ACT OF LOVE – Episode 2

By�Friday Samuel Ahiaba



On getting home, surprisingly, Effe welcome both of them warmly and ask them if she could serve them supper which they couldn’t refuse but quickly accept. Of course that’ll even give them the chance to have a proper thinking over the issue on ground and about what to do next.

Few minutes later, they’re done with the meal. Why is she not saying anything about it? Are you sure what you told me is true? Ken asked his friend as he’s just concluded in his mind and from what is happening which seems Effe is perfectly cool about it and of course it looks like she’s not even bothered by the incident at all. And thinking that she wasn’t paying attention to it which got Chris feeling more uneasy. Of course she caught me red handed, Chris replied his friend in his uneasiness. While they’re saying all this in silence to avoid Effe’s suspicious they left the dining table to settle down on the three sitter’s couch chair in the sitting room as they’re already done with the meal.

Chris, I think you should give in to her, Ken voiced out in advisory tune as soon as they had both settled down on the couch.

Give in to her? I don’t understand? Chris caught himself asking his friend with surprise looks well registered on his innocent face; and this which sounds almost inaudible as his wife just appeared in the dining room to pick up the plates they’d used earlier.

Since you’re already feeling guilty of the whole incident, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself anymore. Please, while I am gone, let her know with all sincerity that you’re deeply sorry because it seems that’s what she wants to hear from you. And please don’t hesitate to give it to her. Seriously, you need to apologize for what conspired between you and your so called concubine, what’s that her name again? Ken asked as he tried to figure out the name of the lady that was caught with Chris while he’s cheating on his wife. Her name is Elayne and stop mocking me please. Chris said pitifully. Anyways, I have heard you and I’ll do just that. Thanks all the same.

What are friends for? You don’t have to thank me Chris; I know you will do the same thing for me if I’m in your shoes. Ken voiced out to his friend kindly.


By 10:45PM, Chris and his wife were found lying on their matrimonial bed battling with their thoughts as both were unable to catch some sleep. Yes, sleep refused to come even though the coolest air from the air-con is falling on their bodies peacefully. Of course the looming battles going on in their heads was as tough as the previous Libya war which seems to have subdued the power of sleep in their eyes which they had no control over it. As they battles with their thoughts, both now trying to strike out a conversation but unfortunately neither of them know how to go about it.

Honey, can we talk, Effe finally voiced out as she couldn’t endure the silence between them anymore.

Yes sweetheart, what is it you want to talk about, Chris asked in a shaking voice even though he already knows what his wife wants to tell him. Besides, he needed to ask her so as not to keep the conversation in mid air since he too sure needs the conversation badly.

It’s about the event of the day. Effe said as she took a deep breath and continues her talking.

Well, I think it wouldn’t be a good thing for our marriage if we refused to remain faithful to each other. It will only bring shame on us.

What I’m saying in essence is, we need to understand that if we choose to follow the bad thoughts inside of us instead of allowing the good side of our thoughts to take control of our lives, we would only end up swimming in a pool of “had I known” which I know you wouldn’t like to feel that way. And please let’s just forget about the event that took place today and assumed nothing ever happened.



What? Did I hear you well? Chris asked as he adjusted his sitting position. Of course you heard me, didn’t you?

Oh my God! Are you for real? Chris asked anxiously again. By now he has already adjust his sitting position facing his wife directly to hear her say it again that she really meant all she’d just told him.

Of course I am for real, Effe finally voice out to his hearing as she noticed how he couldn’t wait to hear her say what she had told him earlier.

Oh my goodness! He exclaimed almost immediately Effe repeated herself. And now he’s all over her with him saying “I am sorry, thank you” over and over again and what follows next is the hot kiss I have ever seen in my entire life. In fact, with all due respect, I have never heard of Romeo and Juliet engaging in such hot romantic kiss in their tales of love.

Not now please stop, Effe begged her husband as she’s trying to gently break free from his warm kisses even though she wants it so badly.

Sorry my angel. I’m just too excited about this. Hope I hadn’t hurt you anyway? He asked with pleading tune as he was too afraid of hurting her the second time.

No, not at all. I’m just tired that’s all. Although, I already went to the hospital for a medical checkup. Here’s the report I got from Dr Jummybabe (taking a brown envelope at the top of the bed’s drawer). What does the report says? He asked but this time with smiles and happiness written all over his face.

Check it out yourself. She mumbled not after releasing the ever loving smile on her lips.

Oh my God! He exclaimed excitedly having read the information contained in the test report from the hospital. You’re three weeks pregnant? He said aloud in surprise as he looks into her loving eyes with the report still on his hand.

Uh-hun? She mumbled some inaudible words which follow with Effe nodding her head like a little baby in affirmation to show that he was right about what’s in the report.

However, happiness was restored back into the family and few months later the noise of a crying babies eludes the entire house and the most amazing of it all was the crying which actually came from a set of identical twin brothers, Simon and Simeon.

The end of the beginning.

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