In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 81

Chapter 81


Airport, Seoul


�We are going by a commercial plane� Axel muttered as they got to the airport

�Why�.� Ariel asked

�I have my reasons� But the band will go in the private jet..� he stated

�Ok�� Ariel shrugged. Their flight is schedule to take off around 9:00 and it�s just 8:55am. Five more minutes to go

�I hope we arrive safely..I can�t wait to have a long rest� Ariel stated while he only smiled


Flora�s POV

I opened my eyes gently after flickering it for a while. Sighing softly, I stared round to see where I am. I think I was still in my room, but it doesn�t seem to be morning. I remembered passing out after watching the video on Karl�s phone. Was it real, or was I just hallucinating.


I tilted my head sideward and sighted Karl standing by the window side, he look restless as he pave round for a while before stopping to stare at me. Perhaps he heard me make a sound.

�Babe�are you alright�� he asked as I tried nodding my head but stopped when a bang of headache hits me


�Ouch�� I groan

�sh*t�sorry�just relax ..okay� he cooed softly �Does your head hurts�

�Yea�just a slight headache�� I replied. He sighs and stared at me, caressing my cheek


�I passed out right�.�

�Yea�.after you�watched the video on my phone�you..�

�So it�s real�I wasn�t hallucinating..� I cuts in, with brisk of tears already streaming down my cheeks

�Yes it is�. Hey don�t cry�it will add to the headache..� He muttered

�Why has Sophia decided to do this to me�is she really bent on tarnishing my image�why�� I yelled and cry out the more. Karl only watches me, helplessly. I could see flames of anger burning in his eyes as he tries to control it from exploding. He hugged me, kissing my hair.


��s ok�she will face the me..just don�t cry�

�You don�t understand�.you don�t understand Karl�she has the law under her armpit�Sophia will surely find a way to maneuver the consequences�whereas there is no proof that she did it�oh no�she has destroyed my life�.� I wailed


�She has not�we will find a way to resolve this�

�Now it�s all over the news�.I didn�t do it Karl, believe me�I was framed�we were framed�Sophia is behind this, she confessed it herself�.� I shed more tears..making hiccups as I speak


�Flora� need to calm down�I believe you�and no matter what other people will try to do to tarnish your image, I will never stop loving you..because I believe that all they do is not true. Remember Aiden is also in this�he won�t allow his career to go to the drain too. We will resolve me� He pecked my cheek


�I will prepare something for you to eat�you can go have a shower to calm your nerves� He stated and left the room, leaving me to drown in sorrow and depression.


The duo arrive Cape Town at a very late hour, as they decide to spend the night in a hotel, before proceeding to the company the next day.

�Wow�.I can�t believe we spend up to fourteen hours up there..gosh I�m tired� Ariel yawn as the step into the hotel. His personal guard also trail behind them as they got to the receptionist.

�Hello welcome to MMB hotel..� the receptionist smiled at them as they nodded


�We wanna book two rooms..� Axel stated

�Ouch�I�m really sorry, we are having just one room left. The whole rooms are filled up due to the high number of immigrant the country is experiencing lately. But you can take the last room, right� She stated, looking at each of them. They were both dressed in a way that one won�t recognize them as celebrities, so they were mistaken as couples by her.


�Oh no�I don�t think we��

�Come on Axel�let�s take�s just for a night right?� Ariel whispered, looking at his with a slight frown

�I..I don�t want you to be uncomfortable..�

�I won�t be�and whereas it�s late already, we can�t be going round looking for two rooms to book when we have a choice here�come on..I�m feeling sleepy.


�Ok�fine�erm..what about him� He pointed to his guard�

�I have a friend who lives down the street, I will just spend the night with him. But will you both be safe here?� His guard asked

�Oh, yes we will..� Ariel replied. They booked the room and were given the room card.


�I will just have my shower as you arrange your things� Axel spoke out on getting into the room. The room looks spacious and cozy. It is more like a small apartment; with a king size bed in the middle, two wide couches hanging around and a center table. The rug on the floor is soft and warm to the feet.


Ariel sat on the bed, bringing out some items from her bag. They had had dinner in a nearby restaurant before coming to the hotel so all they need to do is bath and sleep.


The Next Morning~~

Axel yawns loudly as he flickers his eyes open. It was morning already and to his surprise he didn�t had any nightmare last night. He could remember sleeping soundly, well it became dawn on him that he had been sleeping really well these past few days, and he is grateful for that.


He turned to look at Ariel who was sleeping soundly at the other end of the bed. He had insisted on sleeping on the couch last night, but she won�t let him. She prefers that they share the bed, since it�s enough to contain five grown people.


She doesn�t see it as a crime to share the same bed but only warned him not to come closer and makes sure his hand doesn�t touch her skin at all. He chuckled on remembering how she gave him strict warning last night. Why didn�t she just allow him sleep on the couch, he had asked her, but she still remain adamant.


He had no choice than to succumb to her wish and made sure he left a very big space between the both of them so as not to provoke her.


He placed a call to the room service, ordering for their breakfast to be brought. Getting on his feet he went into the bathroom to have a shower and in few minutes, he was done. Ariel was already awake when he came in. She was attending to someone at the door. It was the room service, the hotel worker brought in their breakfast as it was set on the table.


�Good morning� Ariel greeted after the fellow had left

� was your night?� Axel asked with a smile

�It was cool..I will be in the bathroom� She yawns


A call came into his phone as he picked it after checking the caller. He hanged up when he was through and Ariel walked in few minutes after he started eating.

�I will be going to the company� He muttered, getting up on his feet


�Why�erm..I thought we were given a week leave to rest after the concert..�

�Yes�I just need to pick something from my lounge..I will be back in few minutes�

�Ok�� Ariel shrug


�Are you boarding a taxi..?�

�Yes..I will go pick my car afterward�don�t worry, I will go with my mask, no one will recognize me� He stated after she starting giving him that concern look


�My guard is around, he might come in soon. But if you are not comfortable with him staying in here, he will just hang around��

�I have no problem with�s for my safety though� She muttered. He nodded and left immediately.


On getting to his lounge, he picked up a file in his cabinet and gave it to one of the guard he found.

�Here give this to Mrs. Brittany� he muttered as the guard nodded, collecting it.

He took out a jacket from his wardrobe and wore it on; unknown to him, the recorder Karl inserted into the pocket was still present there.


Just as he was about leaving, he bumped into someone and looked to see who it was. Michael. He frowns

�Hey�.little baddie is back from the concert; I watched the video and it was superb� Michael winked

�Get out of my way�� Axel replied him coldly


�Ouch..that hurt�stop treating me like I�m the one who f**ked your girlfriend..your brother is the right person to pass on your aggression, not me� Michael snapped. Axel brows became furrowed

�What the hell are you talking about..� he asked. Michael gave out a small laugh


�Oh�so sorry bro�you haven�t even been current..well perhaps you are too busy with the concert stuff or let�s say you were having a fun time with Ariel. You guys lived together right�� he smirked. Axel was already filled with rage, he felt like punching him right now. He tried to leave but Michael blocked his way again


�Ok ok..i will tell I won�t, you can watch it yourself on Dora site. It�s the trending headline and video. Check out what that b!tch of yours did. It�s all over the news� Michael laughed and left. Axel wasn�t bothered about what he said; though he felt tempted to check the site and see what he was talking about, but decided to shrug it off.


But the look some workers were giving him made him confused. He had noticed their stare when he came in earlier, but thought they were just staring like the way they used to. But this stare seems different. He sighs, brining out his phone as he clicked on the website.


It didn�t spend up to a sec before the headline popped up, written in bold capital letters. His heart skips severally on reading the headline. He doesn�t know if he is to play the video, because the headline just took him off guard.


He took in a deep breath before clicking on the video. It displayed horror to his eyes.

� is not possible..what�� he shuttered, closing his eyes as he switch off his phone. Too bad, the scene kept repeating itself in his mind, as he tried kicking it away


�Get away from my head�no..Aiden can�t do this to me�no..he is�not a player anymore..i mean..he couldn�t have�no!!!� He screamed, raging towards the exit. He has one place in mind, as his eyes burns with fury. Aiden�s house.



Aiden�s House

�What the hell is going on�huhnn speak to me Aiden� Ryan snapped at Aiden who had his face in his palm, not knowing what to say

�How many time will I tell you that�s I was framed..i mean�I just don�t know how that video got online. I didn�t record it, and Flora wouldn�t have done that too.� Aiden groan


�But why�why will you go down with her when she is clearly your brother�s girlfriend.�

�They had broken up at that time�and I wasn�t myself when it happened�gosh�I think Flora might know about this..i met her in my room that day..and ..and..�

�And you both f**ked..� Ryan snapped


�Gosh..more like that..but I really wasn�t myself that me I wouldn�t do such on a normal day. But how the hell she managed to video it is what I don�t understand. And Moreover, Flora is now dating Karl..damn..she wouldn�t wanna do anything that will bring down her career. How sure are we that she is even behind this�.I think there was an outsider�

�You really need to fix this before Axel gets to see it�� Ryan was still speaking when the door flung open, revealing an angry Axel

�You are dead dude� Ryan whispered getting on his feet alongside Aiden.


�Tell me it�s not true Aiden�f**king tell me that, that video is fake..Aiden�� Axel called as he spoke softly, but behind it held fury and anger. He is really trying to calm his nerves. His body was visibly shaking. Aiden gulp down nothing, he is obviously frustrated and doesn�t know how to explain this to Axel. How will they believe him�.he thought


�You ain�t saying anything�are you trying to � think otherwise�� Axel�s voice broke down as he came forward to hold Aiden by his collar

�Speak to me�.� he yelled with gritted teeth

�Calm down bro..don�t hurt him� Ryan snapped at Axel, trying to free his grip from his brother�s neck


�Speak to me Aiden� Axel continue yelling, not paying any attention to Ryan

�Release you grip on his neck� Ryan pleaded

�Yes�yes�� Aiden struggle to say as Axel freed him, staring into his eyes with shock. His lips were clearly wavering as drops of tears rolled down his eyes.

�What?� Axel whispered

�Yes..� I made out with her..but it�s not what you think..i didn�t�.� Aiden was trying to say

�F**k you bas***d�you betrayed me�you f**king liar..� Axel yelled throwing a punch at him. Aiden took it but didn�t try to return it. He knows that Axel is just having a misunderstanding here, but how to make him understand is what he doesn�t know how to go about.


�Oh my gosh�Axel�� Ryan screamed going to help Aiden up from the ground where he landed. His nose was already bleeding blood due to how hard the punch came through.

�Oh my God you are bleeding�what have you done Axel�you couldn�t even listen to what he has to say�stop this attitude of yours� Ryan snarled at him


�What does he wanna explain hunhnn�he betrayed me. Look at me�you told me to stop disturbing myself over asked me to let go, whereas you went behind my back to f**k her and perhaps have been f**king her, before our breakup�you are a freaking betrayer. I trusted you as a brother�and relayed everything to you�oh now it�s clear�no wonder she confessed her love for you�but you couldn�t say anything about it� How I wished I had understood every freaking thing that was going on.


But I was too dump, so trustful and relied on the wrong person. I hate you� Axel spat with anger and left

�Why didn�t you speak up�you even allowed him to hit you..damn�� Ryan scoffs, ruffling his hair. Aiden sigh

�You can�t expect me to do that..I�m the one at fault here��


�So what are we gonna do now�this video is going viral like wild fire. You just succeeded in losing the trust of your fact for the main time, you both are tight enemies. Very soon, the reporters will head down here�giving you more headache�I don�t just knot why you couldn�t keep your d*ck in check when she came..must you f**k every girl� Ryan snapped in frustration


�Can you shut the f**k up and let me think�are you helping me in this matter or not� Aiden yelled

�What do you want me to do�� Ryan resorted

�Please Ryan�I just lost my brother�you can�t leave me too. I need to get out of this sh*t..�

�And you will, we just need to make a move..stop sitting down here with your head� on your palms


�Fine, I think I know what to do..come one let�s go..� Aiden stated, standing to his feet

�Now you are talking��




One word for this chapter…gosh what’s gonna happen now…


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora


  1. War,the story is getting more interesting
    More ink to your pen ma,next episode please ???????????????????????????? ma

  2. I'm speechless
    Who is gonna calm Axel down. I don't want to think about Ariel's reaction yet.
    This is so so freaking bad
    But just like Ryan suggested, Aiden needs to make a move
    Good job Vickie
    Next please

  3. Fight… But i am sure that aiden will do something [i think his plan is to go and meet karl and flora to get some information] maybe that will solve a little problem. SOPHIA, MOTHER OF SELFISHNESS…. i am sure that you will ended up just like your mom. Hmm

  4. Wooow and dat is de end of Ariel and Aiden relationship nt lke Ariel wanted him anyway she can now be Axel gal bcos am sure at the point of comforting Axel feelings will come in

  5. Na wao i believ micheal is the one that has posted that video now axel won't even listen to his brother even ariel will be shoked

  6. I can�t even imagine Ariel�s reaction.
    I really hope Aiden can clear his name quickly cause distrust is really dangerous and might tarnish the good relationship he has with Axel.
    From what is going on, it�s obvious Ariel is Axel�s healing pill. But that will be like stabbing a lot of us in the chest (Aiden�s fans). I just can�t wait for the truth to be revealed and both Micheal and Sophia disgraced.

    I still support Aiden no matter what. Aiden for life

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