Yaw Boat, the son of the wealthy Joe Boat who is dedicated Christian grows up to be opposite of his father. His father tries to make him follow the Christian faith but Yaw makes his father efforts futile. He turns out to be a drug and sex addict and one who does not believe in the existence of God.

Yaw continues as a chronic womanizer and sex addict until he has sex with an unknown woman who appeared mysteriously in his bed on a particular night. His life changes forever.

He falls totally in love with Elaine and does not want her for the sex alone but for who she is.

But He discovers his life has been changed forever after that night of pleasure with the mysterious woman. The mysterious woman had just carried out the last stage of his initiation into a Kingdom where he would be used by devils. It begins with him having nightmares, very scary ones. But then, there’s another Mysterious person – The Man In Black who tells him about a strange gift of the second sight.

Yaw Boat is torn between Love And Hate, Night And Day, Light and Darkness!