Sins Of My Father – Chapter Twenty

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Sins Of My Father.


Written by Peace Ifunanya.


Chapter Twenty.

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“What are we going to do?” Sola asked looking at Dora.

“ I honestly have no idea what to do.” She replied. “ I don’t even know what to think.”

They had gotten back to Sola’s place and were sitting in the living room.

“ So, it’s possible, we actually know whoever had been doing this to us?” Anna asked with heavy eyes.

“ Let’s not jump into conclusion yet. It might be someone we don’t know.”

“I doubt that.” Dora disagrees. “ I know every of her friends, and I can tell you she doesn’t even have many.”

“ I should, definitely, know whoever it is.”

“ So, what are we going to do?” Sola asked again.

“ We keep this between us.” She replied. “ Even the police mustn’t know about this.”

“One thing I know for sure is that someone found out about her. The wrong person discovered her true identity.”

Dora released a panic sigh, hoping with all her heart that whoever had her, isn’t hurting her.


Sola drove Dora back home that night, much to the displease of Anna.

“ You know, Amara got missing after refusing my invitation of spending the night.”

Dora smiled and told her she would be fine.

“ Besides, your son is the one taking me home.”

They got to the apartment, moments later, and Sola sat in his car, watching Dora approach the door to her house.

He was waiting for her to go in before he leaves, as he wanted to be, perfectly, sure she went inside and locked the door behind her.

Dora opened her door to behold the horror. Her house had been turned upside down.

Her couches were moved, magazines and paper were scattered all over the place.

She stood frozen as she saw the mess that was being made in her house.

Sola got out of the car to ask what was wrong. Dora only opened her door but was not moving.

“ Is everything o….dear God!” Sola stared at the disaster before him.

What, in God’s name, happened here?

Dora rushed into her room. It was in the same state as the living room, only that Amara’s phone was left on the, well dressed, bed.

Sola took the phone knowing fully well whose phone it was, and gave Dora look.

She, immediately, rushed to her already opened drawer and raised the flat wood she placed to pose as the bottom.

Everything were intact. She sighed in relief and took out the brown envelope. She faced him informing him that they needed to leave.


The guest room was cleaned up for Dora to stay in.

Anna had been told what happened and was really glad those hooligans, as she had called them, had gone before they arrived.

Sola checked his phone and found missed calls from Sire.

He cursed.

She had said she was coming over and he totally forgot.

He called her back and she picked up in one ring.

He calmed her down telling her he was alright.

He held himself from telling her anything. Honestly, even he didn’t know who to trust anymore.

He told her to change the subject as he wanted to get his mind off things.

Sire did try her best to keep him distracted but Amara’s face kept flashing in his head.

He quickly ended the call after he accepted she went with him to the station the following day.

After he hung up, he sat on his bed as he groaned holding his head tightly with both hands. Recalling how things were the last he saw her really hurt him.

Sola returned downstairs to find Dora going through Amara’s phone. She stopped when she found a video that was recorded that afternoon.


They all sat on the couch in the living room as they watched the recording of a person in black with the face, masked up.

Amara was behind him bounded up, on a chair, in a very uncomfortable manner. She was groaning making attempts to change her posture to a more comfortable one but it was impossible.

She began crying. She needed to sit comfortably as the aches from her bones were becoming unbearable .

Whoever was talking had a voice effect activated as all they heard was a deep cracking voice.

It’s definitely somebody we know.

Sola thought looking closely.

The person said Isaac tricked them and tried to get away with it.

“I want the real papers in forty eight hours, and trust me, I don’t care how you find them.”

That was all.

“ What papers?” Sola inquired looking at his mother.

“The documents to your father’s company.” Dora replied him..

“I didn’t take any thing with me before we left.” Anna told him. “ I couldn’t even find them.”

They had relocated after Isaac’s death taking nothing with them. For some reason, Anna was not allowed into her husband company.

“ You couldn’t find them because I have them with me.” Dora stated raising the envelope. “ This was what your father told me to pick up that night.”

She gave them to Sola.

“He also have his will in there and some other important stuff. I got a little curious after he committed.” She shrugged. “ I immediately knew there was was something totally up.”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t check the whole paperwork there.”

“ He was made to say whatever he said.” Sola looked at her, he was tearing up. Of all the three in the room, he was the one with the most regret and he wished he could take it all back.

“I lost my job because of this case, now I have to finish what I started.”

Dora was going to miss the cigars and alcohols, but now it’s time to be sober….for Isaac.

For Amara.



Who else is feeling hot…lol…

Now iffu read those chapters even till Anna’s birthday, the next chapter shouldn’t be hard to understand…I guess.


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  1. So who could be behind dis act? Hasn't he/she caused enough pains? What does he want dos documents for?
    I just pray for de safety of Amara,hmmmm!!!

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