BUILD A SKILL (A Message To The Youths)

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The last 2 months of my life have been some of the most productive thus far, I have had the opportunity to delve more into certain areas of my passion and make a good profit from it too using online media 🤓.

However, looking back I realise it wasn’t a coincidence and it was an investment!

I got my first pay in Writing in March after 3 years of continuous Content Writing. Before March, I had not just been “writing for fun.” I write with a passion to push and motivate people with words that inspire me!

I had looked for several opportunities to get paid writing but found few, SO I learnt to write as a passion and also to impact others…

The opportunity to get paid for my services came about by a connection orchestrated by God…

As much as it was an expression of Grace, it wasn’t an opportunity that met me UNPREPARED!

Time had been invested in building the skill-set.

Youngicee (Tosin Oyinloye) told me he wrote at least 100,000 words of Creative write-ups before he received his first pay!
That is PROCESS!

Many times, we Youths expect all our dreams to jump on us… We fantasize the millions and the affluence but forget that this is a product of PROCESS.

Another great ill is the common myth that “just have a business and get money.”

I believe that although our Entrepreneurial spirit should always be afire, we should firstly follow the process and BUILD A SKILL!

Every successful person whether in Business, Ministry or Government will tell you – Money is the reward for solving problems.
Think of how you feel after you buy a meal from the restaurant with your last card and it didn’t sink half-way through 😕… If you are like me, you’ll probably be like “I wish I ate elsewhere.”
They didn’t solve your peoblem

Problem-solving skills are grossly needed in our Generation 😏… You will always find yourself in a position “to serve” whether a boss, a job, a customer, a community…

You will be mandated to deliver and can only give what you have within!

So don’t find yourself SKILL-LESS!

Invest in a SKILL!
Build capacity!
Attend workshops!
Meet Mentors!

In this phase it is HIGHLY mandatory that you get relevant digital skills.

Learn on Content Writing, Video Making, Website Building, Graphic Designs, Blogging, Data Science…
These are simple skills that you can readily learn with your smartphone.
You can go further and delve into Coding, AI & Robitics

I went through a webinar on Saturday and one of the speakers spoke on how youths (who are not college graduates) are making as much as $100 in a weekend for jobs they do on Data Science.

He gave the simple key – These young guys spent their time building skills during their school breaks while others were playing and now they are reaping the benefits. (paraphrased)

The key is INVESTMENT…
You will need to put TIME!
You will need to put EFFORT!
You will need to put in MONEY!
You will need to put in PASSION!

However, when all is mixed in your investment concoction, a beautiful fragrance of Impact with Success will be produced… The emphasis is not “just money.” The emphasis is impact and PRODUCTIVITY!
Now more than ever, God’s people need to rise in the productive spectrum.

So guys, it’s time to spend less time on social media, Netflix & other low-value activities and hit the skills.

Here is one, I will admonish you to be a part of – bit.ly/learndigitalskills.
And if you are interested in building skills in other specific areas feel free to send a dm to wa.me/+2347088922032

Feel free to share this with others also. Cheers 😊💕


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