Christmas Cruise


Joe�s POV

�According to the bible, in Matthew 2 verse 9, it says; when they heard the king, they departed, and behold, the star which they had seen in the East went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was�
�So that means the star led the three wise men, to where Jesus was, it was a sign� I heard the priest say, as I scoff

�That�s bullshit, how can a star become a tracking device, that�s impossible. I have never believed that sh*t right from my childhood. Yea, Christmas is what we have been celebrating right from time, and my parents are Christians, but as for me�I�m just a church goer, well let�s say I am always forced to go to church.�

�When they saw the star, they rejoice with exceedingly great joy�.�
�Gosh, I can�t keep up with this sermon, I�m damn tired of listening to all these over and over again, can we just close this service, I have an appointment, damn� I muttered hissing at every word the bald head priest was saying.

I cited my mum from my seat and noticed how serious she was, listening to the sermon, and nodding her head at intervals. She is always the churchy type, listening to sermons that she had been hearing for a thousand times; I mean, this same message was preached last year, and many more years that had gone by.

I heave a sigh, checking my wrist watch, it�s almost time, and I don�t wanna keep her waiting, but with the way the priest is speaking like a slow monger, I�m not sure that the sermon is ending soon. So the best thing is to leave without my mum�s consent. It�s just few minutes to 5 O�clock, and I had asked Annabelle to meet me at the five star restaurants by 5. I don�t want to be the one meeting her.

I stood up to my feet, walking out towards the exit. I made sure to quicken my steps because mum will surely look towards my side to see if I�m still in church, damn, she is just too clingy. Stepping out successfully, I breathed a sigh of victory walking to my car; and just then I heard my name.

�F**k, who the hell saw me when leaving� I thought, turning back only to see my friend
�Hey Joe, wait up� he called trying to catch his breath
�You have two minutes to speak Jeremy; I have somewhere to go to�

�Seriously, but the program is yet to be over� Jeremy stated; I rolled my eyes. Jeremy is my childhood friend; we grew up together in the same neighborhood, and have been friends for a long time. He isn�t a play guy like me, but also not too churchy. He always believes in the bible and whatever word that comes out from the priest mouth, too bad, he is not like me.
�Like I said earlier, I have a date to catch up, I don�t wanna keep Anna waiting� I snapped, he nodded
� you have decided to hit the nail on its head� He asked, I shrug
�I can�t wait to do it�
�That�s cool, just make sure you do it well, and what should I tell your mum if she finds out that you are missing�

�Hmm, just tell her you didn�t see me�
�But I can�t lie�
�It�s just a day lie, and then you can go confess your sins to the priest later�
�You are such a badass� he stated, as I winked, getting into my car and zoomed off before he will say another word
�You look beautiful� I stated, watching Anna as she smiled out, but within me, I let out a scoff. She won�t be expecting what I will tell her. Annabelle has been my girlfriend for a year now, and let�s say that our relationship hasn�t been that cool. Her character is worst than an unbeliever, but she claims to be the daughter of a church elder, which she is, by the way.

�Do you want more cream� I asked as she shook her head.
�Hey Joe�� She called, giving me that seductive smile, but hell no; I�m tired of falling for it
�Thanks for the food� She muttered, as I manage to let out a smile, even if it was fake.
We were done with our food and were just relaxing, sipping the wine I ordered. The silence between us was awful, as I tried putting together what I will tell her

�Erm..Joe�Annabelle�� we both said at the same time, after a long silence. She let out a chuckle while I sighed
�You first�� I suggested but she shook her head
�No�you go first�

�Hmm�Annabelle, I will advise you to say what you have in mind now, remember it�s always ladies first�
She sips from her drink and stared at me
�You rarely call my full name except you are pissed with me, what�s wrong�
�That was not what you wanted to say right? And whereas, your full name sounds better� I uttered

�I don�t have anything to say..just say what you have in mind� She stated, as I nodded
�Hmm�Anna�I just hope you take this words I wanna say in a better phase. I don�t want you to get mad at me or any other thing. You know, it�s been great having someone like you in my life; tomorrow is supposed to be our one year dating anniversary, but so sorry, we ain�t gonna celebrate it� I muttered softly. She looked at me with sad eyes

�Because we are cutting of all tides now�
�Wh�what do you mean Joe..� She shuttered
�Let�s break up Annabelle, let�s end it here, now� I stated
�Huhn�you�you are joking right?� She asked, her eyes already getting teary
�No�I�m serious�
�But why..have I done anything wrong�� She cried out, holding my hands, but I pulled it out
�No you haven�t done anything wrong Anna, the thing is, we are not just meant to be, I can�t continue with this relationship�

�But I love you Joe, I love you so much..why are you doing this to me� She sobs
�I�m sorry�”
�You know�it�s almost Christmas right�and I have planned to spend the holiday with you..I love you so much Joe, don�t do this to me�I promise to change my ways from now on, don�t leave me for someone else..please� She pleaded, but all fell on deaf ears, I�m done here.

�I have paid for the food and drinks, you can leave when you are done�I�m so sorry Anna, but we just can�t continue this relationship. I need to leave now� I whispered to her hearing alone. Her head was faced down, crying profusely. I picked up my jacket, bending slowly to place a quick kiss on her cheek, before leaving.

�Goodbye Anna� I stated, and walked out of the restaurant, breathing the sigh of freedom
�Where are you coming from� I heard mum�s voice on entering the house. I sighed softly, not bothering to reply her at first. I walked into my room, taking off my jacket, as my door banged open
�You heard me Joe�where the hell are you coming from�
�Mum, you shouldn�t be worried about me�I�m an adult� I resorted

�An adult at seventeen� She questioned
�I will be eighteen soon� I rolled my eyes, taking off my shoes. She sighed frustratingly
�You are still a kid Joe, learn to accept that�
�I can�t mum�fine�I went on a date with Annabelle� I mumbled

�So the date couldn�t wait till after the program? You didn�t even wait till the sermon was over�
�Mum the old man kept repeating what he had been preaching for years now�
�Don�t you dare call him an old man; he is a priest for Jesus sake�
�But he is old, so I�m not wrong. And the message wasn�t making sense�
�What is there that wasn�t making sense Joe, what has come over you. You just find it hard in being the Christian I want you to be�

�That�s my choice mum, not yours�
�But it�s not the best choice to make�
�You are pissing me off�come on let�s talk about something better� I snapped, slumping on my bed.
She gave me a long stare

�I pray the lord Jesus Christ visits you himself, perhaps you will believe in him that way� She muttered softly, I rolled my eyes. It�s nothing but a fantasy, I thought in my mind
�I believe you would have had dinner, so just freshen up and start packing a few things; we are leaving first thing tomorrow�
�What?? Where are we going to?� I asked, perplexed at the sudden news

�We are moving to your Aunt Maggie�s place, in the countryside. Sorry the news is coming late, but that�s where we plan to spend the holiday.�
�You are really joking mum�I mean, the countryside of all places. What happened to going to the park, visiting Santa Clause, having a whole fun time here on Christmas day? Why that freaky village?�
I scoff

�Christmas is not all about fun Joe, yes we will surely have fun, but we are celebrating the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. He came to the world to give us life, by dying for us. We should try to recognize that, instead of whirling away our time doing meaningless things all in the name of Christmas celebration.�

�Enough of the sermon mum, I have heard enough at church�
�You need to repent Joe. To me, you are just a pagan�
�Whatever, but we ain�t staying there till the new year; just Christmas� I will pack now� I noted. She shook her briefly, before leaving my room.

�Hufn�can things not just get better?� I thought, bringing out a little bag as I stuff my cloths in it



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