(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora 🌻


Episode 26
After having a shower I went back to the dinning only to be welcomed by the delicious aroma of the dishes.
Without wasting much time I settled down to eat my delicious and tasty chopped plantain porridge, garnished with dried fish, crayfish and well sliced pumpkin leaf.

This used to be my favourite food when I was still a teenager; I remember skipping meals at home just to eat this food at one of my school mate’s mothers shop.

It taste just like the way she prepares it, but where did Ella learn how to prepare this dishes, I thought.
This is not the first time she prepared this meal, but it doesn’t taste as delicious as this. Its better I clear my curiosity, I thought

“Ella, come here” I called
“Sir I’m coming” she answered running down to the dining room
“Ella, I want you to tell me the truth” I said as I wipe a stain from my mouth
“Did you prepare this food, and where did you learn to cook this dish” I asked
“Hmm, no sir I didn’t, it was actually prepared by Eliza, one of the girls staying here” she said
“Oh really, where is she, this food is just so delicious and it taste just like the one I do eat a long time ago.
And by the way why are you looking worried, is something wrong” I asked, looking at her worried expression
“Mmmmm sir i…t… nothing sir, I’m fine” she replied hurriedly, It seems like she is hiding something
“I’m not sure about that answer, I know you Ella, when you are worried there is this expression you are always having, tell me” I pestered
“Sir” she called softly “it’s about Eliza and Ma……”
The door to the sitting room opened immediately with Eric coming in with full force, he sighted me in the dining and was a bit shocked
Dad!! You are back” he asked as he creased his brow
“As you can see Eric, how are you” I said taking a sip of my drink
“I’m not fine Dad and we really need to talk, the truth must be revealed today” he said angrily folding his fist
“What is it Eric, as you can see I’m eating my dinner, let me finish with it first” I said
“No dad we need to talk now; and it’s about that your wife” he said fuming
“Look Eric, as a matter of fact I know that Debbie has not being treating you well, but I won’t accept you insulting her, she is your mother and my wife” I yelled, angry at his last statement
“Sorry If I got you angry with my words dad, but after you hear and see all that it has to do with her, you will despise her more than your faeces; just give me a listening ear….
After leaving Josh’s house, I went straight to the mansion.
I honked angrily at the security men and almost ran over one of them who was walking into my way, oblivious of my car coming in, he seem to be staring at his phone.
He later came back to his senses when heard his co mate screaming at him, to leave the way.
Still angry at what happened at josh house, I parked my car and come out with rage, heading towards where the man was standing.
“Small Oga abeg no vex, I been no see you” he pleaded getting on his knees, with has phone still in his hand
“What’s wrong with you, you almost got yourself killed just because you were staring at your phone” I yelled frustratingly
“Oga abeg no vex, na beg a dey beg you” he begged. I decided to leave him alone, heading back to my car but stop abruptly when I notice something.
It was a picture in his phone, seems like he has been viewing some pictures on his phone, but surprisingly I saw the picture of my mum and someone else
“Hey, come here, bring that phone” I said, trying to clear my curiosity
“Ha oga I no fit g….i
“Give him the phone you idiot, you no fit do wetin, sir please don’t be annoyed”
Another security man said as he collected the phone from him and gave it to me
“I can’t believe this” I said staring at the content of the phone.
It was the picture of my dad’s wife and a man, perhaps her lover or so due to the position they were
“Where did you get all this from” I asked the man
“Haa oga no vex oo, na me snap am” he answered genuinely
“Wait a minute so you mean that you have been stalking my mum and taking her pics secretly” I yelled framing anger, whereas I was really happy, getting a number one proof
“Abeg oga, no vex. Abeg a no get another work wey I go do, no send me comot.
Na madam offend me na em make I dey snap all this picture of wey she dey jolly with her manfriend, I bein wan show oga. But a no fit do em, abeg I no go do em again” he pleaded
“Hmm, It ok, but I will seize this phone of yours” I said going into the house with a glint of joy and sadness.
Getting into the house I met my dad. I didn’t see his car in the park, how did he manage to come home I thought as I went to meet him, with joy of exposing his wife.

“What do you have to say” he said trying to give me a listening ear
“It’s about mum” I said trying to add a little respect for her
“And what is it about your mum” he asked ” And Ella, please leave us”

“No let her stay, she is also a witness, I think she has something to tell you” I said preventing Ella from leaving
“I thought this is a family matter” he asked perplexed

“Yes Dad, but it’s beyond that. Mum has been engaging herself in nasty a job that has been endangering the lives of young girls and not just that, take a look at this” I said handling the phone to him
“What’s all this about, what is this I’m seeing” he asked no one on particular

“Mum has been cheating on you right from the time you left for the state, I tried telling you but I had no proof. But I couldn’t take it any longer when I found out that she has been maltreating the girls she brought.
Mum is into young girls’ prostitution and also slave trading, she has damaged the lives of many young girls.

“I can’t believe this, oh my God” he said getting up from his sit still staring at the pictures
“Is this real or just a Photoshop” he asked still confused

“Oga, Eric is not lying o, it’s not like I’m speaking bad of my madam, but what she has being doing is not right at all, she also threatened me not to speak of anything that goes on in this house.

As I’m speaking to you now, Eliza has been taken to the clubhouse already; in fact she would have been taken to a client house for the night.

I tried to rescue her by drafting a plan but it seems like she failed already, because she should have called me by now, I’m really scared for her, I don’t know if she succeeded or not. The client she was sent to is a deadly man so far” she said with tears already streaming down her eyes, seems like she really cares for those girls
“What!!!!” I and my dad both exclaimed

“Are you saying that Eliza is not in the house” I asked not believing my ears
“Yes” she answered with shaky voice

“Dad you see what I’m talking about, mum is just……” I yelled infuriated
But the knob of the living room opened immediately, as my dad’s wife stepped in, while a man about my dad’s age followed behind.
He hugged her from behind, tickling her, while she laughs, as they dragged themselves in, oblivious of our presence in the dinning room.
The man was about kissing her when she turned her face to our direction and shock written on her face just so funny.

She couldn’t believe her eyes seeing dad in the dinning; who kept looking at her with disdain.

“Dar….ling….” She called in fright as I gave her the most deadliest smirk ever
“You are doomed bringing a man to this house, in fact no more witnesses needed” I whispered inwardly, as I wait for the next scene of her being thrown out

“What is all this Debbie, and who is this fool” Mr. smith yelled with rage, anger is already written all over his face, while the man tried to maintain his stand but within him, he is shivering like a fish brought out of the water

“Babe I can ex…plain, wils..on is my…friend…business…partner” Debbie stammered

“Cut the act and stop pretending, I caught him tried kissing you” Smith yelled

“No mister, I can’t do that, I was just trying to remove something from her eyes” Wilson said, as he receive a forceful blow from Mr. Smith causing him to stagger backward

“No, don’t hit him, don’t touch hm. Fine, I will tell you the truth since that is what you want to know” Debbie said with shock still written on her face seeing her husband this angry
“Go ahead and say all you want to say, but have it at the back of your mind that you are leaving my house and my life tonight you whore” Mr. smith yelled with tears threatening to roll down his eyes, as its colour is already bloodshot

“I did everything for you Debbie, everything I can to make you happy, but you repaid me with this, cheating on me for goodness sake, if you tried to deny what I saw just now, what about this” he said, showing her the photos of her and most of her lovers on the phone

“Huhn” she huffed “I see that you have been stalking me but I can’t deny the fact that I’m doing all this because you neglected me and you can’t even satisfy me well.

I’m tired of you already, do you expect me to be alone without a man’s touch for a month or more, while you enjoy yourself over there in the states with other foreign women, I can’t do that” she spat placing her hands on her hips
“How dare you say that Debbie, I can swear it anywhere that since the day I married you into this marriage I have never cheated on you.

But you choose this to be your lifestyle right, jumping from one man to another, and not just that you are also into molesting little girls all on the name of helping them get a job. Gosh I cause the day I agreed to marry a devil like you.

You couldn’t even give me a child, and you also bluntly refuse whenever I asked you to come to the state with me.

Perhaps this are all you have been enjoying, no problem, someone should call the police and tell the security men to be alert, you are going to jail Debbie, you and you lover” he said angrily as the threatening tears rolled down his cheeks, and he backed them just to clean it off

“I’m not going anywhere Smith, do your worse, this is also my house and we will have to go to court to settle the properties among ourselves if you really want me to leave” Debbie yelled angrily, already getting afraid of losing everything.

Apart from that she is scared of going to jail. Who could have revealed her secrets, she thought as she sends dangerous glared at Ella, who hurried out of the scene immediately her eyes came in contact with Debbie’s, she doesn’t wanna face her wrath.

“Mum I’m sorry to say, but why are you doing this” Eric asked , mockingly

“You brat, how dare you…….”
The sound of the siren could be heard already, disrupting her from completing her statement.
Immediately, some police officers stepped into the house with two other girls who were looking hagard

“So you called the police on me Smith, how dare you, I’m your wife” Debbie yelled while Wilson panicked as he recognized the two girls behind the officers

“Shut you f****ng mouth up, I called no one” Smith replied
“How can I help you officers” He muttered directing his question to them

“Is this the house of Mrs. Smith Deborah? The inspector of police asked
“Yes officer, she is the one standing here, any problem sir”

“Mrs. Smith, we are here to arrest you for young girl molestation, slave trade and other accusations.

All evidencehas been given to us and we need you to follow us quietly to the station because anything you say will be held against you in the court of law.

He said

“Roger!! ” He called on of the police men who came with him

“Cuff her” he said as Debbie tried to struggle with him
“Leave me alone I’m innocent” she shouted

“Woman!! Cooperate with us, or we do our job the hard way” the inspector ordered

“Officer, this man is the manger of the clubhouse, he is the one you have been looking for” one of the girls pointed to Wilson as he tried to run away, but was grabbed immediately by one of the police man

“No no, you must be mistaking. I don’t know anything about this, I don’t know this girls, what’s all this about” he shouted as he struggled with the police men, while the handcuff him and dragged both him and Debbie out and put them in the van as there cries filled the air..




Debbie is out of the way…


  1. VERY simple. Grace that is with Eliza may be Maria and Eric real mom and Mr Smitt ex lover. Vickie you are best poster, ever!

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