(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 31
�How did it go, can she go home with us� asked smith

�Please talk to us� I said, already getting furious at his silence
�Hmmmm, well she will only be released on one condition� he stated

�And that is�..� Eric asked
�I guess you need to bribe the police, because if it is taken to court, she won�t go scout free, remember that it�s a murder case� he said loosening his tie

�Let them name their price, I will pay it, let�s just take that innocent girl home� smith said

�What do you mean by �let them name their price�, Eliza is innocent for goodness sake, those policemen only want to fill their pockets, and they won�t do their job� I snared

�I suggested that anyway, because that�s the only way she can leave this place� the lawyer said

�Why will you suggest such a thing when my friend is innocent� Maria said amidst tears
�I never said she was innocent� he yelled

�Well I can�t say for sure, but I saw the proof of her being guilty, her fingerprint was found on the knife� he said softly, trying to calm his nerves

�What if she held the knife and did not ki*ll him, it�s possible he might have committed suicide” Josh said

“What if it was self defense, this case could be considered as rape you know; he tried to rape her” Eric chipped in
“Hmm, there was a secret camera in the room” the lawyer said, taking a seat beside Maria, while she shift a little further

“What did the police find in it, there might be a story” Smith said
“It only displayed when he was forcing himself on her, it went off immediately after that scene. When it came up again, he was dead already” he explained

” If it happened that way, then there must be someone behind it, for heaven sake a CCTV camera can’t just go off that way without being tampered with’ I seethed

“The police said that it could be technical issues, hmmm, this case will be taken to court if not sorted out now”

�It’s not technical, it’s spiritual” Maria said

“Hunhh, spiritual?� the lawyer scoff
“Yes, she told me about the knife killing the victim itself, I believe there was an invisible force who did all those stuff, it can’t be her” I said
“Perhaps the gods of Oruka killed him, that god is dreaded” Maria chipped in

“Wait wait, what are you all talking about, what does a God has to do with this” the lawyer asked

“You won’t understand” Maris said
“And I don’t want to understand, look here young lady, I am not superstitious and I don’t believe in ghost, so it’s better we all decide now, before it’s too late. You don’t want the case to be taken to court, then you take the other option” he said

“But that’s bribery, corruption” Josh said

“Well that’s the world we live in kid, corruption is the order of the day. Give them want they want and her record will be cleared, or she will go to jail and forever be an ex-convict when released. Hmm, and I know that you won’t want that to be added to her name” he said

I diverted my� attention towards Smith and stared at him, he has been quiet for a while now and that kept me wondering what he is thinking. We made eye contact for a long time not wanting to break it.

“I will bail her out, she will leave with us” he said at last, as we all breath the breathe of relief
“Really, thank you sir, thank you so much” Maria exclaimed, getting out of my hold to embrace him, while he pats her hair

“You are welcome darling, it’s ok” he said

�Now I see the resemblance, Maria has her mother’s eyes but her hair and skin are like that of her father. My twins are not really identical, how have they been faring. God I am a bad mother, how will they feel if they finds out how I neglected them?

They will hate me for sure, I thought as I notice a drop of tears from my eyes. Oh my God I can’t believe I’m crying already�

“Miss grace, why are you crying” Eric asked as I tried to clean my face but the tears just kept coming, I couldn’t stop it. I caught a glimpse of Smith starting at me, he might also be wondering why I started crying all of a sudden

“Mm, it’s nothing actually….I’m …just happy that Eliza will be going home with us, it’s a tears of joy…ii…” I broke down in tears again while Maria came to comfort me

“It’s ok” she said in a gentle voice, I can’t believe I will be seeing my baby this close, after so many years. I embrace her immediately, holding her, never to let her go

“Thank you Maria, thank you” I said as I allow the tears to flow out more on her shoulder, not minding the others who are watching the scene

The ride to the mansion was a bit gloomy; well that’s for me, I don’t know about the others.

After everything was settled, Eliza was released and she followed Eric in his car, while Maria went with Josh car, leaving Grace no choice but to go with me.

She has been silent since the beginning of the journey, staring at the window. I wonder why she was crying at the station, was it because I left her or what; gosh I can’t believe I will be sitting with her again in my lifetime bit look at what fate has done

“Gosh she is looking more beautiful and more like a woman. I wish I had never let her go and marry that devil.
Grace is a rare gem and she might be married by now, perhaps having lovely kids with her hus….oh God, I shouldn’t be thinking about this, I thought as the car was getting more intense with her silent treatment

On getting to the mansion it was already mid day, the maids already prepared lunch, so we settled down to eat and Eliza fully explained everything that happened during her encounter with her client, we all conclude that everything happened for a reason, but my problem now is Grace, she doesn’t even wanna look at me.

“Hmmm, Miss Grace can I see you for a seconds” I asked I’m sure she won’t resist, she won’t wanna make a scene
“Oh ok” she replied but hesitated for a while before getting up on her feet as she followed me out to the garden, which is the only place I believe we can sort things out

“Why do you call me out here” she asked as we get to the garden
“Hmm Grace” I called softly
“What is it” she replied harshly
“I don’t know what to say actually but…”

“Look Smith if you have nothing to say then can I just go” she said and was about taking her leave, but I grip her hand and pull her back towards myself

“Grace…I.miss…. y..ou” I stuttered as she stared at me in disbelief




Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. Thank God Eliza was released
    Wait oo,I don't get it, could Eric and Maria be the twins Miss Grace is talking about or what?
    Next please
    Vickie please be consistent with the update , though I understand your schedule may be tight, but please ???

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