Until death- chapter 27

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Until death-chapter 27


Themes: Genesis and Revelation


“You want to know how it begins, right?” Ryan screeched at me, and I could see the streaks in his neck rising. He sauntered towards me and shoved me in the mouth with his boot. Not allowing me to take a siesta, he raised me with one hand, my feet dangling in the air, and he punched me in the jaw. Still, he didn’t release me. “You Smith caused everything,” he snarled again, his eyeball protruding out due to the way he was speaking. “None of you should interfere in what doesn’t concern you.” He hit me twice more before tossing me away, and I went flying in the air like a baby toy.


I could feel blood on my tongue. My whole mouth had been bruised due to the way he had tortured me. Each blow felt like he was hitting me with heavy metal. Before I could blink, he appeared in front of me, grabbed me by the neck again, yanked me up, then sped towards the cliff and made my back collide with a boulder, which I guessed he formed from his mind. Blood filled my mouth, and I felt useless for the first time in my life. I could feel all my bones breaking into pieces as he kept dealing a series of punches into my mouth, paunch, and chest.


He said, “You will give me the soul nectar whether you like it or not.” Then he revamped his hand into a huge boulder and used it to hit me in the chest. “All the Smiths are f****ng weak.” He ridiculed me as I spit out blood as the boulder collided with my chest, and I could feel my breath getting heavier.


“Calm down, love,” my mom whispered into his ear while rubbing her hand on his chest and the hand he was using to pin me against the cliff. “It doesn’t work that way,” I heard her saying. “He has to give the soul nectar willingly, or we take it when he is weak and vulnerable, so it could work.” She explained.


“Mom, why?” I asked, my voice barely loud enough for them to hear.


“You’re a fool to believe me,” she yelled in my face, and her words cut me to the core. “You are just too blind, you can’t even decipher enemies from friends.” She taunted me, and I felt my heart aching deeply. Her words hurt me badly, more than all the beatings I was receiving from Ryan, or should I call him Pastor Sam?


I heard a scream from behind, and I managed to direct my gaze towards the direction. My team was now charging for Ryan and my mom from behind, their eyes so red like a furnace flame, and I could feel the wrath burning in their veins. Slowly, Ryan released his grip on my neck and headed for my team. However, my mom halted him, and she took charge of my team instead. I shake my head in pity for my team, knowing fully well that they didn’t have a chance against her. Even without using any of her dark powers, she was a brutal being, especially when it came to fighting. She has a quick reflex, incredible aptitudes, and she has different skills. 


Even if they managed to outsmart her with their teamwork, they still can’t beat a necromancer. I have heard and read about necromancers. They had dark power and could kill without leaving any trace. An example is a white substance she blew at us earlier. Not only that, a necromancer can make you burn alive with just a spell. They can make maggots emerge in your body and make different insects you haven’t seen before eating your liver, kidney, intestines, and all your organs from the inside without you knowing. They have unlimited power to the extent that they can poison your blood, food, or anything that belongs to you without touching it. All they need is just a maximum concentration to form the somatic vestige, and everything is done.


Manuel was the first to attack her; he did a dual flip and kicked her in the neck with his leg. However, my mom stood unfazed. It was like nothing hit her. Manuel retreated, then attacked her again with a punch. However, she grabbed his fist, twisted it, and slammed his head on her knee. Before she could finish him, Vee stepped in. He did weathercock dexterities and aimed for her neck. Just like I said earlier, my mom is a psychopath, especially when it comes to fighting. She dived back a little, then did a dual leg twirl. Her leg collided with Vee’s abdomen, and he landed on the ground with a loud thud, followed by the blood that split out of his mouth.



“Two down, four to go.” I heard Ryan’s mocking voice beside me. At that moment, I wished I could just grab his neck and squeeze the life out of him. He seemed to notice me, and he let out a small chuckle. “Don’t worry,” he said, the deadly smirk still plastered on his face. “She won’t kill them, at least not now. Moreover, you might want to give me the nectar in exchange for their life. ” 


I heard a painful moan as I quickly returned my gaze to the fight. Favour and Michael are now lying on the sandy floor, squirming in pain with blood oozing out of their mouths. Without anybody telling me, I knew she had broken some of their bones. That is what my mom likes and those are the same things she taught me. Make your enemy beg for compassion. Break all their bones, make them crawl in front of you, asking for your forgiveness, and show them hell on earth before you kill them,’ she always told me.


Nasar and Kira attacked at the same time, but she slid on the sandy floor to escape an attack from Nasar. Placing her palm on the floor, she used it to propel her body upward by doing a double backflip. Still mid-air, she aimed for Kira, but the latter was quickly squashed out of the way. Nasar attacked her from behind; now he was holding a sword in his hand. Not any sword, my soul sword. She swung it at her and the blade sliced her on the arm. I guess she doesn’t expect any weapons from him. Still trying to recover from the impact of the weapon slashed, Kira kicked her from behind, and the weight of her attack sent her sprawling on the floor.


“Seems like they are perfect,” Ryan said beside me. However, I ignored him. “Does your cat have your tongue?”He asked. Nonetheless, I resisted him and returned my gaze to the ongoing fight. I knew they couldn’t defeat her. I was even wondering how they managed to give her a cut. Besides, a necromancer is immune to any weapons. And I am sure that the sword only affects her because it was forged from the nectar.


Letting out an evil smirk, my mom attacked the duo again. This time she didn’t give them space to breathe. She attacks them all at once, despite the fact that they are trying to trap her in the middle. Nasar swung the sword at her again, slashing at her from all sides. I appreciate him. He was good with words. He swung from both sides, his blows growing heavier at each moment, and I was sure that he was looking for an opening. Nonetheless, I know it was just a waste of time. Kira also joins the fight. She launches a row of blows at my mom, and she averts them effortlessly.


“Now, it is her turn,” Ryan said next to me. Without even telling me, I knew my mom was just quipping with them earlier. She could have finished them both with her necromancer’s power, or used any of her dark powers. Nasar swung at her again, and this time he aimed for her neck. However, my mom stepped aside to avoid the blow, then she retaliated by knocking Nasar on the neck, causing him to spit out blood. She grabbed him closer, then hit him on the head, before she kicked him in the manhood, and Nasar yelled in pain.


Kira lunged at her with the aim of kicking her from behind. However, my mom snatched the sword from Nasar’s hand and stabbed Kira on the left shoulder. After that, she grabbed her by the neck and I could see her mouth moving slowly. Without being told, I knew she was trying to suck her blood, or she was trying to channel any of her dark magic things.


Just like I predicted, small insects like maggots started coming out of Kira’s mouth. Not only with her, but with the rest of my team. The insects are about 7cm long and black. They had hundreds of legs, like a millipede. It starts with ten, then they start to increase in number. I can see my squad jerking on the floor, growling in anguish as those insects continue to crawl out of their mouths and noses altogether.


“Won’t you save them, or are you going to watch those insects feed on all their intestines?” Ryan’s, or should I say, pastor Sam, yelled at me.

Instantly, I knew what they were trying to do. They wanted to weaken my heart with emotion, just like my dad had warned. They want me to make a deal with them by saving my friend’s life in exchange for the nectar. 


I heard mom’s voice, “They have a few seconds left to leave.” I directed my gaze at her as she started moving towards us. She has now dropped Kira beside Nasar, and the sword is still stuck on her shoulder. The insects were still increasing in their numbers, and I could feel the pain my team was going through. “Are you going to watch them die, or will you release the nectar in exchange for their life?” She said it again.


I locked my eyes with her, searching for any hint of passion or remorse, but it was all cavity. I feel my heart breaking into a thousand pieces. The person I grew to love and know as a mother is now opposing me. No wonder my dad always said she married my mom not out of love, but because he didn’t have any choice. Now I was stuck between two hard decisions. Should I release the nectar for them to save my friends, or try to fight my way out?


Once again, I close my eyes and search deep down for my power. However, I didn’t find it. It was like the powder had latched them. Besides, if I managed to fight the two of them and trick them like I always do to all my enemies, what about my friends? A necromancer’s curse can’t be nullified unless the spell caster itself invalidates it. Let us assume I release the soul nectar, which also serves as my own heart that I used to breathe. That means I will be dead.


“Your time is running out,” Pastor Sam whispered in my ear.


Before I give you the nectar, “I managed to say.” My heart was aching badly due to the pain I was going through both physically and emotionally. I can’t just believe that pastor Sam is Ryan’s, the veiled man who is the killer of my parents. The one I also thought to be my adopted mom is a clone. She is Ryan’s wife and a deceiver. I can remember very well how Pastor Sam used to teach us the Bible in church. He was our Sunday school teacher and he was loved by both young and old. He even teaches about evil power, witches, and every other unclean spirit, not knowing that he is one himself. 


“Release my friend, and I will give you the nectar willingly and freely.” I made it through the day after spending so much time alone with my thoughts. Even if I don’t give them, they will still find a way to take it. Besides, there is no way I will fight them in my current situation. My only hope now is that the last Smith and the processor herself should be able to subjugate them and stop them from destroying the world.


“Did you mean it?” Ryan asked in perplexity. I guess he didn’t expect me to release it just like that, especially with the fact that it was my own heart. Unable to respond, I only nodded my head like an agama lizard to indicate that I meant it and I was ready.


“However,” I said once more. I have one wish, and I would be happy if you could tell me.” I begged them. They looked at each other for a few seconds, wondering what I was going to request before they turned to me.


“Okay, go on,” Ryan replied.


“First free, my friend,” I demanded more like a command.


“They are fine, it’s just that they need more time to recover.” My mom retorted.


Taking a deep breath, I said. “At least tell me everything from the beginning.” I requested “You are about to pull out my heart, and you should be able to grant me the favour of telling you everything, I mean, from Genesis. How the reapers came into existence, about dark lord Sensoi, the priest, the nine rings, and everything about the Smith. ” I said without fear. Even if I won’t be able to live long, I should be able to know what I am about to die for.


“Fine, I will grant you that request,” Ryan said. After clearing his throat, he sat down on the sandy floor beside me and began his speech. “In the beginning, two beings created a dark weapon out of dark magic. Gradually, different murky beings started coming after the weapon as it held unlimited power, granted unimaginable skills, and was the source of immortality. Humans, particularly those in Gaea and Middle-Earth, also known as the Middle Realms, are prone to greed and selfishness. Many people from different nations, races, and clans came for the weapon, but they couldn’t beat the two beings that created it. War arose in different realms, all in the name of retrieving the weapon. Many powerful beings were slaughtered, and many realms were destroyed. However, those in the middle-realm started conquering all the foes on their way. With the help of the unlimited power they are welding, they crushed every obstacle in their way. “


“What is the middle realm?” I cut into his speech. Ryan looked down at me as if he was debating whether to tell me or not. After deciding for a while, he said, “The Middle Realms belong to the gods.”


“You mean the Olympian god?” I said to clarify my doubt. I have heard and read stories about the Olympian gods. From what I read, it was said that Zeus was the leader and king of the gods, both titans and Olympian gods. However, the book stated that another being was born, and he was rumored to be carrying all the power of the gods and none of their weaknesses. Don’t think about getting me awry. Remember, I told you that I once fancied supernatural things ever since I watched the movie Wonder Woman. So, I always read different supernatural and horrific books, especially those that belong to the gods or comic books. That is how I learned much about the gods and every other minor deity.


My mom answered instead, “It is not a tale.” She has now joined Ryan on the sandy floor, and the mere sight of her disgusted me. Nonetheless, there was nothing I could do as I was powerless and vulnerable. “The middle realm exists, and it continues to exist.” My mom retorted. “Just that the portal that connected us has been sealed ever since the dark heart monster took over. Since then, nobody has heard anything about the realm.” She illustrated.


I nodded my head to indicate that I understood what she was saying. I know very much about the dark heart monster they are talking about. His name is Beelzebub, and I have heard how he was revived by one of his servants, the same way Ryan is trying to revive the dark lord of Sensoi. Taking a glance at my team, I could see that they have woken up and are trying to recover their vitality. Still, I can see that they are now listening to our conversation. “Continue,” I said to Ryan, trying my best to ignore my mom. Perhaps it might lessen the pain of betrayal I was feeling in my heart.


“Let me skip the middle-realm part,” Ryan said. “The war becomes intensive, especially after the middle-realm is sealed.” To cut a long story short, one of the two beings betrayed his husband by selling the weapon to foreigners for a huge amount of money. However, the husband found out earlier, and then she had her locked up for three months, tortured her like a dog, and raped her every night. The couple’s son, a ten-year-old boy, will always cry whenever he hears that his mother has been beaten and heckled. Gathering all her strength, the woman managed to escape from the man’s grip, unaware that it was a setup. On her way out of the house, the husband yanked her from behind and dragged her to the rooftop, where he raped her in front of the soldiers, and even worse, in front of their ten-year-old son. After he was done treating her badly, he threw her off the rooftop. “



I watched as tiny drops started forming in Ryan’s face, and he was sniffing inwardly to stop his tears. That is how I started putting everything together. The couple that he was talking about is the owners of the prancing hall in Libya. The ten-year-old boy is named Ryan, and that means he is the Dark Lord of Sensoi. Moreover, the foreign beings that want to buy the weapon are the people of Gordon. But how is that possible? Besides, how does that concern the Smiths? What about his father? How was Ryan still alive when they said Dark Lord Sensoi had been killed? How can he be powerless like this? I asked in my mind. I could feel different thoughts running in my mind, and I was only getting more confused. “Please, can you explain it better?” I asked Ryan, followed by a small chuckle that escaped from his mouth.


“You are indeed smarter than I thought,” he complimented. But it doesn’t matter because Gordon, the middle-realm, and Gaea will fall before me. And don’t forget, I am an Omnipresent.”




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