Until Death

Until death – chapter 22

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Until death, chapter 22

Theme: The Jungle Fury

“How dare you insult the priest like that?” One of the priest’s couriers was in turmoil, and I could see his eyes turning black. “Whether you like it or not, we are going with the boy and you can’t stop us.”

“Did you think that the raven raiders, Nazgul, and other demons wouldn’t come for their master’s soul?” One of the ugly head monsters said “The soul nectar will keep drawing all the evil entities towards him, and he won’t even survive a fight with them.”

I told him to “keep your story for the gods.” He is an ugly demon with two heads. He was standing beside the one with four hands, a big head, long sharptails, and big bulging muscles. He also has different scars running across his face; his teeth were so rotten that maggots were walking all around his body. His teeth were so brown, and I could guess it was because of the blood that was dripping from them. He was wearing a black glistening bumper, a breastplate, and a saber in his two hands, while the other two hands were used for describing. Without anybody telling me, I knew he was their leader.

Standing in front of us are more than dozens of monsters, which I suspect to be the priest messengers. They looked more like monsters than humans, some with two heads, long and short hands, rotten-smelling teeth, which were dripping blood like their master’s own. They were clad in black armor, each person holding a sword or pike in their hand. Some had half of their heads scorched, some with scars all over their bodies, while some had one eye like a cyclops.

“I know your priest is one of the nine beings whose hearts were consumed by the dark ring which was forged by the dark lord Sensoi,” Anna said, and I could see the anger in her eyes. “I knew it was because of the doorlike portal, which is also my way back to the human realms that those stupid monsters had drawn us away from.

“You stink, buddy,” I said as I locked my gaze on the leader. “Better go and get a good shower. And those maggots on your teeth, they don’t fit you at all.” I said with a small chuckle.

“You will repeat that when you meet the priest,” he answered back.

“Priest my foot,” I yelled. “Okay, guys, let’s do it like this: Why don’t you tell me where to find the rest of the raven riders? Perhaps we might let you leave here alive.” I decided to tease them.
Surprisingly, the leader bowed his head as if he was thinking about my offer.

After a few minutes, he finally raised his head again and said, “What is your assurance that you can beat us?”

“Because I am the processor,” Anna chirps in. “Besides, he is the last of the smiths, and I am sure you know the damage they can cause, especially with the nectar in their possession.” She explained.

Slowly, the leader and his team erupt into a loud laugh, their deep guttural voices booming throughout the forest. “You are placing yourself too high,” a half-man beside the leader said. ”

“I guess it isn’t a bad idea if we tell them the truth before we offer their bodies to the priest.” In addition to the leader, another monster was proposed.

“You are right, pals,” the leader said, followed by another laugh that made me cover my eyes as maggots of different sizes splintered out of his mouth.
“Well, our priest is the last of the men that had their hearts consumed by the dark ring, which was forged by the dark lord sensoi himself.” The man began, followed by a dangerous laugh, which again annoyed me.

However, I kept my cool, waiting for what the man was going to say. I know he was probably saying all this because he didn’t know that the processor was the one that slaughtered five of the raven riders or Nazgul. Besides, that also explains what she was trying to tell me earlier. She said that five were slaughtered by her, three were nowhere to be found, and the priest was the last one.

“As you all know, they went in different ways,” the leader continued, his ugly, inhuman voice breaking me out of my thoughts. “My duke, the priest, grew more powerful, sought some of the men, slaughtered two of them, while the rest flew away.”

“How could the priest wield two different rings that don’t belong to him?” Anna asked in confusion.

“Because he is feeding on the human body and blood,” the leader clarified.” We are still searching for the rest, but everything changed when he discovered that you are now in the reaper’s realm. Since then, we have been looking for a way to snatch you until the processor arrives. ”

“That means you have been trailing me for a long period of time,” I said, amazed.

“Yes,” the leader said in an affidavit. We have searched for Geae, Middle Earth, and Gordon, but you were nowhere to be found. We couldn’t even smell your scent. Except for a young boy, we suspect, but he is no longer alive. ”

I wanted to ask him who the young boy was and ask a different question about the priest. I want to follow one of my mom’s speeches which says, “Know your enemy very well; only then can you defeat them.” However, I didn’t want this being to presume anything. Besides, I am anxious to get home. I want to return to my body and make Ryan pay for all the pain he has caused me. I want to master my power, then come back to the so-called reaper’s realm and make General Zod and all his team pay for all the sufferings they have caused me.

Not only that, I was anxious to use my power and everything I could do. I have loved and cherished everything supernatural ever since I watched the movie “Wonder Woman.” I had been hoping I had one percent of her power, just super speed, or the ability to fly, but it was hopeless. Most of the time, I even follow different channels on YouTube that deal with telekinesis, or any kinesis and psychic powers. I went deeper to the extent that I started performing hydrokinetics. However, I had to stop when my mom caught me one day and told me I was just hallucinating. Since that day, I’ve had no choice but to stop. Nonetheless, I am damn happy now. I was eager to know the kind of power the soul nectar would grant me. I want to know my abilities and everything I can do.

“Touch him, and I won’t hesitate to cut off your head.” The loud warning voice of the processor jolted me out of my thoughts, followed by a loud, painful shriek. Using my eyes to examine my surroundings, that is when I discovered that the processor had cut off the hand of a monster that was standing at the leader’s right hand.

“Move an inch, and I will slaughter you all, just like I did to the Nazgul and those black riders.” The processor said again, her voice now becoming harder.

“It’s impossible!” The leader said in disbelief, followed by a loud gasp that came from his men. “How can you, an ordinary female, kill the army of the dark lord Sensoi?”

“As I said earlier, I am the processor, the last follower of Smith.” Anna’s clarified.

“Soldiers charged at them. Kill her and I want the boy tied into a body bag.” The leader yells orders to his men.

Not waiting for the processor to act, I imagined the soul sword in my mind, and surprisingly, it appeared in my hand. “Not when I send your head to the priest himself,” I said with courage. Letting out a great battle cry, I rushed to the messenger, my sword raised high, and I could feel that it was blazing with fire. With a great battle cry, I whack the head of a soldier. I stepped aside to evade a blow, then cut the soldier down. I parried a blow as it descended on my head, then slashed at the soldier. My blows were so strong, vicious, and fierce that I could feel blood splashing on my face as my sword came into contact with their bodies, cutting them into two.

Besides me, I saw the processor thrusting a gagged rock into the hearts of two soldiers who were trying to attack me from behind. I wheeled back in the same motion, then cut their heads with my sword. A loud yelling caught my attention. I spun back and saw three soldiers running towards me. “Soul killer Smith!” I yell involuntarily. I don’t know how it happened, but the name just crossed my mind, and I suspected that it was the work of the soul nectar. Something like a luminary appears out of nowhere and covers the three soldiers at once. Not only that, I watched as the star-looking things, which were as white as snow, began to burn the soldier’s flesh.

The processor’s voice said, “Behind you.” I spun back, then bent low to avoid a saber as the leader of the soldiers slashed at me. I had yet to recover when he backhanded me with his other hand. I felt my tongue taste blood as the blow hit me. He didn’t let me rest when he grabbed me closer with two extra hands, squeezed me like a cloth, then head-butted me. I felt my eyes getting blurry, my head banging in discomfort, and It was as if a sledgehammer was used to hit my head.

Nonetheless, the idiot didn’t let me down. He grabbed me by the neck, squeezed it, and slammed me on the ground twice. I felt a great amount of pain surge through my body as they hit one of the oak trees. Still, in my dazed state, I saw him running towards me, his saber raised over his head and ready to bring it down on my head in an attempt to finish me off. A rock grew out of the ground and blocked his path a few meters from where he was attempting to reach me. Without being told, I knew it was the work of the processor.

Gathering the last strength left in me, I dragged my body up and dashed towards him. “Soul collector!” I screamed. Then I watched in amazement as my body glowed silver, the soul sword turned silver, and with one swift slash, I chopped down the leader’s head, and blood split on my face and mouth all together.

Anna’s compliment: “You are truly a Smith.” She strolled towards me, then placed her left hand on my shoulder. “You will make Smith proud because you are a fast learner.” She said it again, and I blushed at her sight. My heart swelled in joy as a melodious voice rang in my ear. Unlike my foster mother, she always compliments me with antiseptics, abusive words, and other things.

Nonetheless, I can’t blame her. Then I was a lazy being, a coward, and I was not ready to learn anything. If not for her hard military training, there is no way I would still be breathing by now. I am sure that I wouldn’t make it this far. Starting from the tar-pit, and all the fights on the arena ground.

“Are you even listening to me?” The processor screamed at me.

I say quickly, “I am sorry.”

She sighs deeply, then withdraws her hand from my shoulder. “We have to leave now,” she said sharply. “I can smell danger.”
With that, she yanked me up with one hand, then she conjured a golden ball in the form of an ice cube. In a swift moment, she jumped on it, and the ball sped away.

“Why is your power a golden one, unlike mine?” I asked behind her. My voice came out loud due to the air that was rushing past our faces.
“Mine is silver, but my best color is red.”

“That is because y..” she paused mid-sentence and faced me. “What did you just say?” She asked again as if she hadn’t heard what I just said.

I said, “Why is my power a silver one instead of a golden one like you?” I yelled again, and made sure that my mouth was placed in her ear so she could hear me clearly.

“That is impossible,” she uttered in disbelief. “You are the last of the Smiths, and your power is supposed to be a rainbow or golden like mine.” She explained.

“So, what does that mean?” I asked in curiosity.

“It could only mean that there is still one Smith alive, or trapped in an unknown place.” She elaborated “But that is impossible, I mean..” she was saying when an ice spike whooshed past our heads. Before we could look back, a gagged rock was directed at us again, and Anna narrowly escaped it. Taking a glance back, my jaw dropped at the sight behind us. Without the processor explaining it to me, I knew we were in for a hot chase, just like a temple run. The only difference is that we are inside an unknown jungle, which automatically makes it a Jungle Fury.


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