Until death-chapter 33

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Until death, chapter 33


Theme: “Getting Ready”


“Let’s go and chew some ears,” Reed chittered on my shoulder, his tail wiggling in excitement as if the battle we were about to have was for leisure. “That b***h and her boyfriend,” he chittered again, and I knew he was talking about Ryan and my mom. “Don’t f****ng stop me,” he growled, and I could feel the anger in his voice. “Their ears, eyes, and nose belong to me. Then you can do to their body as you like.”


“Okay sir,” I simply said, knowing fully well that delinquency to reply to him would only lead to another argument that might lead to a fight. That is Reed for you. He loves talking, just like a parrot. He likes to show off his hunting skills, and he believes that your enemy shouldn’t be spared. It would have been easy if he wasn’t dragging me in his dilemmas. However, he would insist that I should be translating his speech to my friends, and failure to follow his order will lead to another fight between us. I remember how he went hunting after the long meeting. He returned with a bush mouse, calling it a feline. Reed is just full of himself and loves threatening people by saying he will poke out their eyes, eat their ears, or bite their nose.


“What is he talking about?” Nasar asked beside me.


“Nothing interesting; you wouldn’t want to listen to his ranting,” I replied, and I could feel the nasty look in Reed’s eyes. In all my life, I have never met such a stubborn creature like him before. It would have been easy if everyone was able to hear his language. However, the reverse is the case. Only the processor can understand him like I do, while Esther and General Zod can only guess.


“Are you ready for this, or should we wait a little bit?” Kira asked next to me.


“No,” I said emphatically. I can’t wait any longer. I know that tonight will settle everything. I can’t wait to see Ryan and his b***h, then slice their throats. After that, Reed can proceed with whatever he wants to do with the corpse. After the meeting where we made our plan, the processor sent us out to the field where he had us trained. She leads the team in the training, while General Zod and Esther stay as her assistants. It was malignant training for the seven of us. The processor and her assistant aren’t taking it easy on us, especially me. We spent all day in the hard sun, sharpening our skills, learning different magic, and how to counter our enemy’s attack. The processor also told me everything about necromancers, their power, and how to counter their attack.


Even though our plan was simple, it was dangerous and risky. After a long debate, I finally suggested that we go for modern weapons. Ryan and his team will be so concentrated on sorcery that they won’t expect us to use any projectiles. 


I glanced at Manuel, Favour, and Michael, each of them holding a flamethrower gun. In front of them stood a big white snow eagle that could carry three people at once. Nasar will ride with Esther and her team, while Kira and her teammates will keep an eye out. Their part is to distract the Nazgul and their skeletons. The processor had poured some liquid substance on their weapon, and she assured them that it would kill both Nazgul and its rider. All they had to do was to avoid getting hit by their arrow. She explained that we would make them fight in our element by flying high in the sky, so they wouldn’t be able to use their earth power.


The processor will go to my mom to distract her from performing any of her necromancer’s black magic. Remember, I told you that a necromancer doesn’t need to see his or her victims before killing them. All thanks to General Zod and Esther. They protected this cave with magic, so the duo couldn’t see us, much less perform any of their magic.


General Zod, on the other hand, will act as me so he can confuse Ryan until I reach the prancing hall. At first, I was baffled as to how General Zod would be able to take my form in order to swindle Ryan. However, the processor said she would handle that. She said Ryan would think I was the one, and he would come for him, not knowing that it was a work of magic. All General Zod has to do is just make sure to take the clothes I wore before escaping from Ryan’s realm with him. Even though it will cost her a lot of magic and it will make her tired, or nastier, kill her. Nonetheless, she is ready to take the risk. 


It would have been better if there was another portal or any transportation that could take us to Gondor, but Ryan made sure to destroy everything. The only portal left is in the prancing hall, and that is my primary objective. I must get to the portal before Ryan notices our gimmick. Once I enter the portal, he will notice and come after me. That will give my team a chance to defeat Balrog and her child because their source of power is now in another realm, and that would weaken her. After they had killed her, the processor would have the chance to create another portal, then come and meet me in Gondor, and that is where we would end everything.


I let out a painful scream as I felt something biting me on the strait. Without being told, I knew it was Reed. I reached out with my left hand, intending to grab him by the neck, but he quickly jumped down. Before I could comprehend what was going on, he sank his sharp razor teeth into my leg, making me yell again, as his teeth sank into my flesh, and drew blood in the process. I yanked him away, using my leg to hurl him in the air. However, the processor was quick to catch him, and I could feel the angry stare in their eyes while my team erupted into laughter.


“I should have gone for your ear,” Reed chittered, and I could feel the disappointment in his voice. “Thanks to your star, it escaped my mind.”


“Why would you do that?” I cracked, and I can feel my leg healing again.


“I told him to gnaw you,” the processor came to his defense. “I have been calling you for the tenth time, but you weren’t listening. I even thought that you were performing a celestial projection.” She said, and I could see the sly smile that was forming at the corner of her lips, which revealed her dimples.


“I’m sorry,” I said flatly.


“Keep your apology to yourself,” Reed answered, his tail wiggling against the processor’s neck. “May your distraction not lead to our downfall.” He chittered, with sarcasm in his tone.


“Quit the joke,” the processor said, her voice now coming out harshly, while her countenance also changed to a serious one. Every one of us was straightened out, ready to listen to her new order. The clouds have now darkened more, and all the sky’s bodies have now shown their glory. We all know this is a battle of no retrieval, and it will determine the fate of the world. I can remember all the sights of the Mediterranean Sea, the desert sand, and the burnt bodies. All the Sicily islands, Malta, and the Palermo sea that joined the Mediterranean sea were dry. Even from afar, I can see the Balrog in her destruction form. She wreaks havoc, destroying everything on her path as she makes her way to the Constantine desert, while her offspring are running after her, killing whatever is left that their mother flunked to see.


Even though I couldn’t get a perfect view of her, the little I caught was enough to let me know that she wasn’t just any monster. She was indeed an ancient demon with two large horns on her forehead, which were blazing with fire, like Johnny from the Ghost Rider. She was taller than Sandra Elaine Allen by 9 inches, or let’s just say twice the size of Sandra. Balrog has wreaked more havoc than I could have imagined in just a few hours. If she was given another twenty-four hours, then she was surely going to obliterate everyone from existence.


“As we all know, the world is now depending on us.” The processor’s voice brought me back to reality. “There was a skinny chance that we would meet the priest and his army. Nonetheless, we mustn’t let our guide down. “


“What if the priest shows up as soon as I enter Gondor?” I asked. The last thing I expected now was to encounter the priest or any of his army. I plan to go to Gidmorah as soon as I set foot in Gordon. I wanted my father to be free before Ryan and his army could catch up with me.


“I am not sure,” the processor said. “However, we will be there as soon as possible.”


“How will you know if I have made it to Gondor?” I asked again.


“Leave that to me,” she replied. “I will get the signal here, Just make sure you made it to Gondor, and don’t let vengeance cloud your sense of thinking.”She was illuminated.


“He has an uneducated head; he won’t listen.” Reed chittered in the processor’s ear, and she giggled softly. “Don’t worry, I will be there to protect him.”


I rolled my eyes at him, wondering if a squirrel cat that couldn’t protect his life would save mine. “We are ready,” I finally said, after noticing that none of us had any questions to ask.


“Are you all set?” The processor said again, and everybody nodded their heads in approval, their eyes still holding determination. “As soon as we fly out there, those things will come after us. Don’t give them the chance to install fear in your heart; fry them with the flamethrower, fry the Nazgul head and avoid their bite; avoid all their attacks; focus on your enemy. Lastly, watch each other’s backs and don’t die on me. Don’t allow fear to find its way into your heart. Fight like a warrior, for your people, for your country, and for everything he has taken from you. Fight for your future, for the innocent life that was taken, and for future generations.” The processor yelled, and everyone hollered out in unison. Slowly, a smile crept into her lips, which made me wonder how she was able to switch her mode so easily. She could be jovial now, and the next second, she could become fierce.


“Let go and kick their a$$, warrior of the earth.” The processor said


“Together, we are one,” I shouted.


My team answered, “And we won’t give up.”


“Until death,” I said, and thunder fluttered in the sky. It was as if the universe was listening to our conversation. Lightning flashes across the whole sky, and the sky turns black. Finally, the sky released its tears by letting the rain out. I smiled in satisfaction as the water touched my body. 


“Won’t you call out your bird?” I heard Reed chitter in my ear. He was now standing on my shoulder, which made me wonder how he always climbed without my permission or made me conscious.


I imagined the bird in my mind, and it appeared right in front of me. Its silver feathers shimmer brightly in the night. The processor had taught me how to harness my power without shouting it out. All I need to do is just wish for them in my mind, and they will appear. She further told me that my power is fed by will, which means the stronger my faith and will, the stronger any weapons I summon will be.


Looking around me, I could see that everyone was now sitting on the white eagle, each of them with their partner. Kira and Esther, Manuel and Nasarl, Vee with Favour, while Michael is with General Zod. The processor is going alone, as she will be the one to use the dark magic that will distract Ryan and also prevent my mom from using her necromancer’s power at the same time. I know she is taking a huge risk while our success and failure are now resting on her shoulders. My only prayer now is that she doesn’t run out of strength or get smashed by an unexpected attack. All of them are now sitting on the white eagle, waiting for the processor’s order to take off. Reluctantly, I climb onto my soul bird, and Reed quickly jumps on its neck, his paw holding tightly onto the animal air.


“Together,” the processor said.



“We are unstoppable,” we replied in unison, then took off into the air. The rain becomes heavy and nearly blinds us. However, we didn’t let that divert our attention. A few minutes later, we heard another loud screeching sound, which belonged to the Nazgul. Just like the processor had said earlier, they are now coming after us. I let out a soft smile, then conjured a silver dynamo in my hand. 


“It’s time to blast some skeletons,” Red said in my ear, his tail wiggling in delight, and I nodded in agreement.


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