ACT OF LOVE – Episode 4

By�Friday Samuel Ahiaba




Friday 8:10pm at City Garden, Chris had found a seat for himself behind two couples in the garden waiting for Elaine. Elton John music “Sacrifice” blaring into the cool weather of the night. The sweetness of this could be seen vividly as every souls merry their lives inside the beautiful garden.

Twice Chris had looked into the gold wristwatch thatched on his left wrist. Now, he is doing it again and its 8:14pm already. His patience is up on his neck. He hissed under his breath as he took his face off his wristwatch. Right there and just then his blue eyes caught her. At first, he felt his sight must’ve started playing tricks on him. And so to clear his doubts, however, he took a sip from the bottled water he had ordered few minutes ago. Taking another look at her again. Just at the instant, he felt why he has been so blind to not have noticed what his blue eyes have just introduced into his sight. Behold he has been in the dark all this while but now he can see even from afar the prettiest of all human. Chris who has his regrets for accepting to come to the garden in the first place was now holding his smiling face as he watched Elaine, walking majestically towards him.

Sorry for keeping you waiting, the holdups have kept me down. She said the moment she came to where he was sitting.

No problem at all, after all who wouldn’t love to wait for an angel like you, he muttered amidst smile not knowing he actually said it out himself.

Uhm… Thanks, she said in compliment as she took her seat facing each other.

Elaine had quickly waved one of the waitresses in the garden. She came quickly without hesitation. After placing their orders. Chris who didn’t want to take anything except for the bottled water he had ordered earlier but he had succumbed to take light meal of fried rice with chicken after so much persuading.

So he still has the guts to cheat on me again? How dare he play with my feelings? After all we’ve been through together? Effe asked with clinch fist, pacing back and forth in the sitting room.

Effe of course she was home playing with the kids when the sound of the door bell came ringing. She quickly went to answer the unknown person at the door.

On getting to the door she realized it was Ken Kedem, Chris’ close friend. He had come to check on his friend but unfortunately he wasn’t home. What baffled her is, Chris had left for Ken’s place an hour ago in the quest to check his friend Ken. That was the idea Chris planted on his wife before leaving for City’s Garden, and now Ken is here on same mission.

This is not fair; I think I need to do something about this before it gets out of hand. She said to herself as she continued pacing back and forth with her head down perhaps thinking about her next action.

Meanwhile, Chris and Elaine they both were enjoying themselves in the garden at least. Though it seems they have chosen to remain mute until they’re done eating, but then Chris had broken the silence between them as he couldn’t believe himself eating with Elaine. The lady he had turned down some years back when she had professed her love for him. He felt it is weird.

Elaine I don’t think this will work, me and you, he said as he adjusted his sitting position.

Can’t we at least finish this first? She admonished pointing at the unfinished meals on the table.

Common Elaine, stop being the good one here and let’s get to why we are here please.

Alright, fine then. She said little hushed and dropping the two forks on her hands.

Honestly, I don’t like the way you are treating me Chris. The last time you humiliates me to your satisfaction which cost me a lot.

I don’t understand, when did it happen? And how? He asked quickly without even allowing her to answer the first question before throwing another.

Of course you wouldn’t understand. But me, I would definitely understand when I’m the victim here.

Well, if you seem to have forgotten how you turned me down disgracefully and then making me loses concentration in my exams and as a result which I have to spill over a course.

Well, I’m sorry Elaine… I didn’t mean to hurt you intentionally.

But you did just that.

Yes I know and that’s why I’m very sorry about what I did to you then.

Sorry sorry sorry I know that is what you will say.

What do you want me to say to you again? Isn’t my apology not enough? Or you expect me to go down on my knees begging before you know how sorry I am? Common Elaine you are better off than this. You know I don’t feel anything for you then.

And now? She quickly asked waiting eagerly to hear what his reply would be.

I am now married you know? And it wouldn’t be proper for me to start nursing some love feelings for you.

Anyways, I have to be on my way it’s getting rather too late already, he muttered under his breath. He waved to the waitress who served them earlier, and then he paid for all they bought.

Chris had began to feel uncomfortable with the way she is going about the whole thing. He thought he might fall into her game if he didn’t leave as soon as possible. And the fear that his wife might caught him again with another lady is what pushes him to hastily end their conversation.

Chris please waits. She quickly begged him just as he was about entering his car.

He turned to hear what she wants to say, but then she surprised him with a warm hug. Thanks she blurted amidst their hugging.

Breaking free from the hug, he hastily entered his car, starting it engine… But then, and suddenly, four sounds of a gun shots was heard. And a sudden blackout follows. The people who were close to the scene could see what happens as they already took to their hills for safety

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