9 Ways to Know a Survey Plan is Genuine

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A lot of people are getting scammed out of their money because they fail to know if the survey plan is genuine when they want to purchase a land especially in Lagos.

Without a genuine survey plan you can’t claim a property is yours.

Survey plan is done for you by a registered surveyor.

Unregistered surveyor can scam you. That’s why you need to know how to check if a survey plan is genuine.

1) Check the name on the Survey

It should have the name of the property owner on it. That is the first thing you have to check. Is my name written correctly or another person is on it?Otherwise you will have to correct the mistake which cost you more money and time and stress.

2) Registered seal of the Surveyor

The second thing you need to check on the survey plan is the surveyor’s registered seal. Scammers will not have it. Always check if it is there.

3) Proper Address of the property

Scammer surveyors will not put the proper address because they want to scam you. Check and make sure the area and local government where the land is located is correctly written.

4) Survey plan number must be on the survey plan. You can use it to check the ownership of the land.

5) Check the date the survey plan was done. Very important.

6) Check the registers stamp and logo of the surveyor. All registered surveyors have them.

7) Make sure the size of the land is correctly written on the survey plan. Scammer surveyors often write wrong sizes.

8) Check the beacon number.If you have seen some numbers written on 4 blocks at the 4 corners of a land,that is a beacon number.

9) Take the survey to Lagos Surveyor General office to still confirm. The office is located in Obafemi Awolowo way.

Make sure you check all these when you get a survey plan from a surveyor.

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