(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 32
“And that’s how it happened” I said, concluding my narration of the event that took place in the past.
�Really, so you mean that Felix has also tried to rape you in the past and he also ended up being the one you were taken to” Eric asked

“Yes, but he didn’t succeed then, and he couldn’t succeed again” I said softly
“Well he deserved death indeed, how dare he try to touch such a damsel” Josh said sarcastically, trying to touch my hair but restrained after receiving a hard glare from Eric

“Come on, I was just joking, that glare is too much menhh” Josh laughed while I chuckled

“Thank God that that idiot didn’t touch you, it would have been a different case” Maria exclaimed

“Yes” I replied sadly. I noticed that her eyes looks red, seems like she has been crying too

“Have you been crying, your eyes are a bit red” I asked
“Mmmm, hmmm” she sighed” not really, it’s just that…anyway never mind, I’m just happy that you are safe now” she said stretching her hand to hold mine, but I removed it from hers

“What is wrong Eliza” Eric asked
“You look sad, hope you are not hurt in anyway, or should we take you to the hospital, please talk to us” Maria asked worriedly while I tried to hide my face from their sight, trying to stop the threatening tears which are about to roll down

“Eliza, look at me, please” Eric said, trying to raise my face
“No, I want to be alone” I sob, as tears keep dropping down my eyes
“Elizabeth, please speak to me” Maria said already in tears too, they might be wondering why I’m crying.
The thought of what Felix did to me before he died is still fresh in my memory. It makes me feel defiled remembering that scene. I couldn’t bear it any longer; I stood up and ran up the stairs to my room, locking it up immediately.
“Eliza, please don’t do this to yourself; let me in. Tell me, did he hurt you, did he…” she asked with cracked voice as she continued to bang the door….
“I…” he said. I couldn’t believe it at first, that word sounded strange to me
“Let go of my hand Smith, leave me alone, I….need to go” I yelled, trying to smuggle myself out of his grip.
“No, I won’t, not now and not ever. Please Grace, I need to speak to you, I need to know how you have been faring” he stammered having a glint of guilt in his eyes
“Haahaa” I laughed bitterly
“Oh, so you cared, huh, or should I say that, you just start caring” I asked sarcastically
“No Grace, I have always cared about you� he muttered softly
Since the day I left you, I haven’t been myself, I do think about you day and night and I can�t just get you out of my mind, you know” he said
“Mmm really, you can’t get me out of your mind?” I asked as tears starts wailing up in my eyes
“Oh…no no no, don’t starts with the tears” he said and tried pulling me closer
“Get your filthy hands off me, I hate you” I screamed on top of my voice, pushing him away. He seems touched by my actions, and restrained a little
“You are what, tell me. The fact that you left me alone for good eighteen years and never bother to look for me is enough for me to hate you” I yelled
“I suffered Smith, I suffered. I did lots of hard labour just to find something to eat. You were my only hope of survival then, being an orphan who had no one.

I felt on top of the world when we started dating, knowing that I had a boyfriend who was ready to take care of me and made me feel loved.

I always feel secured and happy whenever we go out together, we were envied by other students, being the best couple in school as at then.
We were perfect, but everything went to the ground immediately you believed that witch, and ended up marrying her for Christ sake Smith” I yelled crying profusely, while he stated at me, perhaps short of words

“You married her and left me to struggle in pain; you left me to face the wrath of the second wife that John married.

You believed what you saw at his house that day? You believed all the lies Debbie has been feeding you, you believed your mother and never gave a chance to speak for myself.

I wasn�t given the opportunity to explain myself, instead I was forced to marry John against my own wish by my wicked aunt, why you left to the state with that woman, leaving me to face the harshness of life, struggling with the two babies I was carrying” I said the last part softly, breaking into another round of tears, as I remembered my past

“Grace …I….don’t know what to say right now, I believe I hurt you a lot by leaving you and I regret my actions a lot, but the babies……..I…”

“Yes the babies. Oh you are surprise, yes I was pregnant for you this idiot, but you left them too. I was so excited to tell you about it when I found out I was pregnant. I believe you will never reject it due to the type of love we had for each other then.

I met Debbie on my way to your house and she told me that you were not at home, saying that she is just coming from there. She said you are at John’s house and I wasted no time, but headed there immediately

But unfortunately John tried to have his way with me after deceiving me by telling me that you were in the bedroom, I was so innocent to his bad thoughts.

He grabbed me immediately and kissed me. He was stronger than me, which made me unable to resist him and that was when you came in and saw us on the spot.

I tried explaining myself, but you pushed me away and left without a word, I noticed Debbie having a big smirk on her face as she left you.
The next thing I received was a letter of break up, and that was how we ended it right? A relationship that should have benefitted the both of us, we lost everything including my babies” I screamed the last part

“Grace I’m sorry, please forgive me, please Grace” he said, going down on his kneels as I notice drops of tears from his eyes, he has also been crying, hearing my story

” I don’t know how to explain this, but I was force to leave my children alone in this world, they didn’t die if that’s what you think, I have a feeling that they are leaving under your roof, although I don’t know for sure, until a test is done” I said, why he gets up and looked into my eyes

“Wait, you..mean” he said holding me
“Don’t touch me” I yelled abruptly.
“Oh ok I’m sorry” he replied taking his hands off
“I mean..mmm are you saying my children are here with me, how”
“They are my children, not yours” I snared

“Hmmm, Grace, you can hate me as long as you like, I deserve your hate a lot, but please don’t deny me of my children, I have long to have one since the day I married Debbie, please” he said, having a glint of sincerity in his eyes, I was moved to tears seeing him this way, Smith loved me so much and I know it.

But I can’t give in to him yet, I will make him suffer a little before he can get my attention back, for now we will remain enemies, I thought

“I gave them a mark on their hand at birth, I used a seal. I saw the same mark on Eric and Maria’s hand, I have a feeling that they are my children.
I dropped Maria at John’s house and ran away in order not to invite the wrath of his second wife, it was hard for me but I believe my daughter will be safe there. I took Eric to an orphanage when I found out I couldn’t take good care of him any longer, it�s better he stays there than to see him die in my hands.

I later went back for them but couldn’t get any of them, I felt depressed seeing my children living the life I never wanted them to live” I said cleaning up the tears in my eyes
“Hmm, so you mean they are both our children” he asked

“No, I can’t be true” said a voice. We turned to the direction of where the voice came from and saw Maria standing close by with a look of surprise on her face, her eyes also look red

“N…o…, My mum can’t just run away, I won’t believe what Mama Nkechi told me, my mum will never leave me alone”

“Darling I did not leave you…I….just” I said trying to hold her, but she shifted backward
“You left me, I suffered a lot, but you never cared about me, you never came back for me” she yelled and run away

�No….darling…please…wait” I called as I tried running after her, but was held by Smith
“Leave her alone, she will come around okay, she is just hurt that you left her”

“I never left her, I just couldn’t…..Oh God, I want my children back. See what you caused Smith, you caused all of these, we should have been happy together with our kids but everything is shattered, my daughter now despise thinking I left her alone, get your hands off me, I hate you”

“Grace please, let’s settle this. I will speak to her okay, they will both come around, let’s be patient” he said, but I was tired of listening to those gibberish word, I stood up from the bench I was sitting and ran out of the garden heading towards the gate, while he kept scream my name telling me to stop, but I paid no attention to his warnings.

I immediately ran into an incoming car which was about entering into the mansion, it knocked me down taking me out of consciousness.
“Grace please stay with me, grace please, Grace, somebody get…me..,”

“Oh my God she is bleeding” said a familiar voice. I tried looking at the owner of that voice ended up seeing a blurry picture, and was immediately drawn in darkness as everything became blank�.





Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?

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