Until death-chapter 31

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Until death-chapter 31



Theme: The Road Warriors


[Notice;- Unedited]


Taking different corridors in the tunnel, I was sauntering after the squirrel cat, who I have now named after my foster father. I intentionally do it so as to honor his name. We have been running for what seems like an eternity, taking different twisted turns. Thanks to the giant red sun, I am sure that I would have lost sight of Reed. He didn’t even pause to check on me, despite how I was breathing heavily.



“Faster, lazy boy.” He snapped at me, which prompted me to increase my pace. Behind us, I can hear the voices of Ryan and my foster mom shouting orders to their army, warning them that I mustn’t escape. If it was under normal conditions, I would have conjured my skate ball and whooshed out of the tunnel. However, doing that will not only endanger my life; I will also be lost here forever, and I am sure Reed won’t stop checking on me.



“How many corridors are left?” I asked in frustration as we took another turn.



“Just a little bit further,” he replied, not wanting to spare me a glance.



Taking a deep breath, I increase my pace once again, then follow him as he takes another turn. After what seemed like forever, we reached a long passage in the tunnel. There was a ladder, which I presume led outside, and there was a large object blocking our exit.



“What are you waiting for?” Reed said, jolting me out of my thoughts. Instantly, I knew what he meant. Not wasting another second, I dashed towards the ladder and started climbing while the squirrel cat was following my tail. Reaching the top, I pushed the object, which looked like a boulder, that was blocking the exit. However, it won’t bulge. 



“Push harder,” Reed yelled at me. “I thought you were a Smith. Can’t you use any of your magic things?”



I wanted to smash his head. I grabbed him by the neck and smashed it against the door. Nonetheless, I bit my lower lip, trying my best to suppress the anger that was building in my stomach. I folded my fist, hoping for a rock to cover my hand so it could become a boulder, while my other hand was drawing the somatic pattern. Reed let out a chattering sound, but I suspected something else in his voice this time. It was like he was in awe. That is when I saw that the earth was now rising from the ground. My left hand became heavy, and I could feel the weight pulling me down.



Letting out a great guttural cry, I hit the huge boulder that was blocking our exit, and it flew away. The tunnel shakes due to the impact of the blow, followed by loud footsteps. Without being told, I knew the sound had attracted attention. I grabbed Reed, yanked him closer to myself, and leaped out of the tunnel. 



For the first time in four years, the cool, gentle morning breeze blew my long silver hair back. I survey my surroundings and everywhere is full of desert sand. The sight in front of me made me shed tears, and I shook my head in pity. Just like Ryan said earlier, Gaea is ruined. It was like a D-Day battle occurring again. Even from afar, I can see the desert sand burning with fire, with dead bodies littered all around the floor.



If we were still in 1969, I would presume that the Tsar bomb was detonated here with the force of 3,800 Hiroshima explosions, to the Mk-42, the biggest thermonuclear device ever built by the US army technology. According to what I heard from my mom, no, I mean my foster mom, she said the RDS-220 hydrogen bomb, also known as the Tsar bomba, is the biggest and most powerful thermonuclear bomb ever made. She further told me that it was exploded by the Soviet Union on October 30, 1961, over Novaya Zemlya Island in the Russian Arctic Sea.



I can remember her explanation of how the bomb was dropped. It was airdropped by a Tu-95 bomber using a huge fall-retardation parachute. The detonation occurred 4km above ground, producing a yield of 50mt, which is believed to be equivalent to the explosive power from the simultaneous detonation of 3,800 Hiroshima bombs.



She even said that the Tsar bomb contained three stages, unlike normal thermonuclear weapons that exploded in just two. While the addition of the third stage increased the thermonuclear, the bomb’s actual yield of 10MT was reduced by 50% to limit radioactive dust. The only difference is that this isn’t a bomb attack, but an ancient war demon’s hand’s work.



Blood filled the whole desert floor, while some lucky survivors were screaming in pain. The top of the tunnel exit I was standing on gave me a clear view of my surroundings. The whining and anguished cries of the civilians echo throughout my ears. More tears slipped down my face, guilt-filled my heart, and I could feel the sadness in Reed’s heart. 



“Get him,” the yelling voice jolted me out of my reverie. If I had had the strength or backup, I would have climbed down the ladder and fought Ryan. However, the reverse is the case. Accompanying him are thousands of Nazgul and the bone skeletons of the dead. On his right side is my foster mom, her lips moving up and down. I know she was mumbling some spells and was about to perform her dark magic tricks again. “Get him, he mustn’t have escaped.” Ryan’s order to his soldiers



Not wasting another second, I tightened my grip on Reed and wished for the ice fang to appear. Not wasting any seconds, I jump away from the tunnel top, my head going straight down, and Reed clinging close to me. A few inches from my head hitting the sandy floor, the bird appeared. I rolled my body and landed on the bird instead.



The bird flew higher in the blue sky, which gave me a better view of the damage the demon had caused. I am tapping into my newfound ability, which is the power to zoom in on my vision. I was able to see everywhere clearly. The red sun glinted down the earth and glistened on the blood. Everything now resembles a trench field. The trenches were long, narrow ditches dug into the ground where soldiers lived. They were very muddy, uncomfortable, and the toilet overflowed. The only difference is that this isn’t a trench field, but a desert floor. It was as if Hitler himself was planning another D-Day attack, or he was upset because his army woke him up late on D-Day, denying him the opportunity to lead the battle.



More tears slipped down from my eyes, and I quickly withdrew my eyes as the scene became unfavorable. “Where are we going?” Reed asked in my hand, and I could feel the pain in his voice.



That is when I remember that there is no particular location in my mind. Shifting my attention back to the soul ice fang, I gathered the location of my friends in my mind and threw it at him. I don’t need to tell him where to find my finds since he was the one that carried them earlier. All I had to do was just order him to fly in that direction.



Another loud screech from behind broke into my thoughts. Looking back to examine it, I was shocked by the sight in front of me. Hundreds of Nazgul surrounded us, their long necks stretching at every second as if they could drown us at any moment. Sitting on top of them was Ryan. Beside him stood my mom. The couple has now returned to their normal human form. Behind them, occupying the Nazgul’s head, are their army of skeletons.



“Faster,” I yelled at the soul bird, and the creatures also increased their pace. My ear caught a whooshing sound, and I quickly directed the bird to swash aside while an arrow narrowly missed it. Zooming closer to the arrow, it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It was glowing red, had a sharp end, and its tail was blazing with fire. It was even longer than a normal arrow. Instantly, I knew the arrow was forged by dark magic. Without being told, I knew it would not only kill our birds but also cause damage to my skills if I mistakenly got hit by one.



A mirror suddenly appeared in front of us, and we narrowly evaded a volley of arrows that emerged from the mirror. I took a glance back and I could see Ryan and his army getting closer to us with each passing moment. Their speed was overpowering ours, while his army wasn’t relenting either. They continued shooting volley after volley at us. The Nazgul were also opening their mouths, closing them with fury and gritting their teeth at each passing moment. Without being told, I knew we were in for another chase.





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