Sins Of My Father – Chapter Twenty One.

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Sins Of My Father.


Written by Peace Ifunanya.


Chapter Twenty-One.

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The following day came and Sola prepared to go to the station. He would pick Sire first, then they would head to the station. He went downstairs to find his mother and Dora in the parlor, he greeted the women.

Dora wasn’t going home anytime soon and he would go with her later to pick up some of her necessary stuff, or they’ll probably go to a boutique to buy new ones. He really doesn’t want her back at her place.

He kissed his mother and informed her of his plans.

You ladies should stay indoor, today.”

Sire was waiting for him when he got to her place. She was standing outside and he refused to go in.

“ I really need to get to the station.”


They left the station after the report and writing down all necessary things needed. Sola checked the time and realized it was almost evening.

These policemen can be really slow with things, sometimes.

Sola thought as he drove Sire home.

He hadn’t had anything all day and he didn’t feel hungry.

On arriving at her place, she invited him in.

“ It’s not fair, you never come in.”

Sire whined when he refused again.

Sola sighed and got out the car with her. He raised his eyes to meet the view of a white mansion he never walked into.

He had always wondered what it would look like on the inside. When they eventually walked in, he was blown away.

Sola hadn’t realized his mouth was opened as he scanned the living room, that was twice as his.

Mr. Kent walked down the stairs.

Sola.” He called smiling. “ This one you decided to come in today, hope we’re safe.”

Sola forced a smile not knowing how to act after knowing everything….well, most of everything.

Sola is having dinner with us.” Sire told her dad.

Bidemi was glad on hearing this.


Sire decided to take him on a tour of the house. The whole house was painted white inside out.

Sola really like the structure of the house.

The architect did an excellent job.

He thought looking around.

Sire smiled seeing the tour was getting his mind off things.

Her room was painted white, of course, but it had a touch of blue and cream. He liked the way it was arranged and decorated.

She led him to her parent’s room and it was gigantic.

Now, that’s a master bedroom, right there.

He smirked.

He gently touched the, already made, bed feeling it’s softness.

He walked to the night stand.

“ I know it’s weird showing you their room.”

He smiled admiring the jewelry on the stand.

“ Seems mommy is home.” She said looking about the room. “ Oh! That’s her favorite ring.”

He was looking at the ring he saw her wearing at his mother’s party.

“ I’m really surprised it’s here. Mummy never takes it off.”

“ Only when she needs to have her bath.” Rosaline laughed stepping out of the bathroom with a robe.

Sola felt uncomfortable and Rosaline laughed at how he greeted her.

“ I told you to call me Rose.” She smiled.

She picked up her ring and slipped it into her index finger, admiring it.

“ You know I got it for ten grand.”

Sola looked at the ring dumbfounded.

Ten freaking thousand dollars.

“ That’s a lot of money.”

Sire laughed and told him how expensive her mother can be.

“ Daddy loves her all the same.”

That statement left Sola with one question in his mind…. Does he?

Sola ate only little before announcing his departure.

“ Already? You didn’t even touch your food.” Rose pouted.

“ I really don’t want to miss dinner at home.” He told her. “ My mum’s making dinner.”

“ How is she?”

It was Bidemi asking the question and Rosaline turned to look at him.

“ How is she handling the whole thing.”

“ She’s doing great, really, and she’s handling things okay, no pressure.” He smiled.

“ How long have you known this Amara?” Rose asked. “ I mean, it feels like you both are really close.”

“ Yeah, we’ve been friends for years now.” He lied. “ You know when someone cared even when society thought ugly of you. It just feel like a part of you is cut off if anything happens to them.”

He smiled sadly then chuckled softly.

“ I mean, of course, you know what that feels like, don’t you?”

Bidemi and Rosaline exchanged knowing looks and looked back at Sola.

“ I have to go.” Sola said standing up.

He was getting angry, wining and dining with his father’s, so called, brother.

Bidemi stood up after him, telling him, to walk with him in the garden.

“ I really need to leave.” He told him going for the door.

He didn’t care if that was his boss.

Actually, he can shove his company up his a$s.

“ Olusola, hear me out.” Kent told him as he reached for the door knob. “ Please.”

Sire looked at the both of them, something wasn’t right. She walked up to Sola touching his arm softly.

“ Is everything okay? What’s going on?”

“ Everything is fine.” He replied before walking towards Bidemi, he wanted to hear him out.


Sola drove home after their talk, well, it wasn’t exactly talking, it was actually Bidemi asking for forgiveness.

He told Sola he last saw his father the evening he committed.

“ I didn’t know he would try to do such a thing but I’m glad I went to settle everything with him.”

“ You know, it’s not easy to loose someone you love because of a mistake you made.” Bidemi told him. “ I did try to speak with your mom but all of a sudden, there was no trace of her.”

She was gone.

“We relocated.”

“You know when I first saw you, I was shocked, you look just like Isaac…. well more, because he doesn’t work out.” he chuckled softly. “ I’m sure you do.”

Sola only smiled and announced his departure.

“ I’ll send her your greetings.”

“ Please do.”


Anna was already getting worried when her son got home.

He left his phone in the car all those while, he apologized and told them where he was.

Anna was not pleased with it.

“ We were talking, okay?”

“ About dad.” He replied. “ He told me he visited dad to talk, make amends.”

Anna was dump founded as Sola began telling them everything they talked about in the garden.

“ I thought I was the last to see your father, no one told me Bidemi was there?”

The doorbell rang and Sola went to check who it was.

“ Mr. Frederick?”

Fredrick had not been in town for a few days now, he had business in another state.

Anna was surprised to see him as he didn’t inform her he was back. They all had dinner while Dora and Sola excused themselves later.

She returned to Sola’s room giving him the envelope.

“ You gave it back to me.”

He smiled lightly collecting it. He looked at it for a while before deciding to open it.

There were different paper but they were divided to three.

He picked the first set and was going through the first.

It was Isaac’s will. In there, he had written that his wife gets the house and cars. There was an amount of money to be given to his sister and a car he used to drive, then.

Esther had told her dad she wanted a car like that when she grows up.

Everything else was Sola’s.

“ What does this mean?”

Dora told him to check the others. He began going through them, his eyes widening in surprise at what he discovered.

“ A whole company was founded for me?”

“ He said he would surprise you with it one day.” Anna said stepping into the room. Fredrick had taken his leave.

He called the name of the company scoffing.

“ It would have all been gone by now.”

“ Or maybe the name was changed to C.S.A after his death.” Dora shrugged.

Sola paused in disbelief.

“ Wait, I own C.S.A?”

He couldn’t believe it, he had gone to his own company to apply for a job, a year ago.

“ Kent Limited was the company they built together.”



So I had to make up for late posting…

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  • So Bidemi also visited the same night Isaac died… Sola actually owns C.S.A and Kent Limited was not just Kent’s.


Please, comment o… I really had to make this chapter extra long… no fall my hand.


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  1. Dis world is a small one indeed,a company he went to seek for employment unknowingly belonged to him,so imagine if someone at de company had been rude to him!!!

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