In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brother – Chapter 46

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Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 46

Chapter 46

<The Next Day>


Brittany headed to her room after leaving the clinic which was at first against her wish of the doctor, being that she has not fully recovered. But her wish was later granted, since she doesn’t feel like staying in her ward but prefers her room. She hates the smell of hospitals so much that it made her puke, and doesn’t feel like spending more seconds in it.

“Make sure you come around so that we can redress your wounds” The doctor told her


Her arm was well bandaged, as she moved it gently with ease. She was about entering the room when she met Jane at the doorpost, speaking to someone who was in the room, perhaps Nora.

She turned to face her after hearing some movement, with smile on her face

“Hey….i was just asking after you” Jane muttered, going further to side hug Brittany, assisting her into the room. They both sat in the bed while Nora decided to leave them to get something outside.


“Welcome back Brit…I will be back soon” Nora stated, leaving the room

“Wow…can’t believe I will be seeing you here, thoughts you were still in the clinic. I was about coming there but decided to check here first, since I know that Brit hardly stays in hospitals.


“And you guess right..I’m here now….arggg” She groaned trying to adjust her arm

“Take it easy, sorry” Jane mouthed. She nodded

“I heard you were attacked by some lady or so” She asked

“Yea….she was sent to kill me, but she wanted to do it slowly. She was damn strong; I don’t know what gang she belongs to”


“We were also attacked by another rival gang. We never knew they were prepared to save our first victim from being killed. After the murder was carried out, they came out from nowhere gunning down our men. I think someone sold us out; we have a betrayal in the clan. According to my calculations, I believe there were three gangs in the party that night; ours, the rival gang and the one who tried to kill you. Mr. Jenkins also escaped, we couldn’t complete the last mission; being that the other gang were giving us tough time. That’s his luck” Jane uttered. Brittany chuckled. She didn’t tell Jane about her plan of making Mr. Jenkins escape; that was a secret between her and Brad alone


“Hmmm…I think someone is also after my life, but I can’t remember offending anyone, and if it’s about the operation we made, I do go with face mask whenever we are sent on an assassination mission. But I think I have a clue, the waitress at the party, I still remember her face, if we can get her,  then our puzzle might just be solved.” Brittany said. Jane shrugged


“So what are your plans…” Jane asked, Nora came in almost immediately, making them end the conversation. They stared at her as she walked in with plastic bags.

“Oh….my boyfriend got me these, she said, bringing out a body lotion from the bag. It’s one of the best lotions trending in Cape Town recently, I will like to try it, and you can also have this Brittany, it will go well with your pretty skin.” She smiled, handling one to Brittany who collected it.

“Thanks” Brittany returned the smile. Jane rolled her eyes, standing on her feet.

“Hey…don’t get jealous bae, I will get you yours later” Nora chuckled mockingly. Jane only glared at her

“B!tch” She muttered inwardly, but wish she could just say it out


“I need to get going now, I will check on you later Brittany” She made an eye contact with her which Brittany understands, but Nora was oblivious of

“Sure…I need to rest now. Good bye” Brittany stated, as she watch Jane leave the room. Nora was busy bringing out more things from the bag as she arranged them on her dressing table.

She picked up the lotion and dropped it on her table, after reading its content.


“Nora rarely gives me gifts like this, then why is she suddenly becoming nice? Perhaps because of my injury, so she wanna show care” She thought.


<Dung town>



The doctor just finished checking up on Mr. Jenkins, as he signaled to the nurses to remove the drip stand.

“Your bills have been pain already; it’s just a pity that the young girl who brought you here is yet to come. She claimed to be your distant relative and went to get you some food. It was late when you brought in here, and we didn’t know about the riot at the party as at that time. The nurses who took you in didn’t even know who you are.” The doctor explained to Mr. Jenkins who insisted on knowing the truth on what really happened. The doctor’s statement about the riot party suddenly hit him. He began to remember all that had happened in the party. How his guard was shot by some strange gang men, and he was drugged by the other man.

He remembered his friend being killed that same night, meaning he was also a target. It’s been two days now after his sudden disappearance and his daughter would be damn worried about him. The board members and everyone in Cape Town would have heard the news of his disappearance.

“The news believed you were kidnapped by some gunmen, who killed some politicians at the party. But the girl who brought you doesn’t look like a killer. The police are doing a good job looking for you. I think you need to reach them sir” the doctor explained more, jerking him out of his thought.

“I need to reach my daughter, please can you lend me your phone” Mr. Jenkins asked, with further explanation, the doctor brought out his phone

“Sure” He muttered, handling it to him. Noah typed in Sophia’s phone and dialed it.

Back in Cape Town, the Boards of director were having a meeting with the Triple bands and judges.

“We are really in a critically stage right now, Mr. Jenkins hasn’t been found yet, and the kidnappers hasn’t ask for any ransom. It’s such a pity that such is happening now, but we need to be strong to keep the company going. The police are really doing their jobs to search for him, and his personal guard who was shot was confirmed to still be alive.

He mentioned something about a message sent to him by an anonymous person, talking about the attack, asking him to leave with his boss before the attack on them will start. He saw it late and was about escaping with Mr. Jenkins when they were suddenly attacked. The anonymous sender is still unknown till today, the police have tried to trace its location but it is heavily encrypted.” The chairman stated. He paused to stare at them, checking out their expression

“Sophia…I will need you to calm down and let us as the directors do our job. Your dad will be found soon trust me; let’s not take drastic actions that will lead to our downfall. The contest will be on hold for now, but it won’t be cancelled__”

“It’s 48 hours already, and my dad is nowhere to be found. We can’t reach him, and I’m f**king going crazy now. I ain’t backing out, we are gonna stop all this rubbish until he comes back” She snapped, furiously.

“You need to mind the way you speak to us Sophia, we ain’t your mate and you know that” Mrs. Brittany, one of the board member spoke up, as Sophia gave her unending glares which she returned

“Let’s not quarrel ladies” the chairman chipped in, calming Mrs. Brittany, while Nina and Emma tried to calm Sophia.

“Sophia…I know how you feel but trust me, we all will try to resolve this” the chairman was still speaking on how to pass the news to the contestant on holding the contest for now, when Sophia’s phone rang out. She rushed to get a hold of it. It was a strange number. The others were watching her with questioning look.

“It’s a strange number” She muttered

“Go ahead and pick it…perhaps…” Emma stated. She picked the call, placing it on her ear

“Hello” A voice came up

“Hello Sophia…are you there…..” Mr. Jenkins muttered

“D…Dad????” Sophia screamed…as the others stood up from their seat coming closer to her


One Week Later

Mr. Jenkins had been discharged from the hospital as he reunites with his daughter and employees. They are presently having a little get together office celebration/meeting. When asked by the police about how he managed to escape from the kidnappers, he only mentioned finding himself in the hospital and not remembering how he got there. The contest was put on hold and the next audition will come up the next day.

He made sure he keeps the secret of a girl bringing him there, he vowed to make the investigation privately; no one should be trusted, his enemies could be lurking around to find clue on how to get him again, he thought. Presently in the mini hall were his workers alone; the members of the board, the Triple bands, the contestants and invited Judges. Other close celebrities of whom company has a contract with the Hybrids Collection, like models and actors were present; those were who he gave private invitation. The hall was heavily guarded with security men, holding well built ammunitions.

“The contest will continue tomorrow, I believe our contestants are prepared. Sorry for the little break, we should have done the next audition three days after I was kidnapped but we couldn’t due to the situation on ground. Thanks to God that everything is settled, and I believe the police are doing their jobs on finding who the bad guys are; those who are related to my kidnap and the killing of the two prominent men in this country. May the soul of the dead men, rest in perfect peace.” Mr. Jenkins muttered, while giving his speech

“Amen” Everyone muttered

“The main reason why I called for this meeting is that__” he continued to speak as some pays attention to him while others were busy sipping from the drinks placed in front of them on their tables. Flora, a model who came from her company as a representative, was busy staring at Aiden as he speaks with Axel. Her eyes caught up with Axel’s as she removes her gaze in a jiffy. She felt his eyes still on her, but didn’t try to look back. She still feels guilty for what she had done, but that’s not what is bothering her now. What is making her puzzled is how calm Axel looks; he doesn’t seem disturbed by her presence, instead she caught him stealing glance at one of the contestant.

“Does he like her now?” She thought, looking at the girl’s face. A striking resemblance struck her as she saw the girl’s hair. It was the girl she met at the mall, and gave her card to. Why didn’t she notice all this while, she hadn’t been watching the contest performance, so there is no way she will know that the girl is part of the contestant? She didn’t see the girl’s call ever since then, and was not bothered. She only gave her the card because of the killer looks she got, which will be of great profit to her company if posted on the front page of their magazines.

She remembered seeing Axel that same day in the mall, before escaping his sight.

“They might be together” She thought as a bang of jealousy hits her, but she shrug it off. She knew whom she loves and it is not Axel. Fine, he got everything she would ask for in a guy, but she just doesn’t feel the same way for him. The girl kept smiling, looking more beautiful as she speaks to another girl, whom she believes will be her friend, due to the way they converse. She took her glance away from them and it mistakenly went to Sophia’s. Sophia gave her a smirked; she rolled her eyes, picking up her drink as she takes a sip from it, as she looks away from her

A message suddenly popped on her notification bar, as she gasps on sighting it. She looked at Aiden and saw him checking his phone too

*Few Minutes before the Meeting*

“Hey Aiden….” Sophia called, as she saw him about entering the hall. He paused and waited for her to come closer.

“Hi Sophia…” He mumbled, still trying his best to forget all the harsh words she had rendered on him. She smiled at his response, knowing that he is still angry with her but trying to keep a low profile

“Hey big guy…how are you” She asked

“I’m fine” he cooed

“Hmmm…your face doesn’t look like it. I know that you are still angry with me…I’m so sorry okay” She pouted. He sighed, not knowing what to reply her. Sophia could be really cunny, he knew she wanted to ask for something. The Sophia he knows will never beg genuinely.

“What do you want Sophia” He asked

Don’t tell me you are still angry…you know…sometimes I just find it hard to control my anger, you know, but I’m really sorry…hummm…I really am” She pleaded, holding his hand

“Fine…I have forgiven you. I knew you were really worried about your father, but you should have just tried to control it”

“That’s why I’m pleading now; just forgive me, and I will be forever grateful.” She cooed

“Come on…I have already…” he smiled, and this time, her heart leaped for joy

“Thanks Aiden, you are such a darling. Not like that brother of yours…” She chuckled. He smiled, knowing what she meant. Axel forgives easily, not everyone knows that, they believe he has a hard heart, but all that are just façade. Sophia will be among those who think he hardly forgives, but he is not in the mood to argue with her.

“One more thing….are you gonna be in your lounge tonight” She asked, licking her lips

“No…I will be going home after the meeting I guess, that’s if I don’t have other schedules to cover up.”

“Ok…we will be coming to your home then” She smiled

“We?…for what..”

“A get-together….just like the other know..I will be coming with the others..” She chipped in

“Ohh..come on Sophia..Isn’t it too late, you are just telling me now. My maids are not even prepared”

“You can just call them to make something for us, or I will tell my maids to do it and we bring it there. I have already invited the others, and they will be in your house this evening.”

“Why can’t we just use your house….” He whined, not interested

“My house doesn’t hold such fun, Axel’s house also. But you get all the games and so on, come on Aiden; don’t say no. It’s been a while we have this get-together and I will also use that opportunity to ask for forgiveness from everyone, hmmmm” She pouted

“Ok….i will be home by 5:00, when are the others coming” he asked

“Let’s say 7:00”

“Fine I will have enough time to rest then….”

“Yea…you should…and the games we are gonna do will require some banging” She winked. He scoffs

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what I meant mister playboy” She laughed

“I’m no longer a playboy, I’m changed now” he laughed along.

“Well, a playboy will still remain a playboy. Just be prepared for fun; it might be just a harmless bang” She wriggled her brow, leaving him to stare at her.

“Hmmm…strange. If Sophia would always be this friendly, then life will be good” He thought within, before entering the hall.




Did anyone notice any thing strange. Sophia is behaving weird, isn’t she?Let’s see the best guesser, i won’t leave any clue this time. But why the sudden get-together?


Try to comment. I was having a serious writer’s block. I had to think hard before putting this chapter down. I’m currently typing the next one, so do your best by giving me long and interesting comments.


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora

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  1. Though I'm not good at guessing, but, I think Sophia is planning to paint Aiden as the one betraying Axel with Flora, since she knows Flora is in loves with Aiden . Whatever her plan might be,I pray she doesn't succeed,if she does,it may lead to fight between the twins 🤔(Note: it's just a guess oo 🤔🤔🤔)

  2. Hmmmm,can't say what sophia is up to,but i pray that what ever evil she has in mind will not succeed

  3. Hmm! Brittany be careful, and don't trust that Nora with her cream, she might have something to do with Clara in other to destroy your beautiful skin. I think Sophia have evil plan in Aiden's house

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