The Dragon's Mate

Chapter one-The dragon’s mate- cont

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Most girls here are arranging themselves well,(excited to be dragon mates) but I know the truth, only a few will be dragon mates and am not one of them.
The door swing’s open and Edith(the only trianner I don’t beat) came to pull me off to the ‘special section’ where ‘goods’ are traded off to the investors who paid for them 3years before. We are supposed to be sold at the age of 18 but my huge bulk makes me look 27.
I arrived as the last person was sold, great am late(not that anything will done to me tho)I don’t like being late, ever.
My new master was a dragon lord(apparently), a royal(to be expected, they have no value for money), tall, huge, wavy blonde hair, shaved chin, grey eyes, huge bulk, ashy wings protruding out of his back and a cocky grin.
My instinct screamed player! The gleam in his eyes flared when he saw me and I said
“I am not human and you’re not mate”
The grin dropped from his face into a frown
“come” he said and left. I laughed and went with him.

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