Episode 21

I couldn�t wait to see her; yes, her. The girl who won my heart at first sight, I have never felt the way I felt being with her.

I decided to ask her out on a date today, since the almighty Witch is not around. I hope she is ready before I get there to pick her, I though as I drove my newly bought car into their estate�


Oh my God! Oh my God� I said as I run madly into my room, scattering everything in my wardrobe

�Gosh I almost forget, I am supposed to go on a date with Josh today, and this will be my first anyway, why the hell did I forget about it.

Perhaps it�s because of the discussion I was having with Eric and then I��.jeez where is Eliza, she really need to be here, I can�t find a perfect dress, gosh I�m going crazy� I said loudly, picking and dumping dresses, which barely covers my body. Mrs. Smith really did a good job by buying us uncomfortable dresses. Thanks to Ella who got us some decent ones

�Hey baby girl� someone spoke
�Hey,,,,gosh you scared me� I said turning to see Eliza at my back
�When did you get in here anyway� I asked breathing really hard

�Just now anyway, how will you be obvious of my presence when you are busy disorganizing the whole room with these dresses� she said throwing her hands in the air

�Well the maids will fix it, I need your help here; I need to pick a suitable dress� I asked pleadingly

�For what, where are you going to� he asked
�I told you about the date I will be going on with Josh� I said

�Oh my God, is it today� she asked joining me to find a dress
�Yes, I can�t believe u forgot about it� I smirk

�No problem girl, just go take a shower while I find one for you, you are getting all sweaty already� she said pushing me into the bathroom. I pray Josh doesn�t come now, I hate being late at events like this, but wait a minute, will the guards allow me to go out? Mrs. Smith gave them strict warning, God how am I gonna escape this� I thought

After a whole lots of dressing, arranging, make ups and so on I was finally set to go. Well thanks to Eliza and Ella, I might still be struggling with what to wear. Josh came in some minutes ago and decides to wait until I�m done with my preparation.

He was looking just as handsome as ever, but he seems to be more handsome today, or is it that I haven�t being noticing it?

Striding down the stairs I went to meet him in the living room. He was oblivious of my presence at first, being carried away staring at his phone. But when he noticed, he stood up and gaped at me for a while, causing me to wonder if my dressing is bad.

�Hi, I�m sorry I kept you waiting� I said, as he continued to stare giving me this shivers, he came closer but stopped immediately

�Is there anything wrong with my dressing� I asked innocently

�Oh dear, you are absolutely fine, you look gorgeous� he said softly, looking directly into my eyes

�huhhmm, � I coughed �Thanks, but can we go now� I asked trying to hide my wobbled legs

�Yes, lady first� he replied bowing slightly. Gosh I can feel eyes on my body; this guy is making me feel strange.

Getting to the car park, he opened the car for me to sit, while he went round to the driver�s seat.

Within a twinkle of an eye we were zooming out of the compound, making me wonder why the guard did not stop me, fully aware that I�m in the car with him. What has he done to them, or did he bribe them, I thought.

�You are looking more prettier than ever� he said, making me to blush, Gosh what�s wrong with me, I should be scared of going out with a guy I barely know, instead if blushing here.
But what can I do, I have been stocked in that house for like two weeks, this freedom is better, at least I will get a better view of Lake City.

�Thanks� I replied having nothing else to say, as we enjoy our ride�

Getting to the restaurant after the whole long chat less ride, we stepped down from the car and went into the classy restaurant.

I booked a VIP, and decided to make our date wonderful by making the necessary arrangements. I couldn�t believe my eyes when I saw her earlier, I couldn�t help but drool, her beauty is mesmerizing.

�So how do you like this place� I asked after we have taken our orders
�Its classic and beautiful, this is the first time I will be seeing a restaurant as classy as this, I feel lucky� she beamed

�Hahha� I chuckled at the way she was staring at everything like she wanna eat them �But you are more beautiful than everything and everyone here, you know� I said

�Thank you� she replied softly trying to hide her cheek, I believe she is blushing

�So can you tell me more about yourself while we wait for our orders� I asked taking a sip of the drinks already brought

�Well I have nothing much to say, I�m from Dorma, that�s my hometown and I lived with my Dad and step mum, according to her my mum left me while I was a baby and ran away with her man friend, only God knows if she is saying the truth� she said sadly

�Hmmm, I�m sorry to hear that, but I believe that one day, you will see your real mum, I know how it feels to be without a mother, I said remembering the death of my biological parent
�Yea but I�m ok anyway, so what about you, tell me more about yourself� she asked

�Well nothing much too, I used to be a playboy, but not any longer, I�m 17, but will soon be 18 though, my best friend is Eric� I replied
�I heard from Eric that your mum is a business partner with Mr. Smith� she asked

�Yea, they have also being friends for a long time�

�She will be a nice mum right?� she smiled showing her white teeth
�Yea and she�..� Our orders were brought which interrupted my statement

�Thank you� I said to the waitress
�You are welcome sir� she replied, taking her leave

�So as I was saying� we started eating immediately �she is not my real mum though, I�m an orphan and she adopted me, I�m actually happy to have her as a mother, and her husband is also nice to me�
�Oh I did not know, sorry to poke nose, but what happened to your parent� she asked

�Hmmm they were murdered by only God knows, I was just seven as at then and I was taken to the orphanage home by my nanny.

Ever since the day she took me there, I haven�t set my eyes on her, I hope she is safe though.

But let not spoil our date with bad memories, let�s talk about something else� I said as I watch her twitch a little, she seem uncomfortable, gosh how can I make her comfortable�
Getting my husband to trust me wasn�t an easy task, but I tried and succeeded; now I�m back to my normal lifestyle. He won�t be back from his visit to the village until next week.

Wilson called me to the club house that morning for something concerning our client or so; getting there I couldn�t meet him so I had to wait till he is through with whatsoever he is doing. I took out a cigarette from my pocket and lighted it; smoking its content when I heard the door to his office open revealing him.

�Hey babe� he said as he welcome me with soft but wet kisses �How are you doing�

�I�m not fine, what took you so long� I asked already tired of waiting
�Sorry dear, I was attending to some clients� he replied in between kisses, as he start romancing me almost taking my off

�Hey stop that, I�m here for business, we can continue that when we are done� I said, pushing him slightly
�Haahaa� he chuckled �You are just so sweet to resist� he said while I throw away the burnt cigarette in a bin

�Anyway, about what I told you the other time about one of our client coming back from wherever he went to, and asking for a babe�

�Yea, so who did he picked�
�Well too bad he is back and he wants the girl this night at his usual joint, he picked the new girl�

�Which one out of the two �I asked
�This one� he said handling over the magazine where the pictures of all our runs girls are placed.

Well the girls I brought has been registered already and their pictures are also there in the magazine, but they are oblivious of all these. Collecting it, I sighted who he was referring to

�Elizabeth� I said
�I need you to bring her now, although she might not have completed her training but we really can�t lose this client

�Ok no problem, I need to go bring her now� I said getting up on my feet�
�Won�t you give me a hug before leaving� he asked

�You will get the whole of me when I�m back, just be patient �I winked, and walked out of the office before getting into my car and zoomed off.




Hmm…Debbie is heading back to the house…what do you sense coming..


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. Trouble, mr smith should be home before she comes because i remember ella was making his favorite dish before he'll arrive same time with miss smith time to take eliza.

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