Roses and Guns

Roses and Guns chapter 11

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(Dangerous romance)

Rated 18+

By: authoress Victoria

Long time guys…am sorry i haven’t been posting,my exams kept me away am sorry. Am back!!!




Chapter 11


😁 Blade pov 😁

I decided to end the kiss when i sensed an unusual presence. I looked into Aphrodite’s eyes which held different unreadable emotions, her lips are swollen…I smiled and brushed my thumb on her lower lip, she smiled slightly n’ i looked behind her,my gaze landed on the wall and i gave a deadly smile. That bas***d is here,i can feel it .

“Vladislav what the f**k are you doing in my property?”I asked and as if to confirm it’s him, he gave a crooked laugh

“So your brain still functions even when you’re making out in your company right there on your secretary’s desk…oh blade you’ll never change will you?”his annoying voice is enough to bring out the beast in me…i quickly looked at Aphrodite before to the Russian bas***d.

“You son of a b**ch what’re you doing here?”i asked angrily. I wanted to pull out my gun but i suddenly remembered Aphrodite’s in the office… she shouldn’t see this,I removed my hand from Inside my hoodie and looked at vladislav in his eyes. He had that mocking look on his face. His eyes moved to the door leading to my office,a smile played on his lips

“Do it’s true you have a son who looks just like you…hmm he’s gon’ be my target soon”he whispered n’ giggled. I couldn’t control my anger any more.

“Get out of here n’ don’t you dare come close to my son. If you make any move close i’ll make sure i finish you” he smirked

“The almighty blade…” He called slowly, moving his eyes again. He smiled at what he was looking at,I traced his gaze and it landed on Aphrodite, from the way she’s trembling,it’s clear that she’s scared. Her eyes were fixed on something,i followed her gaze and it came to land on vlad’s gun. Tho he tucked it in his trousers and it’s not visible but only the shape, you’ll know it’s a gun…

“Sh*t you idiot! Get out!”I yelled n’ he shuddered

“I was gon’ do that anyways but first… you got a nice looking girl right here, she’s damn sexy “he said n’ that’s it, i punched him making him stagger backwards

“Take your eyes off her you a**hole!”I yelled as I kept throwing punches at him. He tried throwing his own punches but am always on the lead.

“Sir please stop…”Aphrodite pleaded from where she stood but i didn’t listen,i just kept punching him until he finally pushed me away. He quickly got up n’ brought out his gun,i could hear Aphrodite and Garret gasp. The elevator opened and Denzel stepped in

“Just f**k off vlad!”he whisper-yelled n’ Vlad turned to him, he smiled and quickly looked at me, giving me a look which meant ‘wer’e not done yet’ before leaving.

“Eish!”i exclaimed angrily as the elevator closes

“Dad who’s that guy?”Garret asked n’ i turned to look at him

“You’ll know later”I answered

“Take him home please, i’ll be coming soon… I’ve lost the zeal to work for today “Denzel nodded

“Garret please go home with uncle Denzel, i’ll come home soon ok”i said and he nodded before going to Denzel

“Bye dad”he said to me n’ i smiled

“Bye son”i said

“Bye pretty pretty wow”he said waving hos tiny hands at Aphrodite… pretty pretty wow… what a name.

“Bye cutie hope i’ll see you soon?”she asked

“Sure…”he answered and held Denzel’s palm

“We’ll talk when i get home”I said to Denzel before he left with Garret.

💐 Aphrodite pov 💐

Sir blade turned to look at me immediately sir Denzel left with Garrett. He looks worried but tried to hide it with a smile… what was the fight all about and why was that guy with gun?

“Aphrodite you’re shaking”he said walking closer to me

“Hmmm am not”I said trying to avoid his eyes…i mean,i kissed this cutie some minutes ago!

“Is it because of the gun?” I nodded slowly

“Forgot it ok”he said n’ i nodded…tho it’ll be hard to just forget about it.

“Come on don’t be scared, he can’t do anything, he’s all bark and no bite”i nodded again

“You’re free to come hug me if you still feel scared”he opened his arms wide

“Huh?”my jaw dropped

“Ya…”he said

“No thanks am ok”I lied

“You’re not”he walked to me and pulled me into a soothing hug… just like magic,I forgot about everything that just happened. Am sure my heartbeat is the only thing that can be heard in the office…in less than a second,i hugged him back…why does he likes doing this to me?

To be continued!!!


Have a nice day 💐💐💐

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  1. Hmmmmm dis lady has gotten herself into trouble like dat,I know Vlad will definitely come after her!!!

  2. Please post more often 🙏🙏🙏
    That's when our interest will be always here 😍

    Please don't keep us in suspense !!

    Nice strory 👍👍👍

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