ACT OF LOVE – Episode 3

By�Friday Samuel Ahiaba



Elaine Kevin who having done with her studies in the United State, she’d decided to return to her parents who live in Nigeria. On Monday in her eagerness to meet her parents whom she has missed so much, she had however booked the first Tuesday flight that would be flying towards Lagos.
Few minutes into mid-morning of Tuesday. She was spotted in one of her daddy’s car driving straight home. A driver had come to pick her up from the Airport. The driver whom she later find out to be her personal driver. Sooner than she thinks, she’s already in her parent’s welcoming arms. Her parents were so joyed to have their daughter finally back home in one peace after a long time.
Merely two months of her returns, she walks into her father’s office with dazzling smile on her pretty face. But the smile which later fade away the moment she busted into him. Both were surprised at the same time. How could this happen again? They’re both lost looking deep into each other eyes. A sudden surge of flashback quickly ran through her mind. She recalls how he had cause her so much pain. How she’d spilled over a course because of him. As at then he’s at his final year while she’s in her hundred levels in accounting department. Elaine had secretly fell head over heels in love with Chris Bawa, unknown to Chris though. On several occasions she had shown him green light but nothing good came out of it. At first she thought perhaps he hadn’t noticed her advances. But it soon becomes unbearable as she kept telling herself maybe he hasn’t notice the green light.
However, she has to confess her feelings towards him when she could not hold on to it anymore. Of course she has kept the feelings to herself for too long.
Unfortunately, he had turned her down when she pour out her feelings to him. She was so devastated emotionally at his rejection. That which caused her to lost concentration on her last paper during her exams. No doubt she failed her last paper which caused her the spillover that year.
Oh my goodness! Who do we have here? Mr. Kevin’s voice jolted his daughter from her thoughts back to life. Good afternoon daddy, she quickly found her voice in her lost mind as she hastily replaced her sad face with a forged smile.
Good afternoon my angel, how is my beautiful girl doing? Hope you’re already catching up with old times?
Yes daddy I’m fine besides today has been a great day for me. Daddy can you imagine? I just bumped into an old friend who studied in same school with me in the US. While saying all these with smiles, she turns towards Chris who has been sitting quietly all this while as he watched father and daughter exchange pleasantries.
Wow that’s awesome.
Yes you can say that again daddy. By the way, I was just coming from the salon so I thought it would be wise to come over and say “Hi” to my lovely dad before going back home.
Uhmm… You’re such a darling, Mr. Kevin commented.
Anyways, let me leave you to your work schedule. She said looking at Chris and then she continues her talking… Don’t worry dad I’ll make sure that your regards got to mummy in one peace.
Alright dear, he said with green smile in his sitting position. Elaine stood up immediately, she pecks her father and takes her leave but not after taking another glanced at Chris.


Elaine has been on Chris trail ever since the day she found out that he works in her father’s company. And of course she has make sure she works in same company with Chris after so much persuading on her father. She has plans of staying close to Chris. Unknown to her, Chris has already been married to Effe. Though she had her suspicious because of the wedding ring he had on him but she seems not to care about it. Chris on the other hand, he had been trying to avoid her like plague but she wouldn’t just let him be. She had made sexual advances on several occasions but didn’t succeed. However this very particular day, Elaine was right outside the office gate when Chris suddenly shows up. Driving out of the office gate. He was looking left and right to make sure it’s safe before driving into the main road. Unfortunately for him, he had sighted Elaine standing at his left hand side of the pedestrian crossing probably waiting for her driver, so he thought.
Few minutes, he however got his chance to drive into the main road since there’s no incoming car from either side of the road. But he had stopped by to pick Elaine since they’re going same way.
Why don’t you hop in let me drive you home since we’re taking same route, he suggested.
Alright dear, I’ll appreciate it. She said as she entered his car through the door at the right and taking a seat at the back.
Few minutes later, they’re already on their way home.
So what happened? I mean your driver, why is he not coming to pick you up? He asked trying to strike a conversation as he drive along. Oh don’t mind that stupid driver of mine, can you imagine? He has been with a mechanic for the past two hours now if not more and yet he hasn’t show up! She lied.
You see that’s the problem with some drivers these days, more reason I don’t like having a driver to myself. They might end up failing you one day just like this. He commented not knowing that she actually asked her driver to take the car home. Since she didn’t need his service at the moment; she had quickly discard him, and telling him she’ll be coming home late.
That should be enough about my driver Chris, now let’s talk about us, she said changing the subject.
About us? Chris repeated her last statement. Although he was expecting something like this from her but he never thought she’ll be this straight forward in her statement.
Yes us, she replied.
And what about us because the last time I checked I know there’s nothing like us.
You know what I meant by us Chris so please stop the pretense. You know I hate beating around the bush. You have caused me enough traumas already and wouldn’t like to go through another again.
What did you mean by I’ve caused you trauma? He asked quickly taking a quick glance at her.
You know what Chris? Let’s find a quiet place to iron this out. She said skipping his question.
I’m not going anywhere with you Elaine and I don’t have anything to iron out with you, he affirmed.
I know you and I feel something for each other Chris.
And what if I don’t, he said but only this time with weakened voice.
You can’t deny it Chris besides I can see it in your eyes.
Okay fine where did you want us to meet then? He asked in raise tune, and don’t think I will give into whatever game it is you’re trying to play because it’s won’t work. He added in affirmative trying to feel bold so that she wouldn’t think she’s got hold of him.
Well, that’s fair enough, she said with a little chuckle while thinking of where they could meet.
Some few seconds of silence had walked by before her voice sounded aloud and breaking the damn silence between them.
Friday, City garden, 8:00pm. She muttered to him from behind. He didn’t utter any more words but kept driving on instead. And Elaine on the other hand, she had quickly told him she’ll take his silence as to be a yes.


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