Sins Of My Father – Chapter Sixteen.

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Sins Of My Father.

Written by Peace Ifunanya.

Chapter Sixteen.

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Sola sat down, putting pieces together but was still confused. He asked Dora why she didn’t make Amara’s survival be made known to the public.

“Because it might not have been your father who murdered his best friend and wife.”

“What do you mean best friend?”

Sola never really knew his father’s friends, that well, as he had been attending boarding school with Julius, and only came home for holidays.

“How much did you not tell them?” Dora inquired raising a brow at Anna.

“I told her not to talk to me about it.” Sola cut in. He didn’t want to believe it, at first, when he got the news but with the whole evidence and Isaac’s confession, he got so mad at his father.

“Well, I think he’s ready to hear the story of three best friends.” Dora turned to Anna. “I need a drink.”

Dora walked to the kitchen to help herself with anything strong they had, then returned to the living room.

By then, Sola had sat on the couch opposite his mother as she began telling him things he had never wanted to hear in the past.

They were actually two best friends, at first.

Isaac and Deji were best friends since secondary school. They attended different universities but somehow kept the fire burning, much to the surprise of some people.

Isaac got accepted into higher institution two years after Deji.

The boys were mostly mistaken to be brothers and they never make any attempt to tell people otherwise.

It was during service Deji met Bidemi, who was later introduced to Isaac. Isaac seemed to get along just fine with Bidemi and soon he joined their brotherhood.

After a few years of working, they decided to start their own company. It wasn’t easy at all, as they had struggled with money. They collected loans but never got enough profit.

They were running broke until they met their first major client. The boys celebrated that night with the ladies they were dating.

Things took a U-turn from that day as they began getting contracts.

Eudora laughed interrupting.

“Oh! don’t skip the juicy part, Anna.”

Anna glared at her and denied knowing what Dora meant.

“Well then, I’ll help.” Dora smiled pouring herself more wine.

“ I don’t think that’s necessary.” She muttered. “ Besides, don’t you think it’s too early to drink.”

“Don’t you think, you’re too old to lie.” Dora fired back.

“I didn’t lie about anything.”

Sola was looking back and forth at both women holding back his amusement.

They really don’t get along.

“ Then, why lie about not knowing what I meant.”

Dora hissed and faced Sola.

“Your mother was actually Bidemi’s girlfriend at the time.”

Sola was stunned by the revelation.

It turned out that Isaac had had this huge crush on her, even while in a relationship.

He looked at his mother with interest, growing in his eyes as thing began adding up.

The way Bidemi looked at her was different. He didn’t look surprised to see Anna at all.

The surprised look was from his mother, but Bidemi’s was entirely different.

Sola could definitely tell his boss still felt something for his mother.



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