Sins Of My Father – Chapter Twelve

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Sins Of My Father.


Written by Peace Ifunanya.


Chapter Twelve.

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The following few days were uneventful for Sola as he had been home. The branch were transferring some employees from other branches to his and they were also employing.

He awoke one morning tired of staying at home, even his mother wasn’t.

Such an early bird.

He decided to get breakfast then go see Sire at the hospital.

He was really feeling bored.

He wore a black hoodie and a baggy trousers.

He had his canvas on and walked out to the closest restaurant.

He was starving.

Almost like I hadn’t taken dinner yesterday.

He thought as he drove into the parking lot of the place.

He looked at the restaurant where he met Amara for the second time.

He smiled at how he didn’t recognize the nice receptionist, he caught staring at him.

Then he remembered she had paid for his meal, that day, he never got to thank her for it.

He was really at his lowest. The money actually came in handy the following day.

He owe her one.

Would probably bring her here for dinner and pay, of course.

Sola shocked his head and went to get his food. He didn’t eat there, he simply bought for two.

Both were packaged.

Then he made his way to his girlfriend’s hospital.

Sire was shocked to see him in her office.

They greeted themselves.

*How lovers greet themselves sha… there might be five yr olds here so let’s skip that area*

They talked and laughed as they had breakfast.

Sire had to talk one of the other doctors to fill in for her.

They spent the whole day together that day. Sire had a big smile on her face throughout the day until Sola dropped her off at her place declining the offer to have dinner with them.

His mother would surely prepare dinner and he couldn’t afford to miss her delicacies.

He decided to pick up somethings, needed at his house. He drove to Dora’s mart. The place was a little crowded but he was able to get want he wanted.

Amara wasn’t there.

He drove back home and was greeted by the aroma from the kitchen.

He made his way to the kitchen with the sole aim of stealing meat.

Whatever it takes.

He froze on the spot when he entered the room. His mother wasn’t there.

It was Amara.

“Olusola, you’re back.”

His mother just walked in from behind.

This made Amara turn.

“Sola, hi.” She smiled.

What was she doing here?

He didn’t realized he said it out loud until Amara told him it was fine.

She felt a pained inside.

“ It’s getting late anyway… I should go.”

“ No!” He exclaimed making the lady almost jump. “I mean, I’m just surprise to find you here.”

Anna looked at the young man she gave birth to.

How is he so oblivious to this?

Was he pretending?

How does he not realize this?

Anna had seen Amara at the Dora’s mart… Well, Amara was the one who did the seeing.

She could never forget that face.

Amara told her, it was her aunt’s store, so she asked if Dora was around.

Amara shocked her head much to Anna’s relief. Amara didn’t allow the older woman pay so Anna invited her over for dinner.

“It’s either you come over for dinner or I pay for my groceries.”

Amara accepted the invite as she just couldn’t let her pay. It would make her feel weird.

*It’s like Amara doesn’t have sapa as bestie like I do*

Anna smiled happily, she couldn’t wait  to see Sola’s reaction when he sees the young lady at their house.

Anna cleared her throat to signal them she was still standing there. Their uncomfortable stares was becoming too much.

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