In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 6

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(She eloped; find her)

It’s been hours now since Aiden left; and Ariel have been feeling bored. The doctor came earlier to attend to her injury; he gave her some pills which he said will reduce the pain; and it indeed work. She couldn’t’t still walk well but she could still leap around the room. Aiden told her not to leave the room, and without the help of Elsa, she wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

Elsa is the maid assigned to her, and did a good job in helping her take her bath, change her cloth and gave her good food to eat. She was shy at first allowing someone to bath her, but she had no choice; apart from the pain in her ankle, she also had pains all over her body, perhaps from the race she ran or stress from the flight, she thought.

But Elsa is indeed a nice person; she never complained but does everything perfectly. Despite knowing her for the first time, she never acts like they are strangers. She has been keeping her company until she was called by the Head maid. She asked Ariel to ring a certain bell there in the room if she needed anything. Now that she left, she is back to being bored; she struggled to reach for balcony in the room, for some fresh air.

She caught a glimpse of the compound. It’s huge and beautiful, with colourful flowers and magnificent status used to design it. She sighted some men in black standing at certain positions, who are they? She thought…
“Maybe they are guards” her subconscious stated
They were much and it made her wonder who the guy that brought her really is. Is he a celebrity or what, the mansion alone shows that he is indeed wealthy.

“Hmmm, thank God that I fall into the hands of a rich person, I won’t have to think of what to eat or what to wear again” she smiled
“Really, what if they are a mafia gang, look at those guards, they look deadly. What are you been gonna tell him about yourself if he eventually ask, you might be doomed you know” Her subconscious state as she gasp in fear. Immediately, a knock came on the door, she was too scared to go open it, she doesn’t even know who is knocking, is it Elsa or Aiden, she thought. After several knock, she found her voice

“Ermmm, come in” She ordered, and he popped his head in, before coming in fully
“Hey…good evening” he greeted, she could only nod
“So, how is your ankle now…the doctor came right?” she nodded again, he chuckled at her behavior. Perhaps she is still scared, he thought. She stared at his hand holding some bags

“…I got you some clothes and other things..I want you to feel comfortable before you get back on your feet. I will ask the maid to help you arrange them, feel free to tell me, if you need anything okay” he muttered and turned to leave
“Aiden?” she called in her softest voice, while he turned to look at her. She wondered why she called him in the first place, she should have let him go, she thought.
“Yes??” he cooed

“Erm…thank you..thanks for everything..i’m really grateful” she shyly said, Aiden smiled and nodded
“You are welcome” he mumbled and left…
“Gosh…” she breathed out, seems like she has been holding her breath all along
“I should have just tell him that I needed fresh air, and get out of this room. Stupid me!!” she cursed and check out what he bought

“Oh my God, these clothes are beautiful, they also look expensive”
She brought out some under wears and shriek in amazement
“Clothes…shoes….make up?? Hmm, weird…and…pants!!!!!! Huhn…this guy is…huunn..well he is nice though” she cooed, blushing hard.
A Suite**
“Are you sure about this, Jackson” Juan asked worriedly as she watched him pack few clothes into the box. Jackson is her newly found boyfriend; although they have known each other for a while now. He once booked her for a night with her and they ended up falling for each other.

After their second night together, they planned to elope; but made the escape plan a steady step. Miss Peggy knows nothing about their plan; neither did she know Jackson as someone who has fallen in love with Juan. She only knows him to be a client who came seeking for a prostitute to have a night with.
“Yes…don’t be scared okay, you will be safe with me” he assured, folding more clothes. Her face fell, sadly as she remembers last night encounter

“I feel like a bad friend, I shouldn’t have left her, I should have gone back to search for her. Only God knows what might have happened to her last night. She doesn’t know her way around here, what if the bullet got to her..what if she is dead” she sobs as tears rolled down her cheek

“Hey…stop this…” He muttered softly, leaving the clothes as he moves closer to her, caress her cheek and kissed her. Within the few time he has spent with her; he has find out her weakness and solution to stop her from crying, and that is a kiss. He nibbled on her lips for a while, before breaking of the kiss. He smiled and stared into her hazel eyes.

“You are not a bad friend, perhaps fate wanted it to be that way, and whereas, I only booked two tickets, I never knew you will come along with someone. She might not have been able to come with us, if you had brought her. Let fate decide for her and us for ourselves. She will be me” he assured; she nodded and cleaned off her tears wearing a soft but sad smile. He squeezed her hands, pecked her lips and went back for the luggage.

“We need to leave now, I won’t want us to miss our flight” he muttered
“Where are we moving to? She asked

“Wow!!! I love that city” her eyes glinted with joy
“Yea..sure you would….come on lets go….everything is set

Back at the Hotel**
Miss Peggy hurried to Juan and Ariel’s hotel room, when the other girls gave her the report that they are missing. She couldn’t’t believe it until she went to check for herself. They found their luggage intact, and the room seems to be well kept.

But how did they get out, because she remembered locking each of their rooms herself. She only assigned her partner who came to see her, to unlock the doors by handling the keys over to her that morning. Shock beyond words, she thought hard on what could have happened to the girls.

“Did they just vanish or what…check the room properly, check under the bed” she ordered the security men, which she had called to solve the problem
“This room is empty ma’am, no one here” they said to her

“Nooo!!!!! They escaped, but how” she yelled, as her eyes wander round the room and stopped on the window. She hurriedly went to check it and sees a rope tied to it. It looks strong and long to the ground.
Her mind got set on fire, she flared staring at the other girls with hatred and bitterness; what came over Juan, why did she leave, she thought.

She remembered picking her up from the slum and giving her a better life which other girls will long for, not only that; she adopted as her daughter, although not legally; being that Juan’s parent are nowhere to be found, Juan believes they are dead.

Now, is this the way she pays her back, by running away with one of her pets? But what baffles her most is the escape plan, how did they manage to get a rope as long as that, which could reach the ground floor of a three story building; were they not scared of height? And how did she know about the room she will be sleeping in that night? ‘

“Why did Juan leave, was I harsh to her?”

All this thought kept rushing into her mind, as it became dawn on her that Juan has been to that hotel several times. No wonder she insisted on going along with a big bag, instead of the usual moderate bag she do carry. Juan is smart and she was too busy to check the bag she carried, the rope might have been in it, and Juan might have measured the length. The escape plan might have been in her mind all along for a long time. She might have been making such arrangement bit by bit.

“We need to bring the police into this; they might help us find them. I’m sure they left last night, they won’t have gone far. They will still be in the country, even if they are not in this city” Scarlet, her partner and friend, said

“No..we can’t tell the police about this, they might find out about our secret job. Juan is very smart; she might have secret evidence about us, without our knowledge. Bringing the police into this will only send us to jail” Miss Peggy gritted

“So what are we gonna do, leave them to run away…jeez, Mr. Brady has paid you already, to have a night with that Ariel girl you were talking about. He won’t be happy if you couldn’t’t deliver her in time, and you know that he is a bad ass, I don’t want you to get on his toes.

“I won’t” she barks, scarlet rolled her eyes, and folded her arms
“I know how to find them without involving the police..get me my phone, I need to call the Kick ass”
“Kick Ass? That deadly gang?” Scarlet scoffs
“Yea..they are good in tracking people..all they would need is their photo and nothing more” she smirked deadly, while scarlet heaved in relief




Is Miss Peggy gonna find them…


Watch out for the next chapter

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