The Bel Sisters – Episode 5

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The Bel Sisters – Episode 5

© Bunmi B Gabriel

#Ama’s POV

Blake and I went on our first date and guess where we went to, a derby horse race, it was super awesome because I love derby races, then we went to a dinner theatre and then to his house where we played video games

I met his little brother, he’s eight and shares the same personality with Bevin, they will make a couple and their children will be devils. He drove me home and parked outside the gate

‘Thanks for the date Blake, it was horrible’ I lied

‘You mean your first date was horrible?’ He asked sarcastically, I smiled and he laughed

‘Stop feeling so smug up because I let you date me’ I said pompously

‘Oh yes your honourable Majesty’ he bowed jokingly ‘Princess Amabel of Loser ville’

‘What’s that suppose to mean?’ I asked with a frown, he smiled and shrugged innocently

‘Did I say anything?’ He asked innocently

‘Are you mocking me because you beat me at every game we played?’ I asked pouting. ‘I told you that I couldn’t play’ I whined

‘True, but you still lost’

‘I hate losing so stop rubbing it on my face’ I said already getting upset, jerk. ‘I demand a rematch’

‘To lose, I’m very good at playing games…’ I tuned out, I love it when he brags, I stared at his lips. ‘Amabel!!!!’


‘Where you just staring at my lips?’

‘No’ I lied

‘You want to kiss me, don’t you?’ He smirked

‘Kiss my ass’ I scoffed, he smiled

‘Really? Can I really kiss your ass?’ He asked childishly, I gasped and slapped his arm ‘you told me to kiss it didn’t you?’ He laughed

‘Stop it Blake’ I said shyly with red cheeks, oh God! He laughed. ‘Say one more word again and I’ll ruin your balls’

‘Going dirty, are you now’ he teased

‘I can stiffen you if I want’ I bragged, he scoffed ‘is that a challenge?’


‘You’ll regret that’ I pouted and he laughed, I leaned closer to his face, he stiffened a little. I pecked his cheek and trailed my lips to his earlobe, I kissed it lightly and he did stiffen

‘See ya later sucker’ I whispered huskily and got out of the car quickly laughing at his dazed expression. ‘Goodnight boyfriend!’ I shouted and ran inside, leaving him to think whatever he wishes

As I expected, Ara and iso had camped in my room waiting for me, I laughed at the questions they bombarded me with

‘Did you guys kiss? Tell us did you?’

‘Can I sit first’ I laughed, they pulled me and sat me on the bed

‘You were at his house, in his room, you guys didn’t do anything?’ Ara asked excitedly

‘Ara! Seriously?!’ Iso exclaimed, I chuckled

‘What? It’s a good question you know, if I should be in the same room with Blake, I won’t let that pass by’

‘You are sick Ara’

‘Stop being so prudish Isobel, one day you’ll still sleep with Lake’

‘Yes but not now, not so soon’ Iso defended, Ara smirked

‘You guys have been dating for like two weeks now, you wanna tell me that you haven’t done anything close to a romance because Lake doesn’t look like someone who wouldn’t take a chance when he sees one’

Iso went crimson, she has, Ara laughed triumphantly

‘Oh my! You have! And you were acting all cool’

‘We didn’t do anything we weren’t suppose to do’ she defended distraughtly

‘He’s your boyfriend Chaney, be proud of that, who cares if he f**ks the life out of you’ Ara said unequivocally, Iso gasped and cupped Ara’s mouth

‘Not so loud Ara, someone can hear you’ she whispered with red face, I laughed at her embarrassment, Ara slapped her hands off

‘All I’m trying to say is that you should educate yourself before you get into trouble, I’ve only been with Drake for three days but I made sure I draw the line, he can only cross when I want him to, you need to learn to get some certain rules firm between you two or you’ll end up with a baby’

Time to escape before she face me again, I stood up quietly and tiptoed to the bathroom, locking the door firmly

‘Hey where did Ama go!’ I heard her shout, a minute later she was hammering on the door. ‘Open this door Amabel, I have to educate you too’

I laughed, I could hear Iso laughing too, then I heard Bevin’s voice

‘People are trying to sleep here, can you not bug me’

‘Wait! Are you talking to me? Now I’ll teach you how to be polite’ Ara said sternly, Bevin screamed

‘Alert! Alert! Ara’s teacher mode on, run for your life!!!!!’ She shouted, soon I heard running and laughing, I took my bath feeling free, I came out of the bathroom and saw her there with crossed arms and legs

‘Now where were we?’ She asked with a mischievous smile, I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my mouth

Ara is such a ridiculous person, she laughed too

‘Just came to wish you goodnight and seize your phone and laptop, no night chatting today, we have tests tomorrow’ she said authoritatively, aw men! I hate it when mom and dad leave her in charge




‘I can’t find the dress, I’m so dead’ Isobel whined for the sixteenth time, Ara remained unperturbed by her whining as she typed on her phone, chewing a gum nosily. ‘I have to get that dress, I need it’ she cried

‘Just wear another one’ Ama said in a monotone drawl slapping her forehead with frustration

‘Ur…no! He got me that dress on my twentieth birthday, I want to wear it to bring back memories’ Iso said irritably

‘Isobel, just wear another one, you don’t need to impress him, he’s your husband for pit sake!’ Vevin snapped exasperatedly, Iso glared at her

‘Pregnant women can be so annoying’ Devin murmured, Ama who was beside him chuckled

Isobel got married to Lake at twenty, just like Ara predicted, she got pregnant and so they got married. Iso has a fashion house and Lake was balancing his acting career with his father’s business

Iso’s first child is Shelly, a adorable, quiet and shy girl, Iso is also seven month pregnant and very annoying.

‘Why don’t you wear another dress that will bring back memories? Something that won’t squeeze your tummy?’ Bevin suggested

‘She can wear something that reminds him of how wonderful her cooking is’ Kevin said jestily. ‘Perhaps carrot earrings, jelly beans necklace, cabbage gown and a nice pair of onion shoes’ he added, Shelly giggled

‘What a nice way to describe what your future wife will wear to her wedding’ Bevin retorted nastily, Vevin laughed

Then you’ll wear a sack to your wedding’ Kevin mocked

‘And you will wear your birthday suit’ Bevin fired

‘All the ladies will adore me’

‘And all the heavenly thunder will kiss you’

‘Bevin you….’

‘Shut up Kev, you too Bev’ Ara said for the first time since she got there, she flipped her violet dyed hair backward sassily and stood up, she walked to Iso’s wardrobe and searched for a dress

Arabel formed a dance team when she got into college, they danced and sing sometimes and that was her career. She broke up with Drake after she got into college

Drake and Blake went to a different university quite far from the one Arabel, Amabel, Isobel and Lake went to, both couldn’t deal with distance relationship like Blake and Ama, even tho Ara gave it her very best, Drake cheated and that ended their relationship

The heart break was what led her into creating her own dance crew and dating random guys not less than a month because she claims that she’s not ready for the ‘commitment’ or any heart break

‘Here, wear this’ she smiled handling Iso a bright blue gown. ‘He bought that for you on your twenty first birthday, that’s still good and will fit you almost perfectly’

‘Ara, you’re a life saver!’ Iso squealed hugging her by the side too tight

‘Unfortunately, I won’t have a life if you don’t let go’ Ara said under her breath, Iso giggled and let go. Ama’s phone rang, she beamed at the caller

‘Hello sugar Burger’ Blake called teasingly, Ama blushed ‘where are you now? I miss you’

‘I’m at Iso’s trying to pick a dress for her, you know today is Lake’s birthday’

‘Oh yes, that, I did not forget’

‘You forgot didn’t you?’

‘I’ve been very busy, with work, the shoots…’

‘Talking about the shoot, did you even go there?’ Ama interjected

‘Yesssss’ Blake drawled

‘Blake! You didn’t’ Ama exclaimed

‘I ran away okay, I missed you and I would have missed Lake’s birthday’

‘Something you didn’t remember….okay fine just be here in twenty minutes so we can continue this argument’

‘But I…’ Ama hung up, Ara giggled

‘I swear that if I get a second Blake, I’ll get married in a wink’ Ara joked

Amabel was a doctor, bio engineer to be precise, she was also a writer. She and Blake got married six months ago. Blake who studied chemical engineering didn’t even bother about that

He was more of a musician and model, he was also the CEO of his dad’s company, so he’s a real busy man, Ama is two months pregnant too

As for the quad, Devin was his normal book worm over serious self, he is business minded and not that quiet anymore. Vevin is just like him, just to bossy. Bevin is a young actress and as sassy as she was before, she still fought a lot with Kevin and Vevin as usual is always there to settle them

Kevin, Mr Cool, he’s still a little bit stupid and cares too much about his good look and perfect hair, something Ama found annoying, there’s no doubt that he’ll be a playboy in the future.

Oh yes! Vevin and Blake’s younger brother are quite chummy, if you know what I mean

‘Mom, dad’s back’ Shelly screamed, Iso quickly dressed up

‘Time to greet my in-law’ Kevin exclaimed and ran out of the room laughing

‘Like I’ll always say, that boy is a brainless clown’ Bevin said pitifully and they laughed

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