Sins Of My Father – Chapter Seventeen

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Sins Of My Father.


Written by Peace Ifunanya.

Chapter Seventeen.


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Anna snapped at his to quit looking at her like that.

“ You still like him?”

His mother stared, a little while before bursting into laughter.

“Oh God! No, do I look like I still do?”

Sola shrugged telling her it was possible she was hiding it.

“ I think I should be the one telling you that.”

Sola kept quiet, understanding what she meant.


“So what happened?”

“ Well, it’s was years later when…

“ No I meant between you and Mr. Kent.” Sola cut in.

“Oh she dumped him.” Dora stated blankly sipping her wine.

Sola looked at his mother.

“He cheated, so…”

Dora shrugged.

She was getting wasted.

“ Your father got real smart, though.” Dora chuckled. “was quick to impressed her royal highness.”

Anna had had enough and snatched the bottle from her hand.

“Are you serious, right now?”

Dora really like the wine.

“You’ve had enough drink for the day.”

Sola softly looked at his mother, imagining the pain she might have gone through.

“ Is it true?”

“Yes, he cheated. She got pregnant.” Anna revealed. “She used to be my best friend, you know.”

“ Wait, Sire’s mom was you best friend?”

“I know, the link is becoming too much, right?” Dora hissed. “ I had a good headache when interrogating those folks. See why I can’t stand them?”

Sola ignored Dora knowing she was drunk. He looked at his mother and asked if what happened between them ruined their friendship in anyway.

“Can you skip the whole love story and move to the main part?”

Dora cut in. She was getting really bored.

Oh! I thought you wanted the juicy part.” Anna retorted.

Dora only rolled her eyes and tried reaching for the bottle but Sola was quick to keep it out of her reach.

How does Amara put up with this nonsense?

Anna sighed and continued the story.

Years came by and their company became on of the most biggest in the State.

But the issue between Isaac, Bidemi and Anna became more awkward especially after Isaac proposed to Anna.

Deji and Amanda were really happy for the couple but Bidemi wasn’t too happy.

He got annoyed and walked out.

Anna had gone after him to talk. Isaac didn’t try to stop her as he felt they really needed to talk.

Bidemi was already married to Rosaline by that time; his family didn’t want an illegitimate child so he had to marry her.

It was taking too long so Isaac decided to check what was going on.

He was beginning to not trust Bidemi anymore.

It wasn’t his fault Bidemi cheated, and it definitely wasn’t his fault he had to marry Rosaline, so he never really felt guilty.

He had always liked Anna from afar but never tried anything to mess up his brother’s relationship.

Anna was officially single so, he decided to take his shot.



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