Until death-chapter 29

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Until death-chapter 29


Theme: The Chase


Instead of loitering for them to charge at me, I attacked them rather. I whack at Ryan, and he deflects it with a sword that mysteriously appeared in his hand. He whacked at me, his sword aiming for my throat, and I quickly bent low. The b***h, my foster mom, slashed at me from behind with a short knife, and I quickly stepped aside. I retaliated by directing a kick to her abdomen, then using her body to perform wall flips. It’s just that I used her body instead. My leg hit her on the jaw, and the effect made her stumble backward.


I swashed aside to circumvent another attack from Ryan. Wheeling back, I faced him, my eyes blazing with fury. He swung at me, his blow growing fiercer with each second. All thanks to the nectar, I was able to deflect all the blows expertly. I whacked at him with my silver sword, and he quickly parried the blow with his blade. He grabbed my ankles, then hit me twice in the throat, and finally kicked me in the chest. His blow was so heavy that it sent me towards the arena ridge. Jumping on my feet, I dived at him. I was spinning in mid-air with the hope of confusing him. Thank goodness, he was confused and I managed to slice him in the ribcage.


I tried to attack him again, but I suddenly felt a force choking me. Instantly, I knew my mom was performing some of her necromancing magic. Forcing myself to face her, I wish for a boulder to attack. As soon as I visualized it, a rock thrived out of the ground and hit her from behind, which diverted her attention from the spells she was casting. I had yet to recover when Ryan hit me with the hilt of his sword on the cheek, and blood gushed out in the process. He directed another punch at me, and I stopped him mid-punch. Still, in motion, he sliced at me with his sword, and I barely dared duck to avoid being cut.


Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw my mom swinging for me, his short knife aiming for my neck. I did a backflip to avoid the attack. As soon as my leg touched the sandy floor, I directed my sword at the duo. “Soul sucker,” I screamed, and some whitish thing shot out of the sword and was aimed for them. I yelled again, “the ninth power of the Smith,” and I started levitating in the air. “The great Smith, in their killer mode, let their blood flow on the floor. Allow the soul nectar to consume their souls. ” With that, I crossed my hand in an X sign. The whirlwind that is circling us swoops down on the two beings. Thunder clapped harder in the sky, and the whitish things multiplied.


I watched in satisfaction as the duo started yelling in pain. The whirlwind is now spinning them badly, and I can see it starting to consume their souls. The agony screams grew louder with each passing moment, and for the first time in a long time, I felt at peace. However, my moment of joy was cut short when I saw the whirlwind start disappearing. Not only that, the whitish substance has disappeared from their bodies as well. 


Standing in front of me is no longer Ryan and my mom, but a monster. Finally, they have conveyed their true colors. Their bodies have now scorched beyond recognition, with flames emitting from their bodies. The pair had a long blotch across their faces, long canine-like vampires, sharp claws, a long tail with a sharp end, and red eyes that glowed brighter with each passing moment. A loud shriek escaped from their mouths, and the Nazgul that was flying in the sky came diving down. It now occurs to me that Ryan’s and his wife called for them, and they didn’t waste any seconds as they heeded their master’s call. 


The Nazgul, an animal with black skin and light blue hierarchies. When I arrived, I only caught a glimpse of them flying in the sky. However, I am able to see them now. Their necks are lengthier than a giraffe’s own. They had dozens of sharp teeth, and they were the same height as dinosaurs. They share the same features as dinosaurs, just that they had sharp talons in their pointers, and they had wings that were used for flying.


Suddenly, a bright light illuminated the sky, which prompted all of us to shut our eyes for a moment. After a while, our eyes adjusted to the light, and I could see that the sun was about to rise.

However, there is something strange in the sky. Instead of the normal sun, It was a deep red sun, rising from the east and making its way to the west. Even though I am not a science student, I have read about the sun. It was said that the Sun would have to emit only green light for our eyes to perceive it as green. This means the actual color of the sun is white. This is because the Earth’s atmosphere scatters blue light more efficiently than red light. This slight deficit in blue light means the eye perceives the color of the sun as yellow.



However, this is unusual. According to what I read in my supernatural history book, a giant red sun means blood has been split tonight. Instead of the day gradually breaking, it suddenly brightened, and that made me suspect that something was wrong. The cracking sound of Ryan and his b***h cut through my thoughts, and that made me presume that they knew something about what was going on. I felt a strange force choking me again, and I knew it was from my mom. I was so lost in staring at the sun that I let my guards down and I don’t know when she cast her stupid spell. 


Before I could blink, Ryan appeared in front of me, snatched me by the neck, slammed my back on the sandy cliff, then elbowed me twice. “I warned you, didn’t I?” He said, and I could feel the venom in his voice. “I told you Gaea was going to be mine whether you liked it or not.”He repeated.


“What have you done?” I managed to ask.


“Nothing much,” my mom answered. She was now sashaying her hips towards us. “We just erase half of those puny beings, punish them for their ignorance, and raise Barlog.”


“Why would you do that?” I asked in fear as reality dawned on me. In my supernatural book, Barlog is an ancient demon of hell. Even though I didn’t see her picture, I knew very well the destruction it could cause. Not only that, she always produces approximately twenty offspring every hour, which means the earth is in hell. Finally, I can guess Ryan’s main aim. His plan was simple but hazardous at the same time. “You will ruin the earth with your f****ng greediness and selfishness.” I snapped at them.


“I warned you earlier, kids, didn’t I?” Ryan said, and his lips curled into a deadly smile. “Kindly trade the nectar for their life.” He proposed, and I shook my head in disapproval.


I can’t handle the nectar for him. I knew that he couldn’t be trusted. He is a deceiver, and he was trying to trick me. Especially now that I can guess his plan. He wants to punish earthlings because of what his father did to his mom. He wanted to erase humans from existence, so he created his army. To him, humans are weak. After creating the army, he would then go to Gondor, and then the middle-realm. If I can find anything to distract them, I will find my way out of these places and search for the processor straight. I know my team is already in safe hands, so I don’t have much to worry about.


“Hey, you over here.” I heard a voice say something behind us while Ryan and the b***h directed their gaze to the new voice. I didn’t bother checking who it was. I knew this was my only chance, and I mustn’t lose it. “Aren’t you happy to meet me?” The voice said it again. If it was a female voice, I would have checked whether it was the processor. However, it was a male voice, so I didn’t even bother myself.


“Strength from the soul nectar,” I said, and I felt my strength returning. Taking a deep breath, I imagined a rock shooting out of the ground and knocking Ryan and the b***h away. Just like I thought, it happened and the duo went flying twenty meters back. Using the opportunity, I formed the circled ice and rock ball, jumped on it, and sped out of the arena ground.


I heard the new voice say, “You are mine,” and I took a glance back. However, the Nazgul swooped after me, which obstructed my view. Not bothering myself again, I whooshed out of the place while the Nazgul followed behind me. Their loud roaring was like that of a dragon, and I knew that trying to fight them would only mean suicide. So, I was occupied with one thought: to escape from this hole alive.


Even though I didn’t have the chance to explore all the corridors in the arena ground, I can still find my way out. I whooshed inside a tunnel, and it was like walking in an enigma. The bad odor that was emitting from the tunnel made me feel squeamish, but I knew better than to stop. I can hear the vicious screeching of the Nazgul, their hoofs echoing on top of the tunnel roof in an attempt to up-root, or rather, collapse it. 


I doubled my speed and I noticed a movement behind me. Taking a glance back, I can see a skeleton emerging from the ground. Thankfully, the reflection of the sun was illuminating the tunnel, so I was able to see them and plan my move. Instead of a normal human skeleton, this one has red eyes, a rapier instead of a bone hand, and equine soles. One of them looks in my direction, then he controls a huge boulder towards me. I quickly turn to another path in the tunnel, and the boulder narrowly misses me.


I doubled my speed again, the air whistling past my face, and I barely had the chance to avoid the obstacles and trunks that were placed on the way. However, I can still hear the approaching footsteps of the skeleton. It was like they were moving twice my speed. The same goes for the Nazgul. It was like they were following my scent. I took another turn, and I was met with an awful sight. In front of me was the exit, and I could see the desert sand about hundreds of yards away. Blocking the exit are hundreds of skeletons, each one performing a somatic drawing with their hand, their lips muttering the spells needed for the somatic drawing to work. I am sure those hints mean that mom is watching and controlling them, or that it stands for the element. On the desert sandy floor stood an Atty of Nazgul birds, gritting their teeth angrily and waiting for me to come out so they could devour me.


Knowing that this is a lost battle, I changed my direction. I know that this tunnel is more like a puzzle, and there must surely be another way out. I took my right turn, but I was met with another army of skeletons. Not wanting to confront them, I changed my direction to the left. I have always suspected since I was young that my right doesn’t favor me. My left is always better. So, I started following all the left turns. 


Two skeletons appeared out of the corridor and stretched their hands at me. I slid down, and a boulder whooshed past my face. Regaining my feet, I lunged at them, grabbed the first one on the neck, and burned it to ashes. The second one twisted his hand, his teeth clenched as if muttering some spells. The tunnel started shaking, and I knew he was trying to trap me here. I imagined my soul sword in my hand, then whacked his head down. 


I heard a loud roaring behind me, and I quickly continued my run. I have been playing Temple Run all my life, and it was my favorite game. However, I never imagined in my life that I would perform one. The guy in the temple run was escaping from a bird and a tiger. However, I am escaping from an army of bone skeletons and Nazgul. I took another left turn and did a walking wall as a boulder thrived out of the ground. The floor started shaking, followed by the wall splitting and the ground dividing. That makes me compliment those skeletons. They were good at earth control.


Seeing that I might get trapped in this tunnel, or worse, I might fall into the open ground and find myself plummeting into nothingness. I stopped the ice and rock balls from moving, then decided to face them. I can reckon that they have been attacking with earth only, which means they can’t control other elements. However, I can use the air and fire components to counter their attack.



“I despise it when people disturb the peace of my environment,” I heard a male voice say behind me. “What could be better than having Smith and Sensoi’s army for dinner?” The Strange voice said again. Spinning back with the soul sword in my hand. I had expected to see Ryan or the strange man. I mean the man that I didn’t see his face earlier, but I was met with something else.




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