The Cold Female

The Cold Female

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The Cold Female – Prologue

© Bunmi B Gabriel

The Cold Female

The poisonous wind blew aggressively against the trees as the sky roared and flashed in anger. The night was cold and darker than black itself. The dark clouds covered every ray of moonlight as she ran through the forest. The woman was tall with white hair, icy blue eyes and blue lips. She carried a little girl in her arms pressed against her big stomach, running with the wind on her feet

The ground froze as she ran, looking around with fright. Her life and that of her daughter’s was in danger and she knew she couldn’t save them. She was pregnant, almost nine months and very weak, yet she ran with her might

‘Cyrus please answer me’ she cried telepathically to her husband, she was met with a harsh silence. ‘Don’t worry baby, you’ll be fine’ she whispered to the girl coming to a stop at a tree. She could hear the barks and feet of her enemies closing. ‘We can’t both die’ she mused staring at the big willow tree. She walked to it and with one stomp of her foot, thick ice grew up like a pillar, lifting her and the baby off the ground. She placed her in the tree covered by thick and big leaves then sighed

‘Mommy what’s going on?’ She sobbed

‘My beautiful Winter, they want the cold stone in my heart and your crystal heart. I can never let them take it to her or this world is doomed’

‘Who’s her?’

‘The ice queen, my auntie….I can’t explain, I have no time but just promise me you won’t move. Stay here and wait for your father or the Queen of the universe, she will explain. Promise me you won’t move’


‘Winter promise me’

‘I won’t, be careful mommy’ she looked back, feeling them closer

‘I love you my Winter, if you see your brother after this, tell him that he will always be my venom frost and I love him too’ she smiled tears rolling down her cheeks. She kissed her forehead and the ice pillar levelled down

‘I love you too mom’ she whispered and blew her mother a kiss. The woman caught it and ran off with a much greater speed, using her ice to speed off. The girl sighed as the hundreds of wolves, lycans, and vampires ran past her. She closed her eyes and tried to communicate with her younger twin brother ‘Frost, can you hear me?’

Nothing. She touched her heart and exhaled

‘Frost, I call upon our bond, hear the voice of your cold sister and answer’ she said softly. She felt a sharp pain in her head that made her wince and then his voice

‘Oh thank heavens! Winter where are you and mom? Everyone is going crazy trying to find you both’ he said worriedly

‘The northern boulders, come find us fast before they kill mom’ she cried

‘I’ll tell dad now’ the link cut off. She heard an explosion, ice spikes flew piercing every single tree in sight but not hers. She couldn’t take it, she jumped down from the tree and ran to the direction her mother ran to

After running for a while, she got closer to the battle ground. Her mother stood in the middle of the wide field, ice spikes surrounding her. Her eyes were fully blue and her skin glowing. If it wasn’t for the baby in her womb, she would have transferred to her full form. She screamed and a big ice eagle flew out of her body, killing all in it way. She spun her hands in a circle forming a ice tornado and sent it to them

She fell on her knees holding her stomach in pain and tears. She chanted a spell quickly as she felt her life slipping away and energy depleting. A lycan picked up one long ice spike and threw it at her. The ice pierce deep into her chest. She cried

‘Finally Arabel, we have you’ the leader of the vampire said tiredly. ‘Take her heart and let’s leave before Cyrus gets here’ he added clutching his bleeding chest. The woman chanted the final spell out loud and with a ice finger, ripped out her own heart. A little stone glowed from inside and rose up in the form of a eagle

‘Get that eagle’ the lycan chief shouted. The eagle flew straight to the little girl who hid behind a tree crying. It entered her with force sending her flying half a miles back. She screamed at the excruciating pain in her heart and body, she felt her soul splitting into two. ‘There she is’

From nowhere, wind slowly encircled around her and into a big max tornado. She was inside, protected by the sharp blade wind. The wind took the form of a lady, her hair white as the star, her skin glowing like the moon and her silver eyes glowing. She was beautiful

She looked down at the girl and sighed sadly, tears rolling down her cheeks

‘I am not from this reality so I cannot help but you have made me shed tears. You are too young to face this so sleep and forget for now. You will return and finish what your mother started, you will end the reign of the ice queen. This is my promise to you as the Queen of the universe’ she carried the sleeping girl into her arms and disappeared with the wind

Never to be seen again

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