THE JAILBIRD PICTURE STORY – Submission Deadline Extended


I hope you are enjoying the story already. Remember that you cannot participate in this contest if you’re not an active reader of THE JAILBIRD. Refer to the previous post to see what I mean by active reader. Now, read the instructions following below.

Your story must be above 299 words, no maximum (you can even break it into episodes if you like but let it be something we can post in five days). Your Story does not have to relate to THE JAILBIRD. The only thing you’re required to do is pick the names of your main characters from THE JAILBIRD. And don’t just pick the name of any character in THE JAILBIRD, let the characters whose names you pick have similar behavior to their role in your own story, if you’ve been reading the story, this won’t be difficult for you. Send your entries to [email protected] with “THE JAILBIRD PICTURE STORY” as your title, also include your full name in it. Preferably, send your entry in .doc (word document) but if you send in text, make sure it is well formatted. Please proofread your works, we will not consider writings with so many grammatical errors. After sending your entry, also make a comment here to tell us you have sent it.

Submission of entries closes by 11:59pm on 24/11/2017.

We will read through all the submissions and you’d get a message from us if your story qualifies to be posted. Posting of the stories will begin on 27-11-2017 and the judges will be readers on So make sure that your story is interesting.

More details later. I wish you success!


Note: We’re extending the submission deadline to 26-11-2017

You can find the pictures here



      1. The site to submit the story is not going through. I will need a gmail to enable me send it. Can you please send me your gmail

          1. Oyin pls,i want to get something clear. Is it all the story that shouldn’t be more than 299 words or each episode since the story can be splitted into episode

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