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The Bel Sisters

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A story by Bunmi B. Gabriel

The Bel sisters

‘Isobel, Iso, wake up! We’re going to be late for school’ Ama yelled exasperatedly as she shook me vigorously

‘Leave me alone’ I groaned lazily

‘Stand up now or else I pour water on you!!!’ Ara yelled angrily, I sat up grumbling and she hissed. ‘To the bathroom now!’ She said sternly, I stood up and plodded to the bathroom still grumbling

My name is Isobel Chaney Leigh, the second daughter of my father (Lawrence Drake Leigh) the two girls that just woke me up are my step sisters but you can never guess that

Why? We were born on the same day but different time and bear identical names, cool coincidence right?

My dad was married to my mom, Annabel but somehow he impregnated her best friend Christabel, they fought for a while but later settled it and he also married Christabel. Unfortunately, Christabel died immediately after giving birth to her daughter Arabel and my mom died three days after I was born

Ouch for my dad, I know

When we were seven, dad moved to France to take care of his new company branch there, that was where we met Amabel, she was our class teacher’s daughter, her dad died before he even knew she existed.

Miss Mabel (her mom) was really nice to us, she treated us like her daughters, we were like sisters. Arabel is two hours older than me and I am three hours older than Amabel

My dad came to pick us up from school himself one day and that was when he met Miss Mabel, I can vividly remember the look on his face, She’s a very beautiful woman you know but of course, then I didn’t understand that look

He made taking us to school himself his daily duty just to be close to her, Ara who had always been the more exposed one kept telling us that dad was trying to woo Miss Mabel but I didn’t believe, Ama as usual didn’t care

To cut the long story short, dad married Miss Mabel making Ama our sister, we later moved back to Seattle and she had the quad (you’ll meet them later)

Now dad moved us to Switzerland to take care of his new company branch there, I know I’ll fit in perfectly, I always do. Ara is upset about our constant moving but Ama don’t care if she’s even moved into a wall, she lives a really nonchalant life

Brief info about us so you’ll understand us better

Arabel Jeanie Leigh is the bossy, slightly proud, stylish and cheeky one, she’s a tremendous dancer and gymnast. A little bit flirtatious but not promiscuous and a showoff. She is very bad and easily tempered and crazy, (don’t dare her, she knows how to fight)

Long ash blonde blunt bob hair, violet eyes, snow white skin and pointed nose, a total replicate of her mom. she was the co captain of the cheerleaders back in Seattle, she would have been the captain now if we didn’t move

Me, you know my name already, I’m the fashionable, extremely girly and classy one. My main speciality is laughing at anything I see or hear, I’m also the slightly lazy and frail one tho I can defend myself a little, I’m good at mocking people I don’t like.

When it comes to make up, hair styling, tap dancing and ballet, I rock, and I’m a fantastic actress, also the loquacious, sometimes mean and childish one.

I have Mustard curly hair, jade eyes and cream skin

Amabel Heamie Leigh, the genius, quiet and perceptive one, she’s more mature minded and motherly, fearless but doesn’t let it show, she sometimes changes personality in a way I don’t understand but she’s always nice and caring

Ama has a really terrible anger, even worse than Ara’s but she’s very slow to anger, she barely gets angry and when she does get angry, she’s good at controlling it unlike Ara. She’s quiet belligerent and only free around us. Music is one of her niches, I can’t think of an instrument she can’t play

She knows how to dance too, hip hop and break dancing to be precise and spends most of her time on her phone or laptop, she’s weird in a sort of way

Now you know about us, let’s move on to the story.

Starts this Saturday and will be posted on weekends only.

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