(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora

Episode 24


It been four hours now, since I left Felix apartment. I have been roaming about like a thief, but couldn’t find my way around here

“Hmmm, I’m really far away from home, I don’t even know this street, what am I gonna tell Ella when I call her. Gosh I’m damn hungry” I said and yawn. I sighted a bench by the road side and decided to take a rest.

Standing in front of me is a big hospital, filled with people streaming in and out of it. Hmm, I really need to ask someone for a phone to call Ella, but who will lend me one, I thought. God please bring a nice person who will be ready to help me, I prayed.

And just after my prayer, I sighted a beautiful woman; dress in a nurse uniform coming out of the hospital. She was coming towards my direction, perhaps she is working there. I waste no time but stood up to meet her, perhaps she will help me.

“Good evening ma” I greeted

“Evening dear, how are you doing” she asked, hmm she seem nice

“I’m fine ma, but please ma can I ask something from you, it’s not much, please don’t be offended” I said, gulping down nothing

“Hope no problem young girl, what is it” she asked

�Ma, I’m actually new to this place and I’m lost, but I have a number of some I know, who might know this place. I really want to call her but I can�t, I don’t have a phone, please can you lend me yours, just for some minutes” I pleaded

“Hmm, dear, it’s an easy thing to do like you said but here in Lake City, it’s kind of hard to trust someone with your phone, especially a stranger. But you seem sincere though, anyway call the phone number lemme dial it” she said bringing out her phone

“Thank you ma; God bless you” I said trying to bring out the card, but lo and behold it wasn’t with me any longer. I forgot it at Felix’s room. “No, no, no, this can’t be true, it can’t be” I said with tears already streaming down my eyes

“Hey dear, are you okay, why are you crying , what is it” she asked with concern

“I’m doomed ma, I’m stuck, I have lost the number, I don’t know what to do again. Oh God I wanna go home, please someone should take me back to my mother…” I cried holding onto my chest

“I miss you my brothers, Samson your sister is doomed, junior…how I wish I could be with you all again.. Mother….Mother…..Mama ooo, come and take me back to Dorma, I’m tired of Lake City, I’m tired” I yelled, crying� bitterly, almost making a scene.

“Hey dear, it’s ok stop making a scene okay, common dear don’t cry, tell me, where is your home, you look worn out already. Ok fine, I can feel your pains ok, just tell me where you live I will take you there” she said, wiping my tears

” M…m my h..ouse is far ..from here” I stammered

“Hmmm, fine let’s get out of here, perhaps we go to my house, so that you can explain better, okay? Is that ok by you” she asked. I couldn’t believe my ears. Someone is about to help me, despite being a stranger to her, God she is super nice to take such risk especially in a corrupt city as this.

“Yes ma, I will go with you, I will” I said cleaning the tears off my face as we set out to her house..



“I can’t believe, all you just told me. You mean you knew all about your mum’s job, and you can’t report her to your father or perhaps the police? What she is doing is inhumane and you know that..” I yelled at Eric angrily. The thought of those girls being treated that way kept pissing me as I stare at Eric angrily.

We are actually in my personal apartment which my dad got for me. I called him immediately we arrived telling him to come. He was not actually in the mansion when I came to pick Maria, heard he left just before I came in..He came running immediately I told him that Maria is with me and in trouble

“Hey chill guy, I never said I knew about it. It was only an assumption, I was not really sure if my thoughts were true or not. I do see her bring in some girls to the house and after like two days, they will leave”

“There was an occasion I saw one of those girls dressed like a prostitute standing by the way side for clients or so. And she has been bringing their likes to the house, but not often. I thought about telling dad about it, but I had no proof, and I’m not even their biological child” he said trying to make me see his point

“What about Maria and Eliza, why do you associate yourself with them when you have thought they are prostitute, because I know you detest runs girls with passion” I asked

“Well I thought that way at first but when I noticed their character, I believe I mistook them at first sight. But when I got to know them better, they told me that they came from the village and they are here to learn a trade.

I didn’t believe at first, but they stayed longer than the other girls, so it made me believe that they were just innocent girls. I did not know of the lady coming to train them in the night or any other thing. Even when I confronted Eliza, she said nothing to me” He said as he ruffled his hair

“Hmm, Eric, I really love this girl. I know you might not believe me but I’m damn serious now, and I want to be with her. We really need to get them outta this mess” I said as I stared at Maria who was sleeping soundly in the room.

She has been crying seriously since we came, telling me to go get Eliza, but I couldn’t leave her alone. I tried my best to make her sleep just to think better on what do.

“Hmm, my dad should be back by now” he said looking at his wrist watch

“I will tell him about it. I don’t know how but, God help me. Let’s see how it works out”

“Do you think your dad will believe you, remember you said you have no proof. And your mum will deny it, won’t she?

“I don’t think I need a proof, all I need are witnesses” he said

“And who do you think knows about the stuffs she does. Remember you have been in the state for a while now, so which witnesses are you talking about”

“If no other person knows, then Ella will. Mum might have threatened her not to speak of it, but I will try to get her off her shell. I will also ask the guards about her movement and who do come to visit her when my dad and I were away, they might have a clue”

“Yea, but we can’t so all that today and we can’t take Maria back to the house. She is scared of going back. What if your mum finds out that she is not around, and Eliza will also be worried.

Remember that this Maria’s first date, I don’t wanna ruin it by keeping her from her friend, but at the same time she doesn’t wanna leave and she is even asking me to bring Eliza over, I’m damn confused” I said and ruffled my hair

“Hmm, let me be going home now. I will tell Eliza about everything and don’t worry about Maria staying here. My dad’s wife won’t notice. I will distract her from knowing. I will start my research tomorrow and tell my dad about it immediately I get what I want, okay? Just calm down and please Josh, take good care of her” he said referring to Maria, as he taps my shoulder and leaves

I checked the time and noticed that it was already 6pm

“Oh my God, I really need to get something for dinner before she wakes up” I thought taking my car key to get something from the restaurant



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Love Y’all

Vickie Dora

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