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(Dangerous romance) rated 🔞







By: Victoria


Chapter 5️⃣




I decided to visit my parents since I’m done with my paper for the day and i still have three hours left before going over to work .


I came down in front of the cottage and walked to the door. Surprisingly, the door was opened…so I just entered



“Mom! Dad ! Am home” I called as i walked into the kitchen,it was empty so I went to the small living room at that time,my mom just entered



“Hey mom”I rushed to hug her


“Darling you came to visit”


“Yes I’ve missed you and dad a lot “I said as we broke the hug


“Where’s dad?”


“Here i am” he replied from behind and i rushed to hug him


“Gosh you’re all sweaty ” I sat beside dad


“Ya…we just came back from our wood search “he said


“Am really hungry… please go into the kitchen, you’ll see a pot of rice and mushroom stew. Dish the meal while we go take our bath” mom said and I went ahead to dish out the food. I arranged the plates of rice and mushroom stew on the floor and not long,mom and dad came in. We sat on the floor and happily tho we’re not rich but we’re ok and happy with the little we have.




“So how’s schooling been?” Dad chipped in immediately we finished eating


“It’s been going smoothly… guess what?”I smiled and my parents looked at each other cluelessly


“Daughter come on, you know we’re not good at guessing so tell us” mom said



“Well i got a job”I said and they both smiled happily



“Wow congratulations…so what’s the nature of the job?” Dad asked



“Am working as a secretary in BlenKings Enterprise” I said and the smile on their faces vanished… Why?!


“You’re working at BlenKings?”dad asked slowly mentioning his words




“Yes ”



“You’ve got to resign immediately “mom said and my eyes widened



“Why? I went through a lot before getting that job”



“Working there would be dangerous for you ” dad said and I shook my head in disappointment



“Dad how’s it dangerous? Ain’t BlenKings like other normal companies ?” I asked and dad stood



“Is anything wrong” I stood up too


“You just shouldn’t work there ” mom stood up angrily


“Is there something you guys are not telling me?” I asked and dad exhaled tiredly




“Dad please…mom am begging you too, just let me work there ” I pleaded


“Do you really want to work there?” Dad asked and i nodded


“Alright then I can’t stop you since that’s what you want ” das said




” What! Alberto are you letting her work there?” Mom asked angrily and dad gave her a look i didn’t understand the meaning



“I’ld excuse both of you” mom said and stormed out


“Dad why’s she angry? I’ve never seen mom like this before” dad shuddered


” Ion’ know,so when do you start working?” Dad asked and that rang the bell. I rushed to where my phone was to check the time. Gosh i have just 30 minutes to get ready for work.





“Dad I need to run now,am late for work” I said and picked up my bag


“Alright darling just be careful”dad said and i pecked him before leaving.











What! Alberto let our daughter work for those demons? Aargh!!! I paced around my room, I’m restless, I’m uncomfortable… how would i even be at rest when my daughter’s life is in danger?



“Sophia calm down”Alberto’s voice said


“What! you said I should calm down? Alberto an asking you, did you just say i should calm down? How can i calm down when my daughter’s in the lion’s den and she doesn’t even know it huh?” I fired angrily



“Sophia it’s ok she’s old enough to take care of herself”Alberto said



“Don’t you get it? I don’t want my daughter around the lenkings,I don’t want her around blaze lenkings descendants! I just don’t!” I yelled


” Ok i’ll send my investigator to start stalking her since that’s what you want” Alberto said and i smiled



“It’s not called stalking, it’s called watching over her get it?” I said and walked out.














I rushed into the office with a pack of coffee in my hand… I’m fifteen minutes late,I hope he doesn’t get mad. I knocked on his door and his voice asked me in. I got in and place the coffee on his desk



“Good afternoon sir” I greeted



“You’re late”he said


“I’m so sorry i went to visit my parents and overstayed… I’m so sorry” I apologized



“Goddess just know today’s your lucky day,I won’t take it from you next time” he said running his eyes down my body, it’s like he’s mentally undressing me and I felt really naked in front of him



“Yes sir” i said waiting for him to dismiss me but he kept looking…I wasn’t left out cause my betraying eyes won’t stop checking him out. My eyes came to rest on his chest which was visible because the two first buttons of his shirt was off. I kept gulping down nothing as my eyes scanned his inked chest… not only is he cute, he’s drop dead hot! God!







Blade pov



I walked up to her and pulled her closer…f***! Why would God let an angel escape his kingdom. I kept pulling her closer and the distance between us was not even up to a feet. I stared deeply into those pretty eyes of hers,I covered the remaining distance between us and she didn’t make any effort to pull away.


I ran my fingers down her arms and down to her tiny waist, snaking my arms around her waist,I pulled her into a fierce kiss. She waited for a while before responding to the kiss .


She kept running her fingers through my hair, she grabbed my hair gently, deepening the kiss as my palms move down to her butt …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..End of imagination (what are are you looking for? Spoilt children 😂😂😂)







“Sir can i be excused?” Her angelic voice jolted me back to my senses



‘damn! That was just a f***ing imagination,I thought it was real or rather,I wish it was’ I said inwardly as I blinked uncontrollably



“What did you say?”I asked



“Can i go now?”



“Hmmm… sure” I said and she left rather in a hurry



“sh*t! Why wasn’t it real”I angrily threw a file across the room immediately she left. Why am i even worked up?







Aphrodite pov


“OMG!” I exclaimed immediately i came out of his office,I rest my back on the door with my palms on my chest as I tried to calm myself



” What’s wrong with me? Why was he staring like a lion ready to devour it’s prey? His eyes were wistful the whole time…my eyes kept staring too”I said



‘the way you stared at him was worst than the way he stared at you’ my inner woman said and i exhaled


‘no his was worst’i argued audibly


‘you just told a lie’ she said again and i rolled my eyes as I went back to my desk. I don’t have much to do today tho. I’ll just send the content of various files to some contact number and am done for the day.








To be continued





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  1. I guess there's something we need to know about Blade's family….
    I think derz an u finished business between de two families, we will soon find out!!!

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