Until Death

Until death – chapter 23

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Until death, chapter 23


Theme: The Jungle Fury Part 2



The processor quickly directed the frost orb to the left, and a glaze rod whooshed past our heads. The great cries of about a hundred men were now coming closer. They were riding a skateboard, which I guess was formed from ice. They had black armor and a hood was covering their faces. 



“Who are they?” I asked the processor


“They are the reaper’s combatants,” she answered, then quickly bent low as another sharp, smothered rock flew past our faces. “It means he has found a way to locate us.” She explained.



“How is that possible?” I asked, surprised. “I thought you said those entities would only scent my smell if I reached the outside world.”



“Since you have started conducting the power of the nectar, they will be able to breathe in the weapons that sealed their master and that could make them locate you.” She clarified. “Not only that, the reaper can perform a magic trick called the sights of the reaper.” She paused for a while, then took in a sharp breath. “Hold tight,” she squealed at me.



Without hesitation, I grabbed her more firmly, and I could feel my hand touching her soft standing breast. If it was under normal circumstances, I would have taken a moment to imagine what those two balls would look like under her cloth, but I was now void of emotion, especially after my tribulation with the reaper. Even though I can see that the processor is older than me, she still had perfect curves. Her hips were showing with the help of the tight martial trousers she was wearing, and her smooth waist was exposed due to the short singlet she was wearing. 



“Will you stop drooling for goodness sake?” She snapped at me, and I could feel the frustration in her voice. “You should be scheming your way out, but you are busy slobbering on me.” She said it again.



“What did you mean by the eyes of the reaper?” I asked instead, trying and praying that my plan would work. I want to stop the conversation of me drooling on her. Besides, I don’t want her to see me as a promiscuous being. “How does the reaper do that?”



“It was a simple, but hard technique,” she explained, and I smiled softly as I noticed that my plan was working. “Don’t think that would stop me from berating you for drooling on me.” She reminded me, and the only thing I could do was nod my head like an agama lizard. “The technique is done by three influential reapers,” she began. “They will send one of their couriers to a high mountain where they are sure that his eyes will be able to see everywhere. It doesn’t matter if the messenger sees the whole realm at once, but his eyes must be able to see long-range. After that, General Zod will tap into the messenger’s eyes, and then the veiled man I fought earlier will connect their souls. “



 I cut into the processor’s speech out of trifle, “that means General Zod will see everything the messenger sees,” I said, cutting into the processor’s speech.



“Yes,” she divulged, “However, it requires a lot of strength. That is why they always use a dark object called “reaper’s eyes.”



“What do the reaper’s eyes look like?” I implored, bewildered. Surely, there is more to this realm than I can even imagine. I wonder what all these objects would look like.



The processor explained that “it was a small object in the form of a circle. It will Improve the messenger’s ability to see all around the realm.”



“That means General Zod will have to rely on everything the messenger sees to the veiled man.” I guess, and the processor nodded her head to show that I was correct.



“Then the veiled man, who is he?” I asked again.



“I don’t know much about him,” the processor said truthfully. However, there are rumors that his real name is R..” The processor was cut short when a loud horn blew behind us, followed by a general Zod voice that said, “Stop them, then they mustn’t return to Gaea.” 



“What doesn’t he mean by Gaea?” I asked the processor. She has now changed her direction into a left turn into the wide jungle. The ice ball we are staying on has also increased its speed, and I can feel my eyes getting blurry and wetter due to the speed at which it is moving.



“Gaea means Earth,” she clarified. “He was telling his soldiers to stop us from reaching the portal.”



“And where did you think you were going?” The deep voice of General Zod said. “He was now standing in front of us while some men were standing behind him, blocking out paths in the process.” Release him now, and I won’t have to kill you.” General Zod warned.



“I guess you haven’t learned your lesson,” I snapped at him. I have now got down from the processor’s back as she had stopped the ball. “I will kill you here on the spot, then send your head back with your men to the veiled man himself,” I said fearlessly.



“Let’s see you try,” General Zod said. “Soldiers seized them.” He ordered his men.



“Are you ready?” I inquired, my gaze now meeting with that of the processor, and she nodded her head. “Then let’s shed some blood.”



Without waiting, I whirled my sword, and I imagined the same ice ball as that of the processor in my mind. Slowly, a silver circle ball emerged from the earth. Not wasting another second, I jump on it, and I can feel that it was made of rock and ice together. “Soul killer Smith!” I screamed, and thunder clasped in the sky. Now I was ready to fight my way out. I am tired of passing through a series of anguish. “The great ice fang of Smith,” I yelled again, and a silver bird appeared out of nowhere.



Behind me, I could hear the processor gasping in shock. “Let’s shed their blood,” I said to the silver bird, and the latter let out a loud, screeching voice that echoed throughout the entire jungle. The bird flew forward, and it started icing some of the soldiers. I followed suit, my body glistening with silver fire. The same goes for the soul sword, and I was awed by it. I can’t believe how much immersive power I was welding with. I squirmed my sword once again and cut down two soldiers at once.



I could feel the processor’s iceball whining behind me and hear soldiers gasping, which leads me to believe she was doing a lot of damage to them. “The ice of death, fire from nature, and Smith’s rock,” I said involuntarily. Then I feel my power lashing out automatically. The sky obscures thunder brawls in the haze, and flame rains down from the atmosphere, which burns more soldiers. “The great smith in the combat tract,” I yelled again as the words crept into my head. I know it was the nectar’s work, and I gladly embraced the power it was granting me.



I leaped high in the air and directed my sword towards the soldiers that were chasing us before we met General Zod in the front. I watched in astonishment as fire shot out of the sword and consumed half of the men. “The ice fang,” I said, and the silver bird appeared underneath me. Still, in mid-air, I swiveled my body and landed on the bird. “Slope low and show them the power of a Smith.” I heard the bird wail to show that he understood what I’m saying.



The bird flew low and started picking the soldiers with its claws. He would pick up five soldiers at once, then fly high and throw them away. Painful shrieks filled the air; the processor and the silver bird were wreaking havoc on the soldiers. I jumped down from the bird and landed on the ball that I had made earlier. “Let’s go,” I yelled at the processor.



Without disclination, she followed me and we dashed away to the deeper part of the jungle. Behind us, I can hear the fast-approaching footsteps of General Zod and his men. Even though we had dealt a lot of damage to them, it was like they came in millions. I knew the veiled man would have told them what the processor could do. That is why they came prepared. However, I was more ready for them than they were for me.



I didn’t know where to locate the strange multi-color door-looking portal, but I was following my instincts, and the processor was following behind me. I don’t bother to worry about the strange silver bird. I have a feeling that it would escape, and I can still summon it whenever its service is needed. I bent low on instinct, and a plasma ball whooshed past my head. I turned back and countered by directing fire at them from my sword. The processor followed my motion and turned back. She raised her palm and a boulder emerged out of the ground while some unlucky soldiers collided with it.



I turn back to the front, quicken the speed of my ice and rock balls, and then vanish into the dense forest. The air is whooshing past my face, and I can hardly see anything as it is appearing blurred. “Bend low,” I heard the processor’s warning voice behind me. Without hesitancy, I bent my head a little, and a plasma ball whooshed past my head. I jumped high, grabbed the branch of a tree, spun my body in mid-air, performed a bar hop jump, and used it to escape from a tree where the plasma ball fell in my way.



After what seems like forever, I can see the shining entrance of the multi-colored portal. However, General Zod was standing at the entrance. He had a long whip in his hand, which was sparkling with the help of the sun. Slowly, I reduced the speed of my ball. The processor moved beside me, and I could hear the loud cries of our pursuer.



“Can you crush him?” The processor asked with concern.



“I can try it,” I replied. I clenched my left fist in anger as the memory of everything I had been through flashed in my head again. I can feel the sword glowing brighter in my right hand with each passing second. My stomach was agitating with the desire to spit out his blood.



“If you feel weak,” the processor said, jolting me out of my thoughts. “Drain the souls of those soldiers with the soul sword and it will boost your strength. However, it wouldn’t last forever.” She explained, and I nodded my head in understanding.



“Now!” I yelled. Letting out a great battle cry, I charge at General Zod. Even though it wasn’t superspeed, it was still faster than ordinary human speed. I raised my sword high and slashed at General Zod with all my might. However, he steps aside and the blow whistles past his face. I changed the sword to my left one and used it to slice his biceps right before he could recover his stance. I heard him wincing in pain as the sword slashed through his flesh, which drew out blood in the process. He retaliated by conjuring a spike out of ice and throwing it at me. I rolled my sword, threw it up, caught it with my second hand, and cut the spike into pieces.



Out of nowhere, I watched as General Zod conjured a fog that covered the whole forest, making it hard for me to see. I knew it was a trick to distract me, but I was determined not to fall for the trick. I heard a clang of swords, and I quickly raised my sword to parry a blow that was aimed at me from behind. Slowly, General Zod appeared out of the haze. His silver armor shone in the fog, and he raised his weapon again, signalling for me to attack too, but I didn’t take a single step. I knew he was trying to make me act in haste so he could take advantage of it. Unknown to him, I had already passed through all those small tricks.



I gripped the hilt of the soul sword tightly and braced myself as General Zod charged at me when he noticed that I wasn’t going to move. General Zod brought his sword down on my head, a blow that was meant to kill me, and I quickly raised the soul sword to block it. Sparks flew out as our swords met, and I could see the looks of shock in General Zod’s eyes as he saw how I countered his attack without shivering.



I brought my sword down further, nearly touching his neck, and I could see the look of discomfort in his eyes. After a little struggle, he spun and then tried to cut me from below. However, I was quick to counter his attack, which caused him to lose his sword in the process. As he did, he lost balance, and I quickly made use of his misstep to smash him with a fireball. 



General Zod let out a great, painful shriek as the fireball touched his exposed body, burning it in the process. “Soul ice chain,” I mumbled, and I watched in awe as an iced chain emerged from the ground and bonded General Zod. With one last effort, I raised my sword and brought it down on his head. However, my sword clanged against metal instead, and the sword threw me off balance.







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