Sins Of My Father – Chapter Eighteen

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Sins Of My Father.


Written by Peace Ifunanya.

Chapter Eighteen.


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He got to the garden and found Bidemi yelling at her.

He, immediately, became furious.

Things turned ugly and Deji had to separate the angry men.

“Good job Anna.”

Rosaline muttered with heavy eyes before leading her husband away.

Everything started going bad between them as Bidemi seemed to disagree with Isaac on whatever matter they would be tackling, even in their company.

Deji became their mutual friend.

He tried all he could to reason with both men to quit their “child’s play”.

This disagreement was carried on for years even after Isaac and Anna got married.

They weren’t able to attend the party. Bidemi said Rosaline started feeling pain in her lower abdomen again so they had to stay back.

Rosaline just lost their baby adding to Bidemi’s pain.

They literally married because of the child. He lost Anna because of the baby.

Years had gone by and they welcomed their second child.

Esther looked just like Anna right from infancy.

“ There is going to be a huge competition.”

Isaac joked.

He finally open to Deji and Bidemi that he wanted to leave.


“ He wanted to start his own company.”

Dora told him.

“ This decision caused the men go their separate ways.”

Deji started his own few years after Isaac left but didn’t leave like Isaac did.

“They had one last contract before your father took his share. You were sixteen.”

The following year Deji called.

He wanted to talk.

Isaac spent the night at their place and returned the following morning.

It was that evening the police came knocking.

They were all preparing to go to bed.

They arrested him for the murder of Deji and his family.

“What do you mean murder?”

Isaac was dumbfounded but didn’t wrestle with them. He watched Anna struggle with the officers.

“ It’s okay.” He calmly told her but she was not letting them take her husband. He told her to call his lawyer before being led away.

Esther stood there crying as she watched her daddy being taken away.

Sola was still in school at that time and was permitted, few days , to go home.

“They dragged your father like he was some criminal.” Anna cried. It felt like it was yesterday.

He sat by his mother consoling her.

“Sola, your father didn’t do it.”

She whimpered looking up to meet his gaze.

“ But he confessed.”

“And you believed it?” Dora said from where she sat. “I did at first but the day before his execution, your father called me.”

Isaac begged her to allow him see his family but Dora refused telling him he would see them following day, then, He would say whatever he wanted to say to them.

She did give him the privilege to scrabble somethings down in a blank sheet.

“ He was going to tell me something that night but wanted me to pick up something from your house, first.” Dora informed. “ He said it was for Sola. I did get what he wanted me to get but by the time I got back, he was dead.”

“ What do mean dead?” Sola asked.

“ According to them, he committed suicide.”

Anna burst into fresh tears.

“ So it got me thinking, why would he commit suicide when he still had something to tell me.”

When he still craved to see his family.

Dora was not satisfied even after his death but when she kept investigation she got to the office to find a sack letter on her desk.

When she got to her superior’s office, she was told she should have stopped pushing it.

“ You were given a simple instruction. Close the freaking case.”

They had to let her go.




Had to make it up to you all…. two chapters… Might post the next chapter before the end of today… Just comment oo.

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