold me or so, but they didn�t. I could see Jones, standing far away as he watched me being welcomed. He had heavy bags under his eyes, more like he had been having sleepless night. He gave me a brief sad smile as our eyes locked.

�Happy birthday baby� Mum stated after a while of hugging and crying. I couldn�t cheek in my tears, I let to flow freely, hugging her tightly
�I�m sorry mum, I�m sorry for leaving, I�m sorry for being a bad child all this while� I cried out, as she pats my back crying along

�It�s ok�
�Please forgive me mum�forgive me� I pleaded, not minding the number of stares I was receiving from my cousins.

�You are not a bad child Joe, trust me�but it�s fine, I have forgiven you� She stated, as I pull her into another hug. I pleaded with everyone for making them worried, explaining in details what had happened. I didn�t leave out the fact that I followed Enkel because I was beginning to like her. Mum smiled and ruffled my hair.

�All thanks to Jesus for saving your lives, now, enough of the tears, let�s celebrate this special day that the lord has given us, and also the day he gave me Joe. Happy birthday once again, darling� mum said, pecking my forehead, as I receive many more wishes from the whole family members.

�Uncle Joe..mum got you a very big cake, but I think you will have to go freshen up first, you stink� Poppy grimace, as everyone laughed. I can�t believe that I am so much loved by everyone, despite my flaws. If humans can love me, then why won�t my heavenly father love me more?
It was already evening; we had lots of fun celebrating Christmas and my birthday as well. I feel really happy being with my family members, but it won�t be complete if I do not get to see Mary before I leave. I need to get her contact.

I walked out of the building towards her window, knocking slightly on it, and just as if she was expecting me, she opened it immediately, helping me in.
�Where you waiting for me� I asked, smiling at her. She was also looking refreshed. She smiled
�My instinct told me that you will come�

�Oh�so how was Christmas here..�
�Fine..grandpa was really happy when I came back. He said he was about organizing a search to come look for me. I told him about all that had happened� She muttered
�I told my family about it too�
�It is God�s doing that we are alive and safe today� She chuckled
�Yea� Mary�� I called out, and I could see her blush

�My name sounds well with the way you call it� She cooed
�Ok�then that�s what I will be calling you from now on.�
�it�s fine��
�Erm..i will be leaving soon� We both said at the same time
� first� I stated
�Ok�my dad is around, he said that he want to take us to the Germany for the New Year holiday. We will be leaving tomorrow� She said

�Really, then I will need to get your contact, we can still reach each other through it. I and mum will also be leaving soon, but I don�t know when.�
I noticed her being silent for a while, wearing a sad look
�What is wrong� I asked
�I�m sorry Joseph, I couldn�t get you a birthday gift� She pouted

�it�s ok�you shouldn�t be sad about that..and whereas, there are other things I can get, that�s more than a gift� I whispered. She raised her head to look at me, our eyes locked

�Like what?� she asked.

I know I shouldn�t be doing this, but this might be the last time we will meet, I can�t trade it for anything. I walk closer to her, holding her hands in mine, as I caress it gently. I looked into her oceanic eyes, getting melted in it. And just as we both took in our breath, inhaling and exhaling, our faces came closer, just an inch apart. I caress her cheeks a little

�Like this Mary..� I mumbled, and without wasting more time, I slammed my lips on hers, taking in her full rosy lips into mine. The feeling was so calm, as we melted in each other�s arms, enjoying at savor and rhythm our lips makes. I k**sed her gently like my life depends on it, and she reciprocated
I placed a soft peck on her forehead after breaking the kiss

�I love you Mary, I really do�and I hope that the next time we meet, we will make thing better for the both of us� I muttered. She nodded, avoiding my eyes. Her cheeks were already reddish, she seems shy. Perhaps I took her first k**s, I thought. I would be honored, if it�s true.

�Erm�the digit..� I stated, as she gasp
� is it� She punched her digits into my phone as I gave her mine
�I will call you first thing tomorrow..please inform me before you leave� I said, she nodded still shy
I chuckled

�Have a good night rest, pretty Mary� I winked
�Good night Joseph� She winked back. I could feel butterflies jumping in my stomach. I drew her closer, giving her a last tight hug, before leaving, passing through the window. Now I feel complete

�Did you get her contact� Jones asked as I got into the room
I didn�t bother replying, I showed it to him
�Oh my God�you really did�you are a bad a$$ mehn� he stated, as I chuckled
�I think we are meant for each other, you know. So it wasn�t hard�
He nodded

�I�m gonna miss you� He muttered sadly
� too..but we are and exchange contact, and still reach out to each other buddy� I assured. He nodded
�Come on, let�s catch some sleep�
Back to the City~~
�We are gonna be late mum� I yelled from outside, waiting for mum to come out. It�s actually Sunday, and I�m so excited to go to church, unlike before. Even mum couldn’t contain her joy, seeing me change for good. Well, the Christmas wasn�t bad at all, I met someone who change my mind set about Christ.
I have promised to stop hating the priest and his messages, and have also asked Jesus to take the better part of my life.

All these wouldn�t have happened if I hadn�t met her; I can imagine the joy Romeo felt on meeting Juliet for the first time, in the shakerspeare story. But this time, my Juliet goes by the name Mary, and I am Joseph.

�Hahaah..� I chuckled

And if God wants it to be like the days of old, then we would get married and have a son.
�And you will name him Jesus?� My subconscious asked
�Hell no�I can�t call him that, because the lord alone should bare that. Well, I will just name him Emmanuel, which means, God is with us� I thought, smiling to myself, as mum came out
�At last� I breathed out, as we got into our car

�A call came into my phone as I held it up to view the contact, and it was no other person than Mary�
�Hey other of Jesus� I teased on picking the call
�Hello father of Emmanuel..� She stated, as we both laughed out.

Well, this Christmas had really been one of the best for me, I don�t know about yours, but the truth is meeting the right set of people and recognizing the fact that we are celebrating Christ and not just for fun, will give you that calm Christmas feeling.


The end


Phew.. we have come to the end of this short story….

So how was it?

Who was your favorite character?

Your best scene?

The scene that got you emotional?

And best of all, what did you gain?


I will be waiting for your replies..and don’t forget to send my rice and chicken….
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year in advance…


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. Wow this is lovely thanks Soo much you made my day, hmmm love the love of Jose and Enkel, I wish for love like this AMEN

  2. The feeling later became mutual Joel, Joseph and Mary

    My best scene was their kisses
    Lol am blushing like am the one

    It me your guy Topsung

  3. vickie dora who are u? are u an angel or what?in fact vickie u are more u are d best authorsess who makes us stress free,u makes me happy all the time tnx so much vickie dora more strength

  4. Vickie dora, on a serious note ur really gud and i love reading ur stories because i knw i will be happy reading it. Its neva boring. Ur ma best, and ur pattern of description is really amazing. Thanks so much vickie.

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