Episode 18

On my way to the stream, I kept on thinking about my daughter, hmm, I have really missed her a lot. She helps a lot when it comes to doing house chores, now I’m left alone doing it all by myself, I thought still walking down the dusty road.

Wait a minute, I have been walking alone down this road for the past 20mins and I did not meet anyone on the road, where could they have gone to at this early hour of the day, it kind of strange, I thought as i kept on walking.

I got to the stream in no time and went down to fetch my water, only to notice the legs of someone in the river.
If I’m not mistaking, I did not see anyone before entering the river, but I can see two legs standing in front of me, while I find it hard to raise up my head to see the figure.

Could it be the river God or goddess, or did I come to the stream at the wrong time? Was that why I couldn’t find anyone on the way…. All these thoughts kept running in my mind, but I summon courage and raised up my head, to behold a hideous figure….

A man like person covered with animal hairs and two big bull horns pointing East and west, on his head, with a flame like eyes.

I was scared to look away or even move, I felt like I’m stuck right inside the stream. He looked straight into my eyes and mumbled inaudible sounds, sending shivers down my spine and creating a lump in my throat.

“Please don’t ki*ll me, please” I begged already crying and sobbing

“She is mine, she is mine, but you took her away, you took her” he yelled thunderously

“Noo, please let me go” I yelled still crying profusely
“Will this be my end� I thought

I will not spare you, I will ki*ll you……” He said and tried to attack me to with full force

” Jesusssssssss” I screamed, taking to my heels away from him.

The name I called had an effect on him, and broke me free from his hold. I used the opportunity to run for my life…..

But my race was fruitless because he caught me by my hand and threw me back into the stream.

I started to drown due to the force he used in throwing me.
I was already drowning when I had a little voice calling me, the voice seems to be calling from afar but got close after a while, and with that I opened my eyes only to see myself on the mat and junior, my last born beside me.

He looked scared, and with the tears in his eyes, I believe he had been crying.
“Junior, what is it” I asked sitting up

“Mummy” he called and hugged me not wanting to let go

“Hey, don’t cry ok what is it”

I asked trying to calm him
“You were sleeping and talking something I do not understand, and after sometime you started shaking and struggling as if you are fighting something.

I tried to wake you up but you did not, you started to behave like someone that want to die, I was afraid of losing you so I started crying and shaking you very well so that you will wake up” he said amiss tears.

I couldn’t help but cry along as I listened to his explanation; I know that I almost died. But lo and behold, it was a dream that seems to affect my physical self. It looks so real� I thought inwardly

“It ok junior, mummy is here and nothing will happen to me, you, your brother and sister, the Lord will continue to guide and protect us.

But always remember to pray too, so that the devil will not get you. Also pray for me, your brother and sister, okay”

“Ok mummy, I will pray, but are you ok” he asked cleaned up his messed face

“Yes I’m fine, all is well okay, and please don’t tell anyone about what happened now okay, let it be between me and you” I said

“Ok ma” he replied nodding his head

“You can go and play now” I said as I watch him leave.

Hmmm, God, did I take the wrong step by sending those girls to the city, how am I even sure if they are safe in the hands of Debbie, would I not be a bad mother if anything happens to them” I thought as more years roll down my cheeks

“God, show me mercy and grant me help out of this situation I find myself, the enemies are trying to ki*ll me…..” I cried looking up to the sky.

“I sent Eliza out of this village to prevent her from being taken to serve that hideous god, will you overlook my effort and put me to shame, God!!!!!!! I am confuse, show me the way out of this misery, I need you help and mercy oh God, show me the right way….” I prayed in tears awaiting the response of God, but when will that be……


I have been pacing up and down my room for a while now, I can�t believe I allowed him to touch me, that�s so bad of me, I thought as I remembered the hot section I had with Felix at the club party last night.

I wish my parent does not hear about it, I was so drunk or should I say drugged, because I can�t even remember the numbers of guys I might have submitted to, while my so called friend was having a good time with her guy.

I took just few drinks but it turns out to be like I took a dozen, due to how tipsy I was, or was it the nature of the drink, I wondered

�Hey girl, why are you just walking up and down the whole room like you want to steal something� Regina said as she struggled to cover herself with the bed cover

We are actually in Regina�s room, in her boyfriend�s house. We were too drunk to go home last night, so he drove us to his house with his car.

They both made love throughout the night, and I wonder if her boy friend also by any means touch me that night, because of the smirk he was having on his face when he brought me breakfast this morning.

If not that Regina told me when I became sober, that she saw me making love with Felix in the restroom, while I was speaking gibberish, which made she realize that I was drunk.
She immediately drag me out of the restroom, and�.i don�t even get her explanation, I groan, slapping myself

�Nat, what�s wrong with you� she spat, stopping me from the continuous slap I was giving myself

�I�m not ok, knowing the fact that I spent the whole of last night f****ng that loser, it�s a pity that I can�t remember anything� I said and ruffle my hair

�Chill girl, just take it as a one night stand, it�s not like he will continue to touch you over again� she also yelled seeming pissed

�I feel disgusted to allow Felix of all people to touch me, I thought you are my friend but you left me alone t drink myself to stupor� I said softly, regretting my actions

�Look dear, just forget about all that happened last night, you are acting like a f****ng virgin which you are not, don�t get me angry with these attitude of yours, whereas Felix will be leaving very soon, so you won�t get to see his ugly face again� she said, rolling her eyes and walk steadily into the bathroom.

Immediately she left, I sat down on the bed trying to remember the whole event of last night, I feel something is wrong somewhere, I can�t just get drunk easily, although I might be a bad girl, but getting drunk is out of it. Still reminiscing on the past, I noticed the door open, revealing Jack, Regina�s boyfriend.

�Hey what�s up� he said still wearing that annoying smirk on his face, dressed in and expensive jean and white shirt. I guess he is going to work already, or perhaps going on an outing.

He look young and handsome to be 23 though but not as handsome as Eric, gosh, what am I even thinking, Jack is by best friend�s boy friend, I thought

�Hi� I replied, as I watch him come closer, having this lustful look

�How was your night, actually sorry I couldn�t ask you about it this morning� he said staring at me lustfully

�What do you want from me jack, remember your girlfriend is just few kilometers away, she is in the bathroom if you don�t know� I scoff

�Haaahaa� he chuckled �This room is sound proof, she can�t hear anything, and about last night, you were so sweet darling� he said grinning

�What do you mean by that, did you touch me� I asked, with my brows furrowed

�Wait a minute, you mean you did not remember all the moaning and so on, gosh you really need to get back that memory, because last night was awesome� he said softly

�How dare you�..� I tried slapping him, but he caught my hand midway

�If you dare lay your hand on me princess, I will kick out of here, remember that this is my house. Oh you don�t know that I had eyes for you seen the first day I saw you; I manage to date your friend just to get close to you and get into your a$$.

I tried my best in different occasion but last night when you were really drunk, I had to drug Regina after our hot section just to have my way with you too, so stop with the pride princess, because everything under that damn cloth of your has been seen by me� he spat flinging down my hand, as I stare at him with anger, boiling furiously

�You will pay for this jack, I promise you� I gritted in anger
�Haaahaaaahaaa, oh how, telling on me to your dad or what, look dear everyone knows you as a slut, so enjoy the game now and keep shut, if you dare tell Regina about what we had, then you will become a roasted meat, dare me� he threatened

�Anyway I�m going out, take good care of yourself, love you muah� he blew kisses, and went out of the room

�Oh God, I slept with two guys without even knowing, Regina will ki*ll me if she finds out about this, I rather just forget about it and go to the city to clear my head, whereas my parent would have noticed my absence last night, I hope they don�t start with theirscolding� I thought inwardly.
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