Sins Of My Father – Chapter Fifteen.

Sins Of My Father.

Written by Peace Ifunanya.
Chapter Fifteen.

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Sola was totally disorganized. He wasn�t even in the right state to drive as his mother was the one behind the wheels.
He was in the passengers’ seat, while Dora sat at the back. They had gone to her house after the call.

They later went to the station to report missing Amara, much to Dora�s disapproval.
Dora paced the room as they sat, waiting for twenty four hours to be complete. That was what they had been told when they went in to report the missing case. Dora had refused to go into the station with them.

Dora stopped and faced the mother and son inquiring whether he dropped her off the previous night. Sola told her he didn�t as Amara had insisted she left in her ride.

�Obviously, you listened to her.�

Irritated at how Dora was handling things, Anna rebuked her telling her not to blame her son for anything.

�Well, I should have you to blame then, if you had not invited her over to eat the poison you call food, she would be at work now.�

Sola got annoyed and stood up telling Dora to mind how she talks to his mom as he was only staying calm due to her teaching of always respecting the elderly people.

�I don�t know why you have been hating on us ever since you met us.� He groaned in frustration. � I thought it was just me.�

Dora sized the young man down with irritation written all over her face.

How could she like this family? What was there to like?

The fact that he acted oblivious to knowing her was what angered her mostly.

Or does he?

� So, you don�t recognize me.�

Sola gave her a negative respond.

The amused Dora looked at the, now, uptight Anna with a knowing look, then laughed.

They kept everything from their children.

�I see you left your children in the dark all these years.� She muttered softly at Anna, then turned to Sola introducing herself officially.

� Well, I�m Eudora, the detective that was in charge of your father�s case years ago.�

Sola looked at the woman in shocked. The one that got fired�. So he heard.

�I don�t see any reason why it would cause you to dislike us.� Sola reasoned. �My dad did the killing not any of us.�

Dora was becoming angrier, but this time, at Anna. She gave the uncomfortable woman a hard look.

�I think it�s time you left.� Anna stated standing. To her, Dora had said enough.

�We�ll look for your niece tomorrow.�
�I don�t think you understand, Anna, Amara is not actually my niece.� Dora blurted out.

She couldn�t leave� at least not now.

� She�s Amanda�s daughter.�
This statement caused Anna, freeze on the spot.

It was impossible.

They were told the whole family died.

Amara was Deji and Amanda�s daughter. The family who were supposedly murdered by Isaac.

�That�s not possible.� Anna mumbled sitting back slowly.

Her eyes becoming heavy as she remembered how everything turned upside down after the incident.
Sola was tired of being left out at first, but stood there surprised when he heard what Dora had said.

�This is the main reason I never wanted us go to the police.�

How is this possible?

Dora told her how she was contacted by the doctor informing her of the child still being alive.

She had a long talk with the doctor who agreed to keep it a secret.
Her casket was filled with sand.

She took the girl away for a little while as investigation was still going on. It got to a stage Dora became confused and it became official the week of Isaac�s execution.

This was more than a man murdering his friend and his family all for greed. She felt there was something else going on.

She had gone to work the following week only to find a sack letter on her desk.

If anything, Dora really loved her job and her getting fired made her give up everything she was working on.
She gave up on everything.
That was the first case she, ever gave up on.

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