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Tarasha Continues…

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…in Ten Days Time

Like the writer said three weeks ago, Tarasha Season 2 would resume on 26th of March. I know a lot of people have missed the story and so I have too but it’s okay, we have just ten days left.

However, if you’ve not been reading other stories because you’re missing Tarasha, then you’ve been cheating yourself by missing some other good stories.

We have some currently ongoing story that are mind blowing and very interesting. So while we wait the continuation of Tarasha, I will advise that you check these other interesting stories, I promise you will come back to thank me.


THE BET by Tisa Phiri

MAD IN LOVE by Tisa Phiri

VANITY by Akoto Alexander

Yours Truly,


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18 Replies to “Tarasha Continues…

  1. Patiently waiting… Oyin pls na Distinction we day xpect o… Wishing u success bro…

    @Modest welldone… keep d good work going

  2. The late night studying will be over in just a matter of time. I wish you success, and good luck to you, oyin
    and let’s the countdown begin

  3. U must have realised the reduced traffic on the site due to lack of updates on Tarasha.We’re not here to read those love stories but crime and action thrillers.

  4. These comments got me laughing………………….
    Truly, patience is a great virtue..
    Thanks for the reassuring words of yours. @ Modesty.
    Wishing Oyin distinctions.

  5. tarasha……u were missed….can’t wait to resuming reading d action thriller.
    this is the only story that brings me to this site. what will i read after u r over??? love this assasin story.

  6. I’m amazed how good this Tarasha story is, sorry bro but it seems only Tarasha can return the traffic to this site… Success with your exams

  7. Oyin let me tell you how I join the this site reader some always update tarasha on my watsapp group abt a year ago the person stopped it got me crazy I private message the fellow all to no avail but due to by desperation to complete the story I type tarasha in google and found myself here..u are doing a wonderful job but pls make sure wen it resume its constant and it shouldn’t be very late that people will have to read with sleepy eye..success in ur exam and can u tell us which school ur in

  8. If it’s not tarasha then other story here Na wash for me
    I no they understand those Ghanians pattern if writing
    Beside a whole lot of story full the forum wey Oyinprince first start to they drop him stories

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